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Croatian Translation Services

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Croatian translation

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Croatian Translation

Accurate and affordable Croatian to English translation


Nowadays, reaching out to prospects in Croatia is made possible using the best Croatian translation services. Roughly 5 million speakers use the country’s official language in every aspect of life. About 1.5 million people outside Croatia also speak it, particularly in Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and more. High-quality translation is the best way to connect Croatia and the rest of the world.

Croatian Translation Services

Circle Translations is a leading provider in professional Croatian translation


Our translation solutions agency is a certified leader in the language services industry. Other than Croatian translation, we also handle other key languages of the world. We can help you break through the European market today!

Quality You Can Trust

The members of our team are professional linguists who can deliver the best service you deserve. Our

qualifications include certifications from authoritative agencies in the field. We also undergo specialized training to maintain our high level of performance in translation.

Simple Pricing

With us, you have the power to choose the right package that matches your requirements. We have fully

scalable options that can help you save money in the long run. We’re here to provide affordable services for all things translation!

Speed And Scale

Our professionals are highly knowledgeable in different fields such as science, business, and other industries.

We deliver accurately translated outputs that only native speakers can achieve. Whether it’s transcription, translation, or localization you need, we’re up for the challenge.

Circle Translations Croatian Translators

Your leading language services agency, Circle Translations, is proud to bring premium English to Croatian and Croatian to English translation. We have a professional team of Croatian translators who can deliver accurate and high-quality texts that are ready for publication. Being in the business for five years, our company churns out consistently effective translation work for our clients.


We tailor our solutions to fit every language need, from small-scale projects to long-term localization or legal translation services. Our firm also provides top-notch machine translation for Croatian and other languages used across the world.

Expert Native Translators

Circle Translations has a team of native Croatian translators that boast an in-depth understanding and command of the language. You can expect precise and cost-effective translation work from our team!

Custom-Tailored Services

Whether you need quick translations via advanced technologies and artificial intelligence or complex projects that need human-made translations, we can design the best plan for you.

Swift Turnaround

Our Croatian translation services demonstrate our commitment to shortening turnaround times. We have a huge pool of linguists and can create a team for your project to ensure fast delivery.

Flexible Solutions

You can scale your plan up or down depending on the demands you are met with currently. This way, you only pay for the services you avail yourself of without going out of budget.

Translation Memory (TM)

Some clients are hesitant to use machine translation fearing that it will not churn out grammatically correct outputs. However, we can guarantee that our AI-powered translations are accurate and reliable!


Every Croatian translator in our team can provide you with great quality solutions at the price you can afford. We pay the same attention and care for small and big projects alike!

Croatian Translation Rates

Circle Translations has several options available for our English to Croatian and Croatian to English translation projects. No matter your budget or requirements, we can come up with the best solutions that match what you seek. We would like to inform our clients that all our Croatian translators undergo pre-testing to provide excellent quality and certified translations for every project.


Starts at €0.05 per word


Artificial intelligence (AI-powered) machine translations

Swift turnaround—minimum three-day delivery

Professional proofreading

Ready for publishing



Starts at €0.08 per word


Technical manual translation

Volume-based and flexible delivery

Professional proofreading

Ready for publishing

Editing by Croatian translator

Up to two revisions


Starts at €0.10 per word


High priority delivery

Covers scientific and technical human translation

Professional proofreading

Ready for publishing

Contextual editing by a native translator

Dedicated project manager

Day-to-day updates

Unlimited revisions

24/7 support


Contact us


Price varies

High priority delivery

Covers scientific and technical human translation

Professional proofreading

Ready for publishing

Contextual editing by a native translator

Dedicated project manager

Day-to-day updates

Unlimited revisions

24/7 support


Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Starting Your Project

If you have any Croatian to English translations or other languages for us to handle, you can start by submitting a request via our request form. We’ll respond shortly with an obligation-free quote for you within business hours. After reviewing your information, our experts will contact you right away! The quotation includes costs, turnaround time, and other relevant details of your project.

Circle Translations Process

Are you interested in availing yourself of our translation services? Here’s an overview of our agency’s process.


Send An Inquiry

Please reach out to our team by filling out your details in the contact form we provide. This information allows us to understand the English translation Croatian solutions you require. You can consult with an assigned professional regarding your prospective project and receive a free quote thereafter.


