Why Your Business May Require An American Sign Language Translation Service

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A sign language is a language used by people with hearing deficiencies to communicate and American Sign Language is one of the most predominant sign languages in the world. There are different sign languages but ASL is predominantly used in the United States and Canada. Due to its importance as a means of communication, you may need a translation service to help you communicate with it for several reasons.

Let us explore American Sign Language (ASL) in detail and show why it remains an important means of communication.


American Sign Language was not invented by any single individual or group.

What is American Sign Language?

ASL is a short acronym for American Sign Language which is a language that uses the same linguistic properties as spoken languages, however, the grammar combination is different from spoken English. Communicating with this language is characterized by frequent hand and face movements. ASL is primarily used by the deaf and people with hearing difficulties in North America.

Origin of ASL and its relationship with sign languages of other countries

American Sign Language was not invented by any single individual or group. This language has an origin that remains unclear but it can be traced back to more than 200 years ago. Different languages mixed together, especially the mixing of English and French sign languages. That is why experts argue that American Sign Language is a mix of English and French sign languages.

When it comes to sign languages, there is no universal variant that is globally understood by users. The Langue Des Signes Francaise of France may have similar structures with ASL but users cannot understand ASL. Similarly, the British Sign Language (BSL) is different from the ASL so users cannot understand themselves if one group attempts to communicate with the other group.

Relationship between American Sign Language and spoken language

ASL is a language that is not the same as spoken English. ASL is a language of its own with fundamental structures, rules, formation of words and order. With ASL, the user can express himself or herself, ask questions and explain concepts the same way other languages function.

For instance, when an English speaker is asking a question, they raise their pitch and adjust the word order. For American Sign Language users, they ask questions by widening their eyes, raising their eyebrows and bending forward.

Then there is the issue of variation among users. A user may express themselves using a slightly different posture or expression depending on the part of the country they come from. These differences are mainly influenced by 

•    Slang

•    The Sign used

•    Word pronunciation

Then there are sociological factors that may influence the language users such as their

•    Gender

•    Age

•    Region 

So as you can see, these factors influence American Sign Language users like it influences speakers of spoken languages. To spell out English words, fingerspelling is used with each letter written with a distinct hand shape. Furthermore, advocates believe that the best time to learn sign language is during the early age of life. That is why parents are advised to provide their children with ASL education. If the parents learn the language themselves, their child will pick it up quickly at home. Communication with ASL at home and with peers will help the child master it on time before they even reach adolescent age.

Why inculcating American Sign Language into your business helps

If you operate a business, having a sign language translator or utilizing a sign language service is important if you cater to customers with hearing challenges. These days, many businesses and companies are more interested in hiring American Sign Language translators to help them strengthen the relationships they have with their physically challenged customers.

Besides the need to communicate with this customer category, learning American Sign Language as an employer is vital because a significant number of physically challenged people are beginning to enter the labor force.

Due to labor laws that are more friendly towards physically challenged people, learning the language and creating an environment that is inclusive is something that is going to positively influence how the world sees your brand. Even if you don’t have the time or aptitude for it, you can hire a sign language translator to fill that void. 


Here are some of the top industries that use American Sign Language translator services today

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry caters to different clients from different economic classes and regions. It also serves clients with disabilities. Engaging in a translation service will open your business to a market that most of your competitors take for granted.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the major users of sign language translation. For instance, how can a business that claims to serve the needs of the deaf be unable to communicate in a language they understand? ASL interpreters and translators help decision makers and healthcare providers understand the needs of the disabled so as to serve them better. 


The hospitality industry caters to different clients from different economic classes and regions. It also serves clients with disabilities.

Retail Industry

If you operate in the retail industry, this is one service you don’t want to overlook. With the help of a translator, your business can answer questions, provide directions and support customers with impaired hearing or permanent disabilities.

Education Industry

The education industry is another industry in need of 21st century ASL support. If you run a program and you don’t want to segregate your students, training your teachers and instructors to understand ASL or having an interpreter to serve as an information conveyor will be quite rewarding for disabled students.

At Circle Translation, we have certified American Sign Language translators and interpreters that will meet your requirements. Contact us today and let us know how we may be of service to you.