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Voice Over Services

Circle Translations has remotely managed studios all over the globe, therefore we are able to produce content in any language and any accent that is required.

  • Voice Over
  • Dubbing
  • 87+ languages
  • No rush-fee
  • Working with fortunate 500 companies
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Excellent customer service, on time delivery and good quality at the reasonable price. We wholeheartedly recommend this agency

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+3000 hours of content processed each year

+87 language pairs

From $ 15 per run-time minute

What is voice over work?

As a production technique, voice-overs or VO refers to an off-camera process of recording dialogue by a professional voice over talent. They read texts provided by the client, which they can use for various media types like movies, commercials, and audiobooks.

Often, this method applies to narration, which gives depth and context to visuals. To create the best voice over, you need to choose the right voice actor and use the right recording equipment. Additionally, you should have a team that can handle the entire process seamlessly.


Circle Translations is your one-stop solution for any VO job post. We have a network of professional voice actors around the world and top-of-the-line audio production resources. We offer multilingual voice-over services by native speakers, giving you the perfect results that you seek.

Our Voice Over Services Process

Unlike other voice over service agencies, we have developed a world-class and streamlined process for this. More than 180 voice talents to choose from, any accent, any language. We adhere to strict internal process to ensure that client is happy with the outcome produced.


We check your requirements and provide a quote


You choose the voice talent(s) you prefer


Studio time scheduled


Recording is taking place


Recording delivered to client after internal quality check for initial feedback


Changes are made (if necessary) and final version delivered to client

Who Is A Voice Over Artist?

Circle Translations have the best voice actors in the industry, allowing us to create for the biggest brands and companies. We boast a large network of voice artists on standby to handle projects of any scale. We assign an actor based on your requirements. Here are the criteria we review when casting the voice artist.

  • Proficiency In The Target Language. Circle Translations have language pair experts who can perform the dialogue or narration of the content in your specified language. We look for a native speaker with the right accent, intonation, and voice for the job.
  • Tone. We have voice samples of our artists to check their voice tone and clarity. We carefully select professional voice actors who can deliver the script in the most suitable tone.
  • Age. Some projects have an age requirement, especially if it concerns a particular character. For example, animation projects often target younger audiences, which means the roles often need child or child-sounding actors.
  • Experience. There are some voice-over tasks that need the help of a seasoned actor. We carefully match a client with experienced voice talent. With their expertise, they can deliver the project as per your instructions with minimal direction.
  • Client Preferences. The client’s insight is important when selecting the voice over artist. Before we finalize the casting, we make sure to get our customer’s input regarding the actor. That’s how we can assign a suited VO specialist that can work harmoniously with everyone on the team.

Widespread Reach

Hire voice over talent for your project with our growing pool of voice artists across the world. We have professional voice actors and native speakers who are experts in various niches and industries. Our versatile voice artists can produce the best audio recording of your script that fits your project description perfectly.

Exceptional Quality

As a premier translation and localization company, Circle Translations maintains strict standards and always strives to excel in quality. We know how important it is for our clients to receive results that meet and exceed their expectations. As such, our team carefully evaluates all outputs and performs audio editing as necessary.

Private Platform

You can trust our experts to respect your privacy as soon as they take on your audio project. Every professional voice talent can protect your information, whether you want us to work on a film, ad, or eLearning material. If needed, we can talk about setting a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your assets are secure.


Where To Find Voice Actors? Here At Circle Translations!

Our company knows what it takes to hit the right tone and voice that tells your story. As a leading VO specialist, we take particular care in timing and precision when it comes to work. We make sure that what we produce fits the source material and enhances the quality of your content.


We have a host of options that match your requirements. Do you need a voice actor with a low tone or high pitch? Do you want to hire a male or female voice artist? Is there an age requirement? Whatever your standards, we can assign the most perfect voice actor for you.


Circle Translations has dedicated managers that know how to effectively organize every project. We handle everything seamlessly, from translation to casting to recording. Our audio editing and mixing engineers finalize the output that speaks your language in every sense.

Professional Voice Actors In Any Language And Accent

Do you need a voice actor for your project?


Circle Translations is a voice-over service provider that renders our solutions to businesses and individuals around the world. We have native voice artists who can provide the perfect voice and tone for your script.


As a language services company, we are more than capable of delivering outputs in the language your target audience understands. Whether you are in the academic, legal, entertainment, and other industries, our professional voice over talent can cater to you.


We tailor our services accordingly, so that the results are best suited for the purpose. Our team can optimize your announcements, presentations, videos, and more with our high-quality voice overs!

Voice Over Rates

Recording in the home-studio

$28 per recorded minute


470 voice talents

Any type of content

Recorded in home- studio

70 languages

In-house editing

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


Recording in the studio

From $34 per recorded minute


470 voice talents

Recorded in professional studio

In house editing

Custom Delivery options

120 languages

4 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support

Key Issues When You Hire Voice Over Actors

For an audience to listen, they need to hear a voice-over or voice acting that breathes life into the content. Elements like voice quality, style, and script should work harmoniously to capture their attention. Otherwise, your listeners may have a hard time following your message. However, finding the right voice actor is challenging, especially in today’s market. A lot of similar services pop up here and there, making it hard to choose. In the end, you might get blindsided by offers that cannot really meet your requirements.

How Can Circle Translations Help?

Our team dedicates every effort to ensuring client satisfaction at every turn. We have experts in various fields of voice-over work who know how to read the dialogue according to the specifics. We make sure that the script, tone, and emotion are correctly delivered to your audience. Our native speakers can articulate the words in the accent you require.

Professional Voice Actors

Our professional voice actors have years of experience in their industry and niche. We understand the complexity of voice over production and simplify it for you. Our experts learn the source material carefully before lending their voice to it. That way, they can apply the best techniques and practices that lead to high-quality results.

Hassle-Free Casting

Circle Translations has a quick casting method because we keep our database up to date. We know who the best voice actor is based on what you’re looking for. We can immediately round-up a list for you and present voice samples for free. From there, you can find your match and get a quote for your project. It’s an uber-easy process to follow!

Fast Turnaround Time

As fast as we shortlist your cast, we also strive our hardest to keep a quick turnaround for customers. Our dedicated project managers handle the timeline for each client, making clear schedules to follow for artists. We allocate a few days for editing so that there’s enough time to make changes without pushing back deadlines.

Quality Checks


Our editors perform strict quality checks at various stages of the process. We pour our effort into creating an error-free final draft. To do so, we thoroughly test each audio file for voice quality and audibility. We implement industry-leading quality checks to deliver the perfect rhythm, pitch, and tone for your content.

Competitive Pricing


You can hire our voice over specialists at affordable packages for your project. We create a tailored solution that matches your industry, be it film, television, e-learning, and more. Our team can work within your budget and have no hidden fees in our offers. Plus, you can avail yourself of our completely free, no-obligation quote right now!

Our Services


Circle Translations offers various voice-over services that can make your character and content shine.

Animation VO


Animated films and series garner a wide range of viewers, which means a translation voice-over is likely necessary. Our professional voice actors can modify their voice to bring a character to life. Their task includes portraying emotions that are age-appropriate for the audience.

Commercial VO


Commercial VO requires an intriguing and interesting voice that calls the attention of the viewer. Our work focuses more on delivering the message you want them to hear. There are specific strategies we implement to make sure that your ad clearly communicates what you’re trying to say.

Educational And Corporate VO


You can hire our voice-over experts to enrich your training materials, course videos, learning modules, and more. Aