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Professional Translation Services

What makes us stand out:

  • Over 74 languages and 124 language combinations
  • No rush-fee
  • Track record of 99.97% of deliveries made on-time
  • Working with fortunate 500 companies
  • Rates start at € 0.07 per word
  • 11 000 Native Translators

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

We always receive a great delivery: accurate translations, great communication throughout the translation process.

Loreta Z


From 3 € per run-time minute

+124 language pairs

+20 000 hours of content processed each year

+1 700 000 words translated each month.

Services at unbeatable prices.

Fast and efficient communication.

Human Expertise

We have professional linguists and translators who are qualified to cater to the specific translation needs of each client. It is essential to have human expertise to fulfill the purpose of accurate translation.

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the quality of the final product. It helps us provide translations quickly and ensure quality assurance and control.

Technology Solutions

Companies who need prompt language translation services can benefit from our technological solutions for instant delivery.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We recognize that your documents and files may be sensitive. As a result, we provide enterprise-grade security so that you may put your total trust in us.

Bridging The Gap With Translations Services

Having access to another language is not only for exchanging words; it is to comprehend each other to make our conversations more effective. Many apps offer translation to another language, but you don’t always get the meaning behind it as they merely translate each word from one language to another. This is why you need professional translation services.

We are the pioneer in offering language translation services in over 120 languages to let you engage with any audience worldwide! We combine human expertise and advanced AI to provide you with multiple services for your translation or localization needs.


What We Offer

  • Accurate Translations
  • Quick Deliveries
  • Language Industry Experts
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Quality Management System
  • 120 + Languages
  • Customer Support

We offer certified translation services on a global scale so that you can make the most of them regardless of your location! We don’t just rely on AI, but we also have expert human translators on board for precise and accurate translations. Whether you are a business, organization, or individual, we have professional linguists for all translation needs.

Translation services

We specialize in high-quality translations to ensure your message reaches everyone, no matter where they are.

Audio Translation Services

  • Fast and reliable translation
  • Accurate and confidential audio translation services
  • Advanced AI-powered technology for automated audio translation

Film Translation Services

  • +74 Languages
  • Captivating Subtitles
  • Stress-Free Delivery
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Professional Voice-overs
  • Budget-Friendly Rates

Localization Services

  • Website
  • Gaming
  • Mobile App
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Legal
  • Cryptocurrencies & more…

Machine Translation Post Editing

  • No rush-fee
  • Global Reach
  • Multilingual Support
  • Unbeatable Pricing
  • Over 110 Languages Supported
  • Guaranteed on-time Delivery (99.97% Success)

Patent Translation Services

  • No rush-fee
  • Over 74 Languages
  • Working With Fortunate 500 Companies
  • Track record of 99.97% of deliveries made on time
  • +1 200 000 words translated each month

Retail Translation Services

  • Electronic Products
  • Food and Beverages
  • Electric Gas and Green Energy Supplies
  • Chemical Hazardous Material
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Hardware and Plumbing Equipment & more…

Subtitle Translation

  • Subtitling
  • No rush-fee
  • Subtitle translation & localization,
  • Closed captioning,
  • Services at unbeatable prices
  • Audio/video transcription
  • Track record of 99.97% of deliveries made on time

Technical Translation Services

  • Manuals
  • Patents
  • No rush-fee
  • Technical specifications
  • Training manuals
  • White papers & Product sheets and more…
  • Track record of 99.97% deliveries made on time

Transcreation Services

  • No rush-fee
  • Over 111 Languages Supported
  • Culturally adapted content
  • Working with fortune 500 companies
  • +960 000 words translated each month

Travel Translation Services

  • No rush-fee
  • Over 111 languages
  • Culturally adapted content
  • Working with fortune 500 companies
  • +960 000 words translated each month

Voice Over Services

  • Voice Over
  • Dubbing
  • 87+ languages
  • No rush-fee
  • Working with fortunate 500 companies
  • +3000 hours of content processed each year

Website translation services

  • +74 Languages
  • Effective translation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Smooth experience
  • 97% track record, prime gleam

Translation Services by industry

Unlock global potential with our specialized translation services by industry.

