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Italian Translation Services

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Italian translation

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Italian Translation

Due to our expertise in the cultures and languages overall, Circle Translations can provide excellent English Italian translation services as well as Italian to English translation. For this type of language translation, we have many competent translators available. You can be assured that the Italian to English translation will be of the highest standard.

Italian Translation Services

Circle Translations provides the global community with the best translation services in the translation industry. Our services include translation into various languages, such as Italian translation as well as English translation services. These services are provided at a cost our customers can afford.


Our services come with a guarantee that the many translators who work for us will deliver excellent service and high-quality Italian translations, more specifically English Italian translation services. Several businesses and organizations the world over make use of our services.


Our main area of interest is the Baltic region. However, as said, we do worldwide translations and that includes Italian. We offer expert translation services at a surprisingly affordable cost. As a consequence, customers from all over the world turn to us for assistance with their translation and localization needs. Particularly relevant to this discussion are our translations into Italian and Italian to English translation.


We offer qualified and fully licensed translation services to both private individuals and large corporations. Because our certified Italian translators have a wealth of expertise in translating a wide range of literature, they can provide you with excellent Italian translations. These expert Italian translators utilize the most cutting-edge technologies and have expertise in localization.


Customers can rely on us to use professional Italian translators to translate quality translations in a timely and accurate manner. We ensure that our Italian translation services provide only the best in translation services. Our Italian translators are culturally aware and have a perfect understanding of localization.


We deliver high quality finalized Italian translations to our clients. We always deliver excellent and accurate translation services with fully edited and proofread PDF files that are DTP-ready as well. Our highly qualified Italian translators can handle these as well as other services like subtitle translation, transcriptions, closed captioning, and subtitling. These services can be ordered separately as projects as well, and pricing is accessible by contacting us for a free quote.

Quality You Can Trust

We offer you a list of certified Italian translations with years of experience in translating professional

Italian. Our translators are certified by the American Translators Association and have written and spoken language proficiency in the Italian language. Most are native Italians. This ensures that Circle Translations provides you with professional translation services.

Simple Pricing

Circle Translations provides customers with premium services at a reasonable price. We offer some of

the most affordable rates in the business for your efficient translation projects. Since every job is unique, we suggest getting in touch with us for an accurate free quote. We constantly work to provide our clients with the most unique deals for their specific assignments. It is therefore important for us to have more than one payment option to suit our clients’ needs. We have several ways for clients to take advantage of our great service.

Speed And Scale

There is no volume restriction at Circle Translations, so we accept all translation requests. There is

no limit on the size of the projects we accept. Even with large volumes, though, we do complete all your Italian translation assignments on schedule, so you can count on us. Since we have qualified native speakers and expert translators both locally and internationally, we can give your Italian translation jobs top priority.

Our Focus Areas In Translating The Italian Language

We have highly equipped and experienced translators to provide you with fully experienced translators with the knowledge and abilities to do Italian translations in a wide range of contexts and fields. The wide range of fields we cover in our Italian translation service includes a variety of documents and other texts. Circle Translations can translate all your documents, such as the following for you:


We have a range of Italian translators to help with Italian document translation, such as official documents in the form of:

  • Medical records, medical documents, and information for medical devices.


  • We have legal translators for the translation of all legal documents.


  • We translate inserts and other documents for pharmaceutical companies.


  • For immigration or emigration purposes, we can translate a death certificate, your birth certificate, or marriage certificate. If you have a number of people’s birth certificates or marriage certificates, we can do that too.


We translate business documents for all our business clients, and these can include:

  • Business proposals for clients worldwide.


  • We also assist with the translation of initial public offerings.


  • Our business clients most often require translation of other financial documents.


  • If you need an Italian translator or interpreter for your notary services, we can provide that for you.


  • We have translators that will assist you with the translation of technical documents, such as user manuals and other texts and documents.


  • Most educational institutions make use of research, and it is therefore one of the areas where the translation industry plays a vital role. The Vatican also has vast volumes of documents that can be made accessible through our Italian translation services.


Circle Translations provides guaranteed quality, and we, therefore, have a rigorous quality control process. Therefore, if an assignment falls short of the client’s requirements, we will edit and realign it to meet the requirements. We completely understand our Italian client’s needs and will strive to deliver the translations at the quality they require.

The Italian Language In Perspective

It is essential to understand the origins of the Italian language to know where it fits into the role Circle Translations plays in providing Italian translation services as well as English translation services. Italian is an Indo-European language that belongs to the Romance language family. Italian is said to most closely resemble common Latin, from which all other Romance languages are derived as well. Italian is similar to languages like Spanish, French, and Portuguese in terms of grammar and vocabulary. However, it is very different from other European languages like Dutch, German, and English. More than 85 million people worldwide speak Italian either as their mother tongue or as a second language. It is the official language spoken in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and San Marino. Switzerland has the Italian language as one of its official languages too. It is important to note that the Italian language also has a number of dialects found in various regions. The areas that represent the various regional dialects are Central, Northern, and Southern Italy. There are often distinct differences in vocabulary and pronunciation. These are the aspects our Italian translators have to take into consideration when they do their Italian to English translation. Vatican City is a popular destination for Catholics, and San Marino is a popular tourist destination. For this reason, there is always a need for urgent translation. Circle Translations provides many Italian interpreters for this purpose.

Basic Translation

€0.05 - 0.08/ Per Word


Translation of basic content

Machine Aided Translation

Minimum 3 days delivery

Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support



€0.08 - 0.13/ Per Word


Covers Intricate Technical Texts

Manual Professional Translation

Custom Delivery, Depending On Volume

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


€0.10 - 0.16/ Per Word


Covers Scientific & Technical Texts

Manual & Expert Native Translation

High Priority, Custom Delivery

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Contextual & Substantive Editing By Native

Unlimited Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


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Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

The Best Way to Get the Most Accurate Italian Translation

For straightforward and simple translations, free web tools like Google Translate are reasonable resources for your Italian translations. However, accurate translations require a quality control process as well as professional translators. Certified translators can present the client with more accuracy and quality in translation.


Whether a business or corporation needs documents translated from Italian to English, Circle Translations has knowledgeable and qualified translators to assist. We provide the world’s leading companies with Italian translation services that are most often focused on English translation. Our English translation service is therefore pivotal to our Italian services.


The best and most dependable online language translator for certified translations, official and professional translations, is a qualified translator who works for a translation company. Our project manager for the individual translation projects will assign a certified Italian translator.


Even if we are an online business, if you get in touch with us, we will work directly from a PDF file or any other format to provide you with the best Italian to English translation we can. Our customers worldwide make use of our services.

Getting Your Italian Documents Translated

We provide Italian translators that are certified by the American Translators Association for all your translation projects. They have the expertise to not only translate Italian to English but all general English translations. We will get our certified translators for Italian translated documents to do your translations for you.


Circle Translations provides translation services for text translation from Italian to English. An English translation is always needed, whether in Italy or elsewhere in the world. Hence, getting your documents translated through professional translation services with certified Italian translators is your best option.


If you want certified translations for your translated documents from Italian to English, consider hiring professional Italian translation services like Circle Translations. We are here for all your Italian to English translations.


Our Italian translation services provide you with accurate and quality translations translated by highly qualified Italian translators.

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