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Indonesian Translation Services

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Indonesian translation

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Indonesian Translation

Indonesian to English professional translation

It’s no surprise that plenty of users search online for the best Indonesian birth certificate translation service. If you want to avail it yourself along with other Indonesian translation services, you can look no further. Circle Translations agency is your premier translation company that offers professional delivery and an overall great experience.


You can end your search for great service with us, and start your translation project with us today, too!

Indonesian Translation Services

Other than our certified translation services, we also offer a host of solutions for your language-related requirements. We have a great team of professional translators and linguists who can handle your projects, whether it’s for legal, financial, or retail, among others.


At Circle Translations, every Indonesian translation task is treated as a priority. We offer top-of-the-line solutions that make us one of the best in the language services market today!

Customizable Packages

We design all our standard and certified translation solutions based on what your requirements and preferences are. We study your company and provide appropriate plans for you.

Translation Memory

Any previous birth certificate translation service and other tasks you assigned to us can still have a purpose with our translation memory feature. You don’t need to pay double for similar texts!

Quality You Can Trust

Our Indonesian birth certificate translation service is brought to you by the native interpreters of

our team. We produce the highest quality results that boost accuracy at an affordable price.

Budget Triendly

Have you ever paid an exorbitant amount for any translation service? You can stop worrying about money

with Circle Translation’s cost-effective solutions.

Speed And Scale

It’s not all the time that your product or service requires translation work. We can create the perfect

package that’s scalable—pay only for relevant services, no more and no less.

What Are Certified Translations?

Documents for official use like birth certificates require meticulous work by an expert Indonesian translator. It is a must to observe accuracy and completeness when translating papers of this nature. You need to strictly comply with this requirement since any certified translation is often submitted to government agencies and other authorities.


For instance, submitting paperwork to the US Immigration or USCIS, universities to get your college degree, and courts require professionally translated Indonesian to English text. Otherwise, your application or proof of identity could become rejected.


An outstanding translation firm like Circle Translations can provide you with Indonesian birth certificate translation and other related services. We provide word-for-word translations, transcriptions, and localization of legal and financial documents to care for our native Indonesian speakers. We offer machine-aided or 100% human translations depending on your need.


All our certified translations have a disclaimer that the translator is in no way related to the document owner. The final draft undergoes necessary revisions until it is ready for notarization. You can then use the document for your specific purpose.

Additional Solutions

Aside from our top-notch certified translation services, you can also add on these solutions to meet your specific needs.

Hard Copy

We can send the translated text via priority mail or express delivery to ensure that it reaches you securely in the shortest possible time.


You can opt to have your translated document notarized to guarantee the correctness of the content. It shows the stamp and signature of authentication accepted in all states.

Currency Conversion

Bahasa Indonesia uses a different currency, but there’s virtually no need for you to worry because we can convert the numbers for you.

Circle Translations Pricing Table

Here’s an overview of our Indonesian translation service packages and the inclusions that are worth every penny you spend!


From €0.05/word


Type of translation. Machine translation

Turnaround time. Three-day minimum

Professional proofreading. Yes

Type of delivery. Standard delivery

Ready for publication


Dedicated project manager


Customer support. Yes





Type of translation. 100% human translation

Turnaround time. Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

Priority delivery

Ready for publication

Two revisions c/o nativetranslators

Dedicated project manager

Regular updates

Customer support




100% human translation (technical and scientific)

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

High-priority delivery

Ready for publication

Unlimited revisions c/o native translators

Dedicated project manager

Daily updates

Customer support


Contact Us


100% human translation (technical and scientific)

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

High-priority delivery

Ready for publication

Unlimited revisions c/o native translators

Dedicated project manager

Daily updates

Customer support

Need More Information?

Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Where To Start

Do you have an Indonesian to English or English to Indonesian translation for us to do? You can reach out by sending a request for a free quote and get a response in minutes (within business hours)! We will review your information and send you a reply as soon as possible.


The obligation-free quote includes the cost, timeline, and other important details regarding your prospective project.

Circle Translations Process

If you have any Indonesian to English translation tasks to assign, we’re just a message away. We can provide you with a great service for your Indonesian birth certificate translation and other needs. As soon as you send a request for a quote, we’ll reply to you within business hours (it will only take minutes!). Your quote is obligation-free and is inclusive of the cost, turnaround time, and other details relevant to the translation project.


