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Gaming Translation Services

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Increase Your Players With Game Localization!

No matter which country we live in, language plays an important role in connecting us. When we talk about video games, playing them is not easy; it’s a business. It can be difficult when you have an international audience who speak different languages. Distributing your games at an international level is quite easy, but what matters the most is engaging international gamers across languages. For this, you need Circle Translations.

We have linguistic resources and industry-leading game localization technologies to provide the best video game translation services on demand. Our video game translators are not just skilled linguists, but many of them are also gamers, guaranteeing that your audio translation is seamless and resonates with your worldwide audience.

Why Need Video Game Localization

Video game localization and translation are some of the newest trends of translation in the industry. The game’s visual look and UX design ideas are tackled creatively and strategically. The best localization services transform each game from source to target language while keeping the gamer community’s experience intact.

Game developers and product marketers always set a release date before introducing games to international markets. On that release date, they launch games in all different languages. Game developers work in game development, marketing, and translation with coordinating efforts to cater to audiences from all over the world.

What Benefits Will You Get With Circle Translation In Video Game Translation?

Suppose you are looking to increase your product and brand exposure and want to reach a wider audience and make a decent profit; in that case, you will get plenty of benefits with Circle translation language services. This translation company helps you get more customers through more exposure, more downloads, more publicity and higher ranking in the fierce competition of the gaming industry.

Moreover, if you go for us, you can get the upper hand in the game with the insurance of quality and budget you want. If you consider the view of gamers, accurate translation services are highly beneficial too. With the help of professional translational services, they explore the new world and make their own. It is hard to do because the game characters fail to speak your language figuratively.

  • How Do Circle Translation Services Help You In Video Game Localization?

Contact Circle Translation video gaming translation services if you want a translation quote for your video games, applications, and software. We specialize in video games and software that guarantees consistency and quality of your content in multiple languages your users and customers speak in the global gaming world.


What Services Do We Offer?

Circle Translations offers different gaming translation services that will help your business encompass several aspects of gaming, including:

Video Game Translation

Do you want to translate your games into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, English, or other different languages? Then choosing us will sound good for you.

At Circle Translations, we deliver the best-quality professional translation services for all video games by keeping the high-quality speed and efficiency without compromising the quality of the original content.

Circle translations language translation services are quick enough that we ensure to provide translation quotes within 24 hours. Just send us your video game‘s title with the target language and leave the rest to us. Moreover, when it comes to translations, voice-overs, and subtitles, we also offer localization tests and quality assurance of translated products, so your video games will play perfectly in your language. We aim to help our clients promote titles, marketing materials, and websites to international customers.

Graphics Localization

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) play key roles in every game manufacturing. This is why Circle Translations always ensures that the word appearing in online games fits in all terms. Either it is in terms of graphic context or meeting the requirement of correct meaning so that the game design is never broken and players fully focus on their game.

Voice-Over Recordings For Game Localization

To create the most authentic multilingual gaming experience, game design companies have incorporated foreign language audio recordings into professionally translated video games to create the most compelling experience for non-English speaking users.

At Circle Translations, our professional voice-over artists are fully trained and specialized in producing high-quality recordings for different genres of video games. We have special studios in which our artists do professional recording to produce the highest quality audio.

Website Translation

Gaming processes in different social media platforms and websites support the sales effort and marketing of titles. To meet the requirements of our customers, we prepare multilingual pages for different games. For this, Circle Translations always ensures that the customer knows that the products displayed on their screen speak their language, allowing gaming industry clients to understand the target market easily.

Game Localization

For perfection in games, gaming customers invest heavily. They always prefer the best for the localization of their games in new markets. We understand that the highest level of professionalism in products with the need for marketing material and technical documentation fulfill clients’ requirements; this is why Circle Translations ensures the highest quality of your game localization on your demands.


Circle Translations is one of the leading localisation agencies in Baltic states offering different services

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    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    What are gaming translation services?

    Game translation services are used to translate one or more elements of a game into multiple languages to cater to international markets. It covers a wide variety of content, such as information gaming controls, in game purchases, voiceovers, gaming terminology, or even marketing content or marketing materials. It can be used for mobile games, video games or sports games.

    Why is game localization important in gaming translation?

    Games are a form of entertainment but this does not mean game companies can be lax in translating them to other languages. You need to make sure that you are always respecting world cultures, as well as national and local governments. Localization experts can make sure of this and help you get a firm foothold in the global gaming market.

    What should be included in the high quality translation for games?

    It’s not that hard to find translation experts that can give you an accurate translation of your game design and overall content. But it’s also crucial that the translated content takes into account other factors like pop culture and slang expressions in the target language that will make your product more appealing to a wider audience.

    What are the common challenges in translating video games?

    Problems can arise in a game translation project from various causes. Maybe not all contents of the source files had been localized. Formatting of dates, currencies and other numerical expressions might be incorrect. Scaling of fonts can also be an issue.