Automotive Translation Services

  • Service manuals
  • No rush-free
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Marketing materials
  • And other automotive translation services
  • A track record of 99.7% of our deliveries made on time

Cryptocurrency Translation

  • No rush-free
  • Whitepaper Translation
  • Website & App Translation
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Translation
  • And other cryptocurrency translation services
  • A track record of 99.7% of our deliveries made on time

Energy Translation Services

  • HSE reports
  • Catalogues
  • Marketing materials
  • Diagnosis manuals
  • And other energy translation services

Financial Translation Services

  • Tax reports
  • Financial reports
  • Income statements
  • Cash flow statements
  • Financial Transactions
  • Online financial translations & more…

Gaming Translation Services

  • Video Game Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Game Localization
  • Expert gamer-translators
  • No rush-free

Healthcare Translation Services

  • Medical Documents
  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Studies
  • Patient Rights and Information
  • Medical Journals
  • Physician Manuals & more…

Hospitality Translation Services

  • Your Hotel Website
  • Your Booking App
  • Newsletters
  • Maps
  • Advertising Brochures
  • Restaurant Menus & more…

Legal Translation Services

  • Litigation documents
  • Depositions/witness statement
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Financial Documents
  • Confidentiality agreements & more…

Manufacturing Translation Services

  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Marketing Materials (i.e., websites and product catalogs)
  • Packaging & Product Labeling
  • Safety Documentation
  • Product Catalogs
  • HR Manual
  • Software User Interfaces & more…

Retail Translation Services

  • Electronic Products
  • Food and Beverages
  • Electric Gas and Green Energy Supplies
  • Chemical Hazardous Material
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Hardware and Plumbing Equipment & more…

Translating Tomorrow's Success Today

Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Most Popular Languages

Chinese (Simplified)


English (British)







Portuguese (Europe)

Spanish (Spain)




Available Languages

*Only Available Through Contacting Sales

Industries We Specialize In

Translation Rates

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Basic Translation

€0.05 - 0.08 / Per Word


Translation of basic content

Machine Aided Translation

Minimum 3 days delivery

Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support



€0.08 - 0.13 / Per Word


Covers Intricate Technical Texts

Manual Professional Translation

Custom Delivery, Depending On Volume

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


€0.10 - 0.16 / Per Word


Covers Scientific & Technical Texts

Manual & Expert Native Translation

High Priority, Custom Delivery

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Contextual & Substantive Editing By Native

Unlimited Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support

Custom Plan

Contact us


Covers Scientific & Technical Texts

Manual & Expert Native Translation

High Priority, Custom Delivery

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Contextual & Substantive Editing By Native

Unlimited Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support

Business Language Services

In the fast-paced global landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of successful business endeavors. Enter professional translation services, the catalyst for seamless intercultural dialogues and unparalleled corporate success. Our team of adept linguists and industry experts collaborates to deliver flawless translations that capture the essence of your content while preserving cultural nuances.

Unlock a world of opportunities with our comprehensive suite of professional translating services.

Whether it’s navigating legal documents, crafting compelling marketing collateral, or facilitating cross-border negotiations, our language experts are poised to elevate your communication strategy. At language translator services, we don’t just bridge language gaps; we build pathways to global success, one meticulously translated word at a time. Elevate your business communication with our unparalleled expertise and experience the transformative power of linguistic precision.

Reach With Precision International Translation Services.

Unlock global opportunities with our top-notch content translation services. In today’s interconnected world, breaking language barriers is essential for expanding your reach and maximizing impact. Our international translation services bridge linguistic gaps, ensuring your message resonates across borders and cultures.

Precision is our hallmark. Our team of skilled linguists, versed in diverse industries, meticulously translates your content while preserving its original essence. Whether it’s website localization, marketing materials, or legal documents, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
Stay ahead in the competitive global landscape by entrusting your content to experts who understand the nuances of each language. Our commitment to accuracy and cultural sensitivity guarantees that your message maintains its integrity, fostering a deeper connection with your target audience.


  • Efficiency Is Paramount: Prioritize efficiency in your global endeavors.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Employ state-of-the-art technology for optimal results.
  • Streamlined Process: Ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Timely And Cost-Effective Solutions: Receive solutions that are not only prompt but also budget-friendly.
  • Embrace Effective Communication: Overcome language barriers for powerful communication.
  • Embark On A Global Success Journey: Explore international success with confidence.
  • Transcend Borders: Allow your ideas to break through geographical limitations.
  • Seamless Implementation: Trust us to execute your global content strategy seamlessly.
  • Speak The Language Of The World: Enable your content to resonate globally

Global Presence with Exceptional Translation Services

Effective communication is super important in the big world of business. Our human translators are like language wizards – they don’t just translate words; they make sure your message is totally understood by taking into account cultural stuff and language quirks.
Quality is our jam, and we don’t mess around with rush fees. We get that time is money in your business, so we promise top-notch translations delivered fast. We’re proud to say we hit our deadlines 99.97% of the time – your deadlines are like VIPs to us.

