Custom Localization Solutions: The Usefulness of Translation Process

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Have you ever noticed how small businesses or start-ups communicate with local customers better? That is because they automatically speak in a language that the local market can relate to. However, when medium or large companies target the same audience, their language is mostly standard. Therefore they fail to connect with the localized audience.

Custom localization solutions are mostly accurate and will convey the message strongly, then automated language translation. Being literal means sounding robotic.


Have you ever noticed how small businesses or start-ups communicate with local customers better?

If you translate every single sentence from content, you cannot bond with the cultural and systemic differences in societies. Forrester’s research suggests that 64 percent of buyers consider localized content when purchasing technological products.

  1. Increase Local Customer Engagement

Through custom localization solutions, you can interact with the target audience and increase engagement. This option is better than applications for language translation as it includes social values and a linguistic approach. You definitely do not want to convert the language but want your target audience to bond and relate.

  1. Prevent any Cultural Sensitivity

Some cultures and societies include various cultural boundaries and sensitivity. For instance, English content for a Spanish audience will have to better relate to their traditions, social behavior, and language. You need to make sure that you meet their preferences and liking. Dictating each and every single word can sometimes make no sense, or the power of the sentence will diminish.

  1. Promoting Customer Business Relationships


When you are targeting an audience despite the language barriers, you need to make sure that you communicate your content properly. For instance, KFC was initially famous in Kentucky, but when they went internationally, their food items changed. Different KFCs around the world vary depending on the taste of the target audience. If they keep the same taste and food items, you cannot create a bond with the customers.

  1. Work Flow Process

In custom localization services, the professional translator will establish a workflow for translation depending on the complexity of the content. You will find a pattern and quality in their translation. They will make sure that your work is accurate. For that, they will first translate the content with the best possible method they know. Then they will add additional catchphrases if there is room for it. After that, they will proofread and design the project according to your needs and preferences of the audience.

  1. Save Time and Money

When your content sounds robotic, the potential audience will find your brand less attractive.           

Hiring a professional translator will save you a lot of time. These professionals will instantly translate your content into localized language and share it back with you. Furthermore, this is a budget-friendly method.

You do not have to purchase any application for the translation, only to get an inaccurate or literal translation. You need to keep efficiency in the content that is only possible when you choose humans for custom localization solutions.

  1. Additional Benefit in the Industry

When you translate through custom localization services, you can establish a better relationship with the audience in the market. When there is competition, you cannot risk anything that affects your brand’s reputation. When your content sounds robotic, the potential audience will find your brand less attractive. You need to come forward and speak in the way they communicate. For instance, you need idiomatic sentences that they can understand, or your tagline should represent their culture. This is not possible with translation applications.


When you are going global and targeting another language, you cannot risk the reputation of your business. You need to make sure that you are highlighting the accurate message of your content and campaign instead of translating exactly the same text. Custom localization solutions will ensure that your content is perfect to create a relationship between your business and target audience despite language barriers.