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Hospitality Translation Services

We are here to provide you top quality

  • Your Hotel Website
  • Your Booking App
  • Newsletters
  • Maps
  • Advertising Brochures
  • Restaurant Menus & more…

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

+2 100 000 words translated each month

+110 language pairs

Rates from 0,07 € per word

Circle Translations: Your Trusted Translation Partner

Circle Translations: Your Trustworthy Translation Partner

We Make Communication Easier!

Circle Translations is offering hospitality translation services to help you grow your company and brand. The reason why you should consider hospitality translation services is because:

  • Hospitality translation services help your company grow and get the recognition it deserves.
  • It helps you cross the communication barrier.
  • It creates brand loyalty and attracts more new clients.

At Circle Translations, we have mastered cultural differences as linguistic nuances. We are trying to fill the gaps ranging from understanding the specific terminologies to knowing the basic language greetings. The translation has a massive impact on business development and can taint your business reputation easily if the content is not localized properly for your staff, clients, and customers.


Our Hospitality Translation Offerings

Circle Translations agency offers a comprehensive translation solution for the Hospitality industry. Our translation plan includes meeting the needs of the hotel and traveling industry. We have a team of certified linguistics, and we are providing language translation services in more than 120+ global languages.

Our rates are market competitive while our translators are language industry experts. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in the hotel industry translation.

We are offering hospitality translation for the following content:

  • Your Hotel Website
  • Your Booking App
  • Newsletters
  • Maps
  • Advertising Brochures
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Catering Agreements
  • Safety instructions
  • Accommodation Contracts
  • Travel Documents
  • In-room directories
  • Hotel Records
  • Reservation Documents


Here are our offerings:

  • Considerable Difference: Our translators ensure a quick turnaround of your translation project. We will deliver the project before the due date while ensuring the quality is integral, and the message is original.
  • 120+ Languages Support: We are enabling the translation and localization of your hospitality content in more than 120 global languages so you can attract a wider target audience.
  • Authorized and Approved Translations: Now get your hospitality content translated by skilled and competent translators with the guarantee of reassessments to maintain the original content quality.
  • Accessible Rates: Target global tourists and clients with your quality content translated by us at competitive and affordable rates.
  • Qualified Interpreters: Get high-quality translation services from our localization experts and proficient translators who are skillful at translating more than 120+ languages.
  • Hospitality industry is growing day by day; therefore, hospitality translation has become a dire need. If you are looking for the right translation services in the hospitality sector, contact us to discuss further. Our proficient translators know the hospitality translation standards, and they are here to help you!

What Else to Expect from Circle Translation?

  • It’s crucial to maximize your multilingual visitor‘s travel desires while staying true to your global brand. That’s why Circle Translation localized travel listing services increase the conversion rates while enhancing customer trust around the globe.
  • Most hospitality customers say that review sites have the most influence on their booking decisions. That’s why with the Circle translation User review translation, you can boost your business and generate higher ROI through our translation services.
  • Easy and effective communication with the visitors can turn them into loyal guests. In fact, effective communication in other languages with non-native customers can differentiate your service from your competitors.

When strangers are staying at your hotel, they are always expecting something out of the box from the customer services so they can visit next time and build their trust in you. Attract your global target audience by giving them benefits like detailed translated maps, lists of top tourist attractions and transformation information and make them your long-term clients.

Get the Customized Hospitality Translation Services at Your Disposal! Check Out Our Plans Now!


Why Should You Consider Circle Translations?

We are the Ice Breakers for Your Business!

Are your hotel documents only in the English language? Is your hotel in-room directory only offering the instruction in 2-3 languages?

No matter what language barrier problem you are facing, translating your hospitality content is the ultimate solution!

The experts at Circle Translations have years of experience in the hotel and catering industry translation. We have all the expertise to translate all the terms related to the hospitality industry effectively.



Circle Translations is one of the leading localisation agencies in Baltic states offering different services

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Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

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    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    What is hospitality translation?

    Hospitality translation is the conversion of any content in the hospitality industry from one language to many others. It is a vital part of the hospitality industry that allows people who speak different languages to communicate easily with one another.

    Why is hospitality translation important?

    Hotels, food establishments and travel-related businesses cater to an international market where multiple languages are spoken. It is vital to invest in high quality hospitality translation services in order to bridge the language barrier and to make your service more inviting to a wider clientele.

    What are the most common types of content that require hospitality translation?

    Any content that is relevant to the hospitality industry can be translated. Examples of the most commonly requested translations are for restaurant menus, travel itineraries, in-room directories, hotel brochures, tourist maps, car rental information, and safety instructions.

    What languages should you choose for hospitality translation?

    If your company is in the hospitality industry, it is inevitable that you will have guests from other countries that do not speak the local language. It’s not easy to have ready translations for all the languages in the world but it would be good to have at least the more popular ones, like German, Japanese, Korean, French, and so on.

    Is it important to hire hospitality translation services for your website?

    The first thing that a potential guest would most likely do before making a booking with your establishment is to browse your website. It would definitely be a big turnoff if they don’t even understand a word of your site. So yes, it is very important to translate your site to as many languages as possible to attract more clients.