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Professional Chinese Simplified Translation

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Chinese translation

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Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Chinese Translation

The fastest and most accurate English to Chinese translations at a very reasonable cost


Circle Translations has been the leading provider of top quality Chinese language translation services to clients worldwide for several years. They have worked with all kinds of clients and translated all kinds of documents from English to either traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese. No matter what the nature of your business and the manner of translation you require, Circle Translations can arrange a quality solution that will meet your specifications and adhere to your budget.

Chinese Translation Services

Circle Translations is a leading provider in professional Chinese translation.

There are some very important criteria to take into consideration so that you can pick the best provider of Chinese translation services.
Any reputable translation company will be eager to give you a free online quote of how much their service will cost. Most companies publish their rates on their website so you can also do your own computation. Here at Circle Translations, we will give you a free quote for any kind of Chinese translation project.


Remember that choosing the right linguistic experts to work on your Chinese translation project is crucial for the success of your global business. Make sure to weigh all the factors and compare among the different providers before you make your final choice.

Quality You Can Trust

Accurate translation is very important, especially in the Chinese language. The slightest mistake in

the stroke of a single character can completely change the meaning of your entire sentence. You can avoid these

Simple Pricing

Depending on the type of translation project, a company might charge per word or per document. Rates

usually range from €0.20 to €0.50 per word for most documents. There are also documents that come with a fixed charge, like certificates or diplomas. These might cost you anywhere from €50 to €100 per document. Translation of transcripts into the Chinese language might cost around €100 to €300 per piece. The rates above are just average values and may vary widely depending on the translation company, and on the difficulty of the document. These are also for non-certified translations. If you need certified translations, you should be prepared to pay a slightly higher price.

Speed And Scale

Many companies that offer translation services these days lure you with a very fast turnaround, often

promising to deliver results within a few hours. Such offers can be tempting especially if you have an urgent translation project. But most of these services use machine translation, which is not nearly as good as human translations. Yes, they can give very fast outputs but if you want quality, 100% human translations are what you should look for.

Stark Differences Between The English And Chinese Language

English and Chinese are known to be the two most commonly spoken languages in the world. Despite this, many people that speak English cannot understand English, and vice versa. This is because there are many glaring differences between these two languages, whether it is in the syntax, pronunciation and even the characters themselves.


It doesn’t help that the Chinese language is actually made up of at least 7 distinct dialects. Some language experts can even count up to 13 different dialects. Because of this, translating documents from English to Chinese can be extremely tricky. In fact, if you need to make an English document understandable in all parts of China, you will need multiple translations, each of which considers the regional nuances of the unique Chinese dialects.


Furthermore, in order to have intelligible, accurate Chinese translations of your English document, you need to be very careful in choosing your translator. In addition to fluency in the specific Chinese dialects you require, they should also have a firm grasp of the English language. This is very important so that no valuable content will be lost in translation.

Chinese(Traditional Translation) Rates

Our Chinese(Traditional Translation) translation agency offers flexible packages for your certified translation projects. You can now select the most suitable and affordable plan to match your needs! Please note that all Circle Translations experts handling Chinese to English translation services undergo pre-testing to ensure the highest quality professional translations for you.

Basic Translation

€0.05 - 0.08/ Per Word


Translation of basic content

Machine Aided Translation

Minimum 3 days delivery

Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support



€0.08 - 0.13/ Per Word


Covers Intricate Technical Texts

Manual Professional Translation

Custom Delivery, Depending On Volume

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


€0.10 - 0.16/ Per Word


Covers Scientific & Technical Texts

Manual & Expert Native Translation

High Priority, Custom Delivery

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Contextual & Substantive Editing By Native

Unlimited Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


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Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Traditional Chinese Versus Simplified Chinese Translation: What Is The Difference?

Once you decide to hire certified Chinese translators, you will need to choose between traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese for your translated content. It’s not that hard to make a choice if you understand the differences between the two.


Simplified Chinese characters have much fewer strokes compared to the corresponding traditional Chinese characters. Similarly, phrases and sentences have less characters in the simplified Chinese version. There are also some disparities in the choice of words and sequence of characters as they appear in sentences. Also, simplified Chinese reads from left to right, while traditional characters can be written either horizontally or vertically.


Initially, it would seem that simplified Chinese would be the more sensible choice. After all, the people that can understand the traditional method would certainly know the simpler version, right? This is not necessarily the case because in some parts of China and other areas of the world, traditional Chinese is still the standard version and they never transitioned to simplified characters.


Therefore, your biggest consideration would be the target audience. For mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, simplified Chinese translations are the norm. But if you are targeting the market in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau, it is recommended that you use traditional Chinese translations. The Chinese-speaking community in the United States is vast and they use two different versions, so it’s best to have both translations on hand for the US market.

Our Process

Here’s a quick and generalized summary of how you can start working with us.


Send An Inquiry

You can fill out our contact form so that we can get to understand the type of Chinese translation services you require. We can proceed with a consultation with our experts regarding your project. Our agency will also provide a free quote for you.


