Effective Tips and Strategies for Translation

Effective Tips and Strategies for Technical Translation

Technical translation is a highly specialized type of translation that involves documents of a technical nature in a wide variety of subject matters or industries. It usually requires that the translator has in-depth knowledge and skill in a particular subject matter or industry in order for them to be able to do the translation very well. There are also some very specific strategies for technical translation that a professional needs to learn in order to accomplish the job with the highest quality.

If you have a technical piece of literature that you need to translate, you are probably already aware that you have a rather challenging job ahead of you. However, the following tips and strategies for technical translation might be able to help you do the job more successfully.

Choose a Native Speaker

Translating a regular document is hard enough as it is for someone who is not a native speaker of the target language. When it comes to technical documents, the job will be next to impossible. If you want to have quality output, make sure to choose only a native speaker or someone with comparable native fluency.


One of the most effective strategies for technical translation is to have plenty of reference materials to consult in order to navigate through difficult topics.

Choose a Translator with Extensive Knowledge in the Subject Matter

While fluency is important, it is far from enough in order to complete a successful technical translation. It is vital that the translator also has extensive knowledge of the subject of the document, and of the industry in general. They should be familiar with all the terminology and jargon involved, and there is sure to be a lot of these in technical documents.

Provide Relevant References for the Translator

One of the most effective strategies for technical translation is to have plenty of reference materials to consult in order to navigate through difficult topics. Thus, when you are hiring someone to do some technical translation for you, it is recommended that you give them useful materials that they can refer to while doing the translation.

Keep the Language Simple

Technical documents already have a lot of complicated terms and long technical language. Keeping the language simple and eliminating very long words are great strategies for technical translation. This will make the result more readable and understandable to the target audience. Unless your readers are all going to be experts in the topic, it is recommended that you stick to language that can be understood easily by ordinary people. Even when you have to delve into extremely technical subjects, if there is a way to veer towards more simple sentence structures and not so technical jargon, then that is always the way to go.


Use Tools for Translation

While some old school translation experts may frown on the use of machine translation tools, it’s actually one of the effective strategies for technical translation to use this modern software, especially for highly technical content. They help cut down a considerable amount of time from the otherwise very tedious process, resulting in a faster turnaround which is certainly better for your business.


Technical documents already have a lot of complicated terms and long technical language.

Some of the most useful tools would include a good translation memory tool for consistency of terminology, and a translation management system for the automation of tasks and ensuring a smooth workflow throughout the entire translation project.

Follow a Good Localization Strategy

Instead of just translating the words one by one, make sure that you take into account the target language’s nuances and cultural or regional affectations. This is actually one of the most important strategies for technical translation. The technical translator should adapt the content of the document, as well as the product and service being talked about, into the local culture. A good localization strategy will produce a result that will be suitable to the region and will likely be something that the target market can easily relate to.

Hire Only a Professional Translation Company

Probably the best of all the strategies for technical translation is to simply hire a reliable professional translation company to handle the job. A lot of amateurs have attempted to do technical translation, thinking that with their broad knowledge of the subject and fluency in the target language, they will be able to accomplish the task very well. Unfortunately, the process is a little bit more complicated than that.

Technical translation can be a very sensitive task where the slightest mistakes can cause harm or injury. This is particularly in documents like safety instructions or operating manuals for dangerous equipment. If the original text is not accurately translated, the end user of the product might end up following wrong instructions that can cause all kinds of problems.

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