Send A Request

You can start by filling out the Circle Translations contact form to get a free quotation for your Indonesian birth certificate translation project. We provide English to Indonesian, Indonesian to English, and other key languages like Chinese, Spanish, and more. An expert consultant will respond to your query. This information can help you decide whether we’re the right translation agency for you.


Place The Order

Once you select the translation plan and agree to the terms, you can formally make an order to kickstart your translation journey. You can coordinate with our staff regarding the initial steps towards creating your project. We can also cater to your specific requests and craft a customized solution for you. We can handle your request limit, volume, complexity, and multilingual requirements.


Translation And Reporting

Your Indonesian translation project begins with us writing the first draft. We will assign a native translator (or a team if necessary) who will become your point of contact throughout the project duration. Depending on your chosen package, we can provide you with day-to-day reports of your project’s progress.


Sending The Draft And Making Revisions

It’s not uncommon to have several revisions for any translation work. We aim to meet your demands by fulfilling all your editing requests. Our team members are adept at making the right revisions to arrive at the final copy that conforms to standards. We carefully proofread every certified translation project we undertake to ensure that you receive the highest quality output that Circle Translations can provide.


Expand Your Reach

The final translated text delivered to you is always ready for publication. Our clients report a 30% (and more!) increase in their customer base or market share once they collaborate with our team. You, too, can get this benefit and more when you start working with us!

Our Services

Our translation agency is ready to bring you great service for every Indonesian birth certificate translation task you want us to handle. We have different solutions for every project size, niche, and difficulty.

Subtitle Translation

Digital media is a great way to reach a more connected audience. Get more Indonesian prospects to notice your product or service through our subtitling service.

Legal Translation

We provide certified translation for your birth or marriage certificates, deeds, copyrights, and agreements, among others.
Technical translation. Time-consuming translation work for technical materials is a job suited for professional translators. We can interpret your user manuals, medical devices, and another Indonesian document for your intended audience.


If you want to step into the Asian market, starting in Indonesia and its neighboring country is a good idea. We can localize your website, software, game, and other content to make them easy to understand for your target users.

A look InTo Bahasa Indonesia

The Indonesian language, officially referred to as Bahasa Indonesia, is the standard Malay dialect that belongs to the Austronesian language family. The country has roughly 240 million residents, making this language one of the most spoken among Muslim-majority nations.


Bahasa Indonesia is distinct from Bahasa Melayu, the language recognized in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. Although they may sound similar, there are key differences in diction and accent that knowledgeable translators are aware of.


Indonesian is used for written and formal communication. It’s a rich language that utilized the Latin alphabet, with a multicultural vocabulary borrowed from different languages like Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, and Portuguese.


Companies and organizations are eager to break into the populous Indonesian market. There are plenty of opportunities for growth in this large country. What you need to achieve a footing in their industry is to have proper translations for your material.


Alternatively, you will also benefit from having accurate Indonesian to English translation if you have documents that need to be submitted to government agencies, schools, and other authoritative bodies. That is why Circle Translations is the perfect language partner for you.

What Will Be Next Step?

What will be our next step

Step 01

We'll prepare a proposal

Required scope, timeline and apr price will be included if you provide us with detail information about a project.

Step 02

Together we discuss it

Let get acquainted and discuss all the possible variants and options. Google hangouts or Skype usually works great.

Step 03

Let's start building

When the contract is signed and executed, it becomes legally binding, formalizing the agreement between the parties.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    Are your translators native speakers of Indonesian?

    Our translators are proficient in Indonesian, but we cannot guarantee that all are native speakers. We prioritize language proficiency and cultural understanding in our selection process.

    How do you ensure the quality of your translations?

    Translation quality is ensured through rigorous vetting of translators, ongoing evaluations, and adherence to industry standards and best practices.

    An Indonesian translation services handle urgent projects?

    Indonesian translation services may handle urgent projects depending on availability and scope. Expedited services may incur additional charges.

    Can I request a sample translation to assess the quality of your services?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer sample translations. However, client testimonials and our track record demonstrate our commitment to quality.

    What types of documents can be translated by Indonesian translation services?

    Indonesian translation services cover a broad range of documents, including legal, technical, business, and creative content.

    Can Indonesian translation services provide localization for content targeting Indonesian audiences?

    Yes, Indonesian translation services can provide localization to ensure content resonates with Indonesian audiences, adapting language, cultural nuances, and regional preferences.

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