Make An Order

You can choose the pricing package that fits the type of Croatian translation you need. You can then place your order with our dedicated English translator or Croatian translator. We also have experts who can translate Croatian words and phrases to Chinese, Spanish, and other languages.



Once we finalize the details of the language pairs translation, we will get down to business. We will match you with a professional translator who can handle your project. We strictly observe the daily limit or request limit you set for your translation project.



Part of our commitment to delivering the best translation service is to ensure that you get updates in a fair manner. We have an available package that allows you to get daily updates. With us, you always know how far along your project is so that you can make vital decisions on time, too.


Final Draft And Editing

To arrive at the best translated texts, we take into consideration your recommendations and comments on the final draft that we send you. We will then take your input and revise the translated documents until it fits your preferences. Our business and custom packages boast unlimited revisions for you.


Increase Your Reach!

Most of our clients report a 30% improvement in their customer reach or market share as soon as they use our publication-ready outputs. You can trust Circle Translations to provide you with this benefit and more. We’re the language partner you need on your team!

Croatian Language Translation Services

Our English to Croatian and Croatian to English translation solutions are designed to explore the beauty of this South Slavic language. The country’s official lingo comprises 30 letters based on the Latin alphabet. An astounding 95% of Croatia are native speakers of the official language, which is locally known as Hrvatski. It has three dialects, namely Chakavian, Kajkavian, and Shtokavian.


The intricacy of Standard Croatian calls for professional translators who possess an exceptional command of the language. If you want an effective translation that is substantive, contextual, and precise, you can look no further because Circle Translations can provide it for you.


Our language service agency can handle Croatian translation for your legal documents, manuals, apps, digital content, and other forms of communication. We know how to brave the challenge of translating this lingo to other foreign languages with flying colors.




Subtitle translation


You can expand your brand’s outreach to Croatia and the rest of the world by having digital media such as images and videos with proper subtitling. These types of content are easy to consume and can help you find the right prospects across the globe.


Legal Translation


Our team understands how you want to preserve your privacy when translating legal documents such as marriage and birth certificates, deeds, and titles, among others. Our job is to deliver high-quality translations for such papers while also securing your information all throughout.


Technical Translation


Often, technical translation requires pages and pages of work. It’s a job better done by professional linguists like the Circle Translations team. Our experts can translate the texts from Croatian to English and vice versa, preserving the integrity of the message in the process.




Tapping into the diversity of the European audience is crucial, especially for businesses. Our language agency can localize every page of your website to make it appropriate for Croatian users. You can expect the highest quality expert translations for your site, game, app, articles, and other content.

What Will Be Next Step?

What will be our next step

Step 01

We'll prepare a proposal

Required scope, timeline and apr price will be included if you provide us with detail information about a project.

Step 02

Together we discuss it

Let get acquainted and discuss all the possible variants and options. Google hangouts or Skype usually works great.

Step 03

Let's start building

When the contract is signed and executed, it becomes legally binding, formalizing the agreement between the parties.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    What types of documents can be translated with Croatian translation services?

    Services for translating Croatian deal with a wide range of documents, encompassing areas like legal matters, healthcare terms, tech information or business jargon along with general text.

    How is the cost of Croatian translation services determined?

    Aspects such as the intricacy involved in the document's content itself, how many words it contains, completion deadlines and proficiency level. They usually shape up the charges that translation services specializing in this particular language press forward.

    Why should I use professional Croatian translation services?

    Professional service providers within this field assure precision and cultural significance while valuing confidentiality, all while holding high-quality norms that automated translations fall short of achieving.

    Are there specific cultural nuances that Croatian translation services consider?

    Croatian translators lay special emphasis on dimensions associated with culture, including dialect variations aside from idioms, ensuring their deliverables are contextually correct above anything else.

    In which countries is Croatian spoken as the official language?

    While Croatia is where you'll find people speaking Croatian officially, other regions that recognize its minority languages include parts of Bosnia Herzegovina

    How can Croatian translation services assist businesses targeting Croatian-speaking markets outside Croatia?

    These specific types of translates not only aid commercial entities by developing culturally tuned material to facilitate smooth talks. It involves audiences well versed in  the tongue but also assists them in sailing through both linguistic and cultural variances.