What is transcreation and why is it so important in modern communication

What is transcreation and why is it so important in modern communication

Have you ever come across the word “transcreation” and do you know what it means? Some people mistake transcreation for translation but they are not the same thing. Any entity or professional who can offer a translation service is offering much more than just the conversion of words from one language to another. Translation is important but transcreation is even more important as you will find out in this blog post.

What is Transcreation?

Transcreation can be defined as the process of converting content or piece of information from one language to another using the same style and intent so as to elicit the same response as intended. Most translators will change a few words or even an entire sentence in a text so it makes sense to the target reader or audience. However, a transcreator will review the entire text holistically before translating it.

During the process of translation, the transcreator may reword some or large parts of the content to make it more appropriate. So in a nutshell, transcreation is all about reimagining content and delivering it in such a way so as to resonate with audiences of a different culture.

Difference between transcreation and translation

The main difference between the two is the message and tone. They are similar in the sense that they involve the conversion of text from one language to another. However, transcreation will not only change words but may also involve tampering with the concept of the content.

With transcreation, you can inject new knowledge and creativity into the content to affirm or change the concept of an original text.


Today, transcreation is widely used in mobile apps, video games and modern global marketing.

Why is transcreation so important?

Transcreation is a very important component in the translation business, and in fact, most translators engage in transcreation to a certain degree. Transcreation is important because an original text that appeals to a certain audience may not appeal to a different audience. Furthermore, certain words, sentences, or approaches may be considered offensive by some people. This is because certain words evoke different emotions in different people and people are influenced by their cultures. This is why it is important to engage expert translators who are also skilled transcreators as well. 

Today, transcreation is widely used in mobile apps, video games and modern global marketing. As businesses begin to expand into newer regions, the need to understand new audiences and communicate with them in the proper manner is vital.

All you need to know about transcreation
If your business is looking to hire a transcreator, here are some important things to bear in mind-


Transcreationists are specialist writers

First and foremost, you need to know that transcreators are specialist writers first before anything else. And translators who offer copywriting services will be very good with transcreation. They are not only skilled at translating words from one language to another, but they are also skilled writers who can develop original text from scratch. So rather than provide them with a text in need of translation all the time, you can provide them with the message and concept you want to communicate and they will create suitable content for you.

A good transcreation content has a brief

A transcreation text starts with a brief and not a source text. For instance, if you want your translator to transcreator, you don’t have to provide them with a source text but a creative brief that they can work with. This makes their job easier and more original.

A costly service

Hiring a translator to do transcreation for you is more expensive than conventional translation services. This is because they are simply rendering copyright services but in a different language. So you will most likely be charged per word. Your brand’s message, vision and long term business goals will be captured in every single copy they produce for you. Producing content for video production may even cost you more since they will have to develop even more creative themes and concepts.

New messaging

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that transcreation is actually new messaging. If you want to send the same message with similar concepts, but in a new language, you don’t need transcreation. But if the goal is to communicate the desired message in unique words that will resonate with a completely new audience, bear in mind that the message may end up completely different from the source text.


Hiring a translator to do transcreation for you is more expensive than conventional translation services.

The message will be delivered as intended but in a much refined and strategic form so that it will have the desired impact.

For marketing purposes

Most brands only use transcreation for marketing purposes since they are communicating to a large audience. So you may not require it for conventional one on one conversations. Providers of this service do a lot of thinking and planning before they release the campaign.

They will also go the extra mile to provide you with advisory services on marketing approaches that will trigger positive responses since they understand the target audience more than you do.

Transcreation is widely utilized by brands today to market their products to targeted prospects in international markets. At Circle Translation, we pride ourselves on being one of the best in the business. We have talented experts who can create original texts and campaigns for your business. Our platform is reliable and dependable so contact us for all your transcreation needs today.