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English to Greek Translation

The wonders surrounding the Greek language are similar to the magnificent scenery in Greece. It’s considered one of the oldest written languages on the planet, which is why you cannot question the growing interest in the language.

Suppose you have some business to do that involves the Greek language, or you are someone just interested in the language, it might be beneficial to get to know more about it. If you are the former, read through this article to be familiar with the language and find some tips on partnering with professional Greek translation services.

What is the nature of the Greek language?

The Greek language is an Indo-European language, primarily spoken in Greece. The language has come with a long and very well documented history. It’s even the longest of any other Indo-European language spanning about 34 centuries. Additionally, there’s what they called Ancient Greek. The language’s ancient phase was subdivided into the Mycenaean and Archaic and Classical periods, the Roman and Hellenistic stage, a Byzantine stage, and the Modern phase.

For some, the Greek language seems exotic but somehow familiar. The language is quite challenging to master. Despite Greece’s and the language’s significance in world history, the Greek language is not typically closely related to any other languages globally.

Also, the language has another alphabet that people need to learn and write. Furthermore, the Greek alphabet has some distinctive sounds that can be difficult to pronounce for English speakers. The same goes for grammar.

Some Greek language facts

It might also be beneficial to learn some interesting facts about Greek. Here are some of them.

  • The Greek language has a significant influence on Western literature. In fact, Greek has influenced philosophy, languages, astronomy, and mathematics. Several English words related to the mentioned fields originated from the Greek language. Together with Latin, Greek is generally used in creating new terms in English and other languages. 
  • “Alphabet” is formed of ‘alpha’ and ‘beta.’ These are known to be the first two letters in the Greek alphabet.  
  • There are about 13 million native Greek speakers. Greek speakers are primarily from Cyprus and Greece. Also, people from Turkey, Albania, and Italy use the language. Furthermore, some people in The Greek diaspora, the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and others also use Greek daily.
  • In origin, the Greek language was written starting from right to left. The format is similar to Arabic and modern-day Hebrew. Greece’s official language was written in boustrophedon. This means that the lines alternate between left to right and right to the left script. In the 5th century BC, the Greek writing direction was eventually standardized as left to right. Additionally, all the Greek letters adopted the fixed right-facing orientation.


Why do you need professional Greek translators for your documents?

The Greek language can relatively be a difficult one to learn. Hence, when they have to work with a Greek translation, most people will tap a certified Greek translation agency. Here are some reasons why professional Greek translators are beneficial.

  • Every Greek translation services provider has a team of experts and linguists. Translation companies have professional human translators who underwent studies and training before taking the job. Hence, clients would always expect accurate Greek translations. As you may know, the Greek language is a little bit complex. Having someone translate your official documents from Greek to English and vice versa ensures accuracy and efficiency.
  • Certified Greek translation services providers have translators who are experts in various fields and industries. At some point in business or professional life, there will come a time when one needs translation services. It might involve an English translation of birth certificates, medical documents, and asylum documents, either in word or PDF. As you reach out to Greek translation companies, you need not worry about whether they can deliver or not. Of course, they will. Technical translators provide translation services while adhering to rules and specifications in particular industries.
  • Professional translators find Greek translations easier because they can relate culturally to the language. Whether reaching out to international markets or partnering with foreign individuals, it is beneficial to ensure you convey the right message. Every language has its own culture that needs to be respected. One will not have that with a mere machine translator. With translating English to Greek or vice versa, professional translators will consider cultural factors that might affect the translation. In essence, Greek translation services ensure words, texts, sentences, paragraphs, and documents will not get lost in translation.
  • There is always technology involved in almost all Greek translation services providers. Using translation software does not directly mean poor translation. As with official document translations, technology is part of the process. In some cases, translation services use them in the early parts of the translation framework before going in-depth.
  • Certified Greek translations know how to work around international legal standards. A standard Greek to English translation will include plain translation outputs. However, these outputs might not be very beneficial when businesses plan to expand their market internationally. There are various laws exclusive to specific countries. Meanwhile, some rules are universal. With this, you will need some Greek to English translation services to help you out in working with international laws. You might be introducing new patents on a global scale. These international patent translation services can make the work easier for you.

Does using a machine translator yield accurate translations?

Yes. However, not all the time. If you are to translate simple words from Greek to English or English to Greek, then machine translators might suffice. This especially applies if it involves word-for-word translations. However, when you decide to translate longer phrases and sentences, the tricky part comes in. Since translation software translates words literally, the translated sentences and phrases might lose context. Consequently, this will never be ideal for official documents as it might lead to misunderstandings.

The internet now provides machine translators that automatically translate into different languages. Using them can be practical, but you must be careful, especially when dealing with translations for official business purposes.

What are the ways to do Greek translations effectively?

If we are talking about professional Greek to English translation providers, the effectiveness of the translation relies on various factors. Translation companies must have experts and competent translators. Also, every translation services provider follows a thorough process. They even consult every client if they have specific requests and requirements for the translations.

On the other hand, to some extent, one can use translation software to make some Greek to English translations effectively. However, the capability of these auto translators is limited. Suppose you work with larger business projects or international research papers; it will be beneficial to tap someone from the professional translation sector.

More importantly, you can only expect the best from professional Greek translation services. They have the tools to conduct the translation process seamlessly. Moreover, they have the right personnel to do the job for you.

How much does Greek to English and English to Greek translation cost?

In most cases, the cost will depend on the number of words and languages involved in the translation, the length of the document, and some other client specifications. Also, professional Greek translation services might impose additional fees if you want to expedite the translation process. The good thing with certified Greek translation providers is they have representatives who can assist you in getting perhaps a free quote before you pay for the translation itself.

Some people find hiring professional translators expensive. In some cases, they can be costly. However, they are expensive, not just for the sake of it. In fact, they guarantee a polished and accurate translation for every client. More importantly,

Reach out to certified Greek translation providers for quality results

It is easy to say, ‘choose the best translator.’ However, getting one with so many in the market today is the real challenge. A few things you might need to consider when choosing one include the number of languages they deal with. This provides you with much better option. You never know when you need to translate documents from Greek to English, German, and French, and vice versa. Also, the length of business will matter. The longer they are in the industry, the more clients they already serviced. More clients will yield more experience for the company.

At Circle Translations, we do more than what our clients expect from us. We are one of the few translation providers working with as many as 120 languages. Also, we know that money is essential in your business besides time. Hence we will assist you in getting a quote first and ensure a cost-effective translation charge.

We have a complete translation process that our team strictly follows for every project. More importantly, our project managers will be with our clients every step of the process. Our clients need not second guess the progress of the translation project. Our managers will update for every phase of the process.


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