Make An Order

After you select the best plan and type of language services you need, you can place an order through the assistance of our staff. Not only can you select the best pricing package but also choose a tailored option depending on the volume, complexity, and frequency of the task.


Translation And Reporting

We can start working on your Chinese translation project once your order is finalized. We assign a dedicated translator and provide updates throughout the project. You can choose to have daily updates and developmental reports every step of the way.


Submitting The Draft And Revisions

Translation work is often more than a one-time process. Our team wants to satisfy all your requests and requirements, and we do so by revising the content according to your preference. Some of our plans provide unlimited revisions to create the perfect final text!


Increase Your Reach!

Our publication-ready translated texts can become your ticket to brand recognition across the Arab world. We take pride in our client’s 30% increase in market share or user base when they use our final output. You can achieve this feat and more, too!

How Businesses Benefit From Professional Chinese Translation

For any company that is doing business in the global market, it only makes sense to have your material translated into Chinese. After all, a huge percentage of the world’s population speaks Chinese, and you certainly won’t want to miss out on this considerable market. Chinese translations can also help you forge more partnerships with reputable manufacturers and suppliers.


If you are still on the fence about having your content translated, consider the following benefits that you can enjoy after using your documents translated to Chinese.


Compliance With Local Laws


Your success in doing business in a foreign country will rely greatly on whether you comply with their local laws and regulations. This should be taken into account when choosing the Chinese translators who will convert your documents into the local dialects. Different countries usually have their own specific set of regulations when it comes to documentation, in addition to international laws. A certified Chinese translation service should ensure that no such rules are disregarded, especially when working with technical documents or legal documents.


Increased Business Credibility


Professional Chinese translation services will boost your credibility as a business or as a brand, even in a new market environment. If you march into new territory using words that your target market does not understand, nobody will pay attention to your business. On the other hand, if you use high quality translation services, and take it up a notch with Chinese localization services, you are sure to make a positive impression on your new prospective customers.


Better Market Position


There are still plenty of businesses that do not realize the benefits of professional Chinese translation services. They underestimate the value of communicating with customers in their own native language. Many of them think investing in translation services is just a waste of time. But you know better. If you act now, this puts you at a great advantage over your competitors. All you have to do is to choose a really good Chinese translation company, and they will do all the work for you.


Greater Appeal For Local Customers


If you want to really grab the attention of the local market, the secret is to create and implement a solid local marketing strategy. Much of this revolves around the use of high quality Chinese localization services. More than just Chinese translation, localization makes your content appropriate to the local culture, and more relatable to local buyers.


More Compelling Online Presence


Your business website is the first representation of your company that most clients will see. When a Chinese-speaking person goes to your site to check out your products and services and they don’t understand the language, they will leave right away. But if you had taken the initiative to use professional Chinese translation services to automatically convert your website for Chinese-speaking visitors, your online visibility rate will increase considerably.

Why Choose Circle Translations

The use of high quality Chinese translation services can have enormous benefits for your business, from creating a more formidable online presence to aiding in your quest for global expansion. Circle Translations can help you achieve these goals by providing the best Chinese translation services for your every need.


Our team of native Chinese translators can help you convert your English content to traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, or any of the local dialects of your choice. We also provide localization services so impeccable that your translated documents would look like they were written by native speakers.


If you are interested in our world-renowned Chinese translation services, just give us a call. We will be very happy to give you a free quote, as well as customize our translation services to meet your specific needs.


Learn more about translation specifics at Circle Translations Blog

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    How to choose a Chinese translation company?

    When selecting a corporation for Chinese simplified translation, give precedence to those renowned for precision and sensitivity towards cultural nuances in their English to Simplified Chinese translations. Capitalize upon positive client feedback as an indicator of superior service quality that aligns with your specific requirements.

    Where is simplified Chinese used?

    Simplified Chinese is the principal mode of written communication employed within mainland China and Singapore borders. For effective outreach towards this particular demographic, you must choose translators who do justice when translating from English into Simplified Chinese.

    Is Simplified Chinese the same as Mandarin?

    Mandarin pertains mainly to spoken dialects, while Traditional or Chinese cover textual frameworks primarily based on Mandarin; these are predominantly used across mainland China besides Singapore, so although interlinked, they cannot be deemed identical.

    Can people who read Traditional Chinese also read Simplified?

    Traditional readers can usually decipher Simple variants, but the inverse doesn't hold uniformly, hence ensuring fulfillment by opting for partners skilled in either course- like adapting content between basic English and consolidated Chinese textually.

    What types of documents can be translated from simplified Chinese?

    The practicality extends onto varied documentation categories - legal files, business treaties, promotional resources & more switch readily provided. You're powered by any specialized resource pertinent per paper category, thus upholding relevancy& validity throughout each transformational experience.

    What are the most popular languages for gaming translation?

    Asia has shown very rapid growth in the global gaming world. If you want to take advantage of this growth, it would be wise to start looking for a translation agency that is adept in various languages in Asia, particularly Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. German and French translations also have a high demand.

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