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Practical Tips

ChatGPT Translation Quality Assurance: Why Agencies Matter

The launch of ChatGPT by Anthropic has sparked a revolution in natural language processing. Its ability to generate remarkably cogent text across diverse topics has captured global attention. Among its…

Practical Tips

Anonymization – how to safely publish content to protect your customers

When publishing information online, especially when it has come from private and confidential data, it’s very important to ensure the privacy of everyone involved is maintained. Data that has not…

Practical Tips

Freelance translators or translation agencies?

So you want to get your message across in different languages. Great news! That’s a big step – one that’s sure to reap rewards. Now for the tricky part. The…

Audiovisual Translation

What is a Transcriptionist and What Do They Do?

As the consumption of media content and the use of digital tools for everyday interactions increases, the role of transcriptionists becomes more important. Transcription refers to the activity of converting…

Dictionary / Grammar

Why Are Some Words Difficult to Translate?

Human communication relies heavily on language, a multifaceted and constantly evolving system that embodies cultural, historical, and emotional subtleties. As there are thousands of languages spoken across the globe, translation…

Dictionary / Grammar

How Many Living Languages Are There?

Calculating how many languages are spoken worldwide is no easy task, considering many factors contribute to this figure. This often has to do with political and cultural influences that often…

Practical Tips

Transcreation vs. Translation: What Are the Key Differences?

As the economy becomes more globalized, businesses and other organizations look for increasingly specialized language services. Both translation and transcreation involve converting content from one language to another. However, there…

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