Translation Agency „Circle Translations“

Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies
in Baltic states offering diverse set of services: Translation,
Localization, Subtitling, Subtitle translation, Closed Captioning,
Transcription, Data Collection, Annotations, Speech recognition.

Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states
offering diverse set of services:
Translation, Localization,
Subtitling, Subtitle translation,
Closed Captioning,
Transcription, Data
Collection, Annotations,
Speech recognition.

We Showcase Your Brand the Way It Deserves to Be



companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs


We Translate

Professional translation in more than 120 languages

High quality translation services at very competitive prices for a wide range of clients across the globe.


We Edit

We do it all

We offer full package – Translation, editing, proofreading and DTP. We can also provide each service separately.


We Localize

Because content has to sound natural

We make your content culturally appropriate to the target country, region and language.


We Create

Show the world who you are

Video and audio content is also very effective way of reaching your target clients. We offer various solutions including but not limited to Voice over, dubbing, transcription, subtitling, close captioning and editing.


We Are Circle Translations Translation Agency

We are a Lithuanian translation agency that provides top of the line
professional translation services at extremely competitive prices. Clients
from all over the world seek our help for fulfilling their translation and
localization needs.

As a translation agency, we guarantee prompt and meticulous translation of all submitted content. In fact, the reshaping of any contextual medium is offered by our translation agency.

Besides our high-quality translation, we also provide localization, DTP,
proofreading and editing, subtitling, subtitle translation, transcription and
closed captioning services. You can also take advantage of these services






Our Translation Services

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Our Translation Agency Process

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At Circle Translations we operate like a well-oiled machine for ensuring that you get an excellent translation for affordable prices. Here is a small glimpse of our translating process:

The first step to translating the content of our clients is to understand it thoroughly, and that is what we do. Once we have a clear understanding, our experienced writers ensure that the translation resonates with the intended audience. You can always contact our translators at any time to discuss the details. We are one of the few professional translation services that are proficient in translating text in more than 120 languages.


Our translation company start working on your translation project, you will receive regular updates regarding our progress through chat and phone support. Although we make ready to post/upload/print translations, they are always subjective.

Finally, you are free to publish the text we have translated for you. Our Lithuanian online translation agency thrives on translating content that is appealing to mass audiences for attracting customers. Our content is proven to increase footfall for our clients by close to thirty percent. So don’t wait any longer and go-ahead to get your content translated by one of the best professional translation services.

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Elevate Your Reach with Our Language Translation Company


Dive into the world of possibilities with our dynamic Language Translation Company. As a leading Translation Services Agency, we transcend linguistic barriers, ensuring your message resonates globally. 

  • With our multilingual text translations, our clients see a minimum of a 30% growth in their user base or market share.
  • Over 900 businesses globally entrust us with their content localization requirements.
  • We’ll keep you informed about our efforts on a frequent basis via phone and chat assistance.

At our core, we are more than just a company; we are your strategic partner in achieving seamless, precise, and culturally nuanced communication. Trust in our expertise as a Professional

Translating force, where every word becomes a bridge, connecting you to a diverse, international audience. Leaving you with a mesmerizing experience and authentic content service. Harness the power of accurate and impactful translations that not only convey information but evoke emotions.



How We Work

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Know Your Texts

Before we start with your translation, we make sure that we understand your text and also its purpose to make sure that the translated text stands out and appeals to your target audience. Our experts are just a click or a call away to discuss the details. At Circle Translations, your requirements are our priority.

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Choose your Languages

Once we have understood the text and the background, you get to choose the languages you want the text translated to. At Circle Translations, we provide top-notch professional translation in up to 120 different languages.

Make an order

After you have selected your language choices, you can make an order from the existing pricing plan, or you can always get a custom quotation for your specific needs. We also have offers depending on languages, volume, new client offers, and more!

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Development Report

Once your order is processed, we start working on your texts. A dedicated professional translator is assigned to each language, and we send you a comprehensive development report about the progress made with your project. Also, our chat and phone support are always available to attend to your queries and take your valuable suggestions.

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First Draft And Revisions

Natural translations are subjective. Even after we deliver a fully translated and edited ready-to-publish texts we are always open for revisions to accommodate your suggestions further. Though our experts make sure that it serves the best in the first place when it comes to translation, we make sure our clients are 100% satisfied, and our work is always best in class.

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Grow With Our Translation Services

After final delivery, you’re welcome to publish our translated texts and reach out to your new target audience and potential clients in their own native language. Our client’s witness a minimum of 30% increase in their user base or market share, with our translated texts in multiple languages. It allows them to tap into new markets more convincingly.


Want to become part of our team?

Want to become part of our team?