We speak the language of diversity with translation services available in a whopping 120 languages. Whether it’s business stuff, legal documents, or creative content, our team has got your words covered.
Why pick us? Well, our clients have seen an incredible 30% boost in customer margins after using our translation services. That’s because our translations aren’t just accurate; they’re culturally spot-on, making your customers super happy.

Here’s the scoop on what you get from us:

  • Linguistic Accuracy: We make sure your words are translated right; no funny business.
  • Speedy Delivery: We’re like the Flash of translations – quick and on time, every time.
  • Language Buffs: We’re fluent in 120 languages, so we’ve got you covered no matter what you need.
  • Business Boost: Our clients have seen a 30% growth in customer margin – now that’s a success!

Why Your Business Needs Professional Language Services for Global Success


Cultural Finesse for Effective Communication

Nuance Matters: In diverse markets, understanding cultural subtleties is key. Human translators grasp the nuances, ensuring your message resonates accurately across different customs, traditions, and idioms.


Precision in Business Jargon

Technical Expertise: Machine translation needs to improve with technical and industry-specific language. Human translators with field expertise provide accurate and contextually appropriate translations, preserving the integrity of your content.


Confidentiality and Security Assurance

Ethical Standards: Human translators adhere to strict ethical standards and confidentiality agreements. This ensures the safeguarding of sensitive information, crucial for businesses dealing with proprietary data, legal documents, or confidential strategies.


Speed and Agility in Dynamic Environments

Adaptability: While machines offer quick solutions, humans excel in adapting to changing circumstances, understanding context, and delivering prompt translations without compromising quality. Essential in fast-paced business environments.


Building Customer Trust Through a Human Touch

Cultural Resonance: A human touch in translations builds credibility and positive relationships with your audience. It goes beyond translation, showcasing a commitment to understanding and respecting diverse perspectives.

What People Say About US

You can globalize business efforts. You have the power to reach the world!... no matter your industry.

What Will Be Next Step?

Here are the next steps to bring your vision to life.

Step 01

We’ll Prepare A Proposal

Required scope, timeline and per price will be included if you provide us with detail information about a project.

Step 02

Together We Discuss It

Let get acquainted and discuss all the possible variants and options. Google hangouts or Skype usually works great.

Step 03

Let’s Start Building

When the contract is signed and executed, it becomes legally binding, formalizing the agreement between the parties.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    What are interpreting and translation services?

    Interpreting involves real-time spoken language conversion, while translation deals with written text. Both services bridge language gaps, aiding communication. Interpreters work verbally, while translators focus on written documents, fostering multilingual understanding in diverse settings.

    How much do translation services cost?

    The cost depends on the content and requirements of your project. However, we have some packages:
    • Basic Translation: €0.05 – 0.08/word
    • Pro: €0.08 – 0.13/word
    • Business: €0.10 – 0.16/ word

    Why is localization used for translation services?

    It helps businesses to adapt not only the local language but also their dialects, slang, terminologies, and other native terms to increase international customers and sales.

    Why businesses need translation services?

    Those businesses that want to grow need to expand internationally. Therefore, having professional translation services like Circle Translations is essential to run a business successfully in a global market.

    What to look for in translation services?

    Here is what to look for:
    • Precise and accurate translations
    • Human expertise
    • Advanced methodologies
    • Certified and Professional Translators
    • Quick Delivery
    • Competitive Rates
    Circle Translations offers all of this and more!

    What companies need translation services?

    • Medical Industry
    • Financial Sector
    • E-commerce websites
    • Travel and Tourism industry
    • Legal Services Companies
    • Scientific Research Organziations
    • Manufacturing Companies

    What kinds of translation services are available?

    Circle Translations is a highly reliable translation service provider capable of diverse language services. We can do multimedia translations, technical translations, medical translations, software translation, proofreading, straight transcription, close captioning and subtitling, and so much more.

    How does the translation process work?

    For each translation project that we take, we assign a professional translator, usually from a pool of native speaking translators, to handle the job. It goes through the process of translation, editing, proofreading and strict quality control before we hand over the finished output.

    Are human translations better than software-translated documents?

    Many software programs and mobile apps can deliver real-time translation. Google Translate, for instance, has a very fast turnaround time but even this does not produce accurate translations all the time. A human translator will still deliver better results and if you choose a good company, it will only take a few hours before you get the results.

    Do you do urgent translation?

    If you require a very fast turnaround time, we can create a team of language experts that can do a one-day translation or even finish the job in just a few hours. We also offer other services like video transcription, desktop publishing, interpretation services, and other customized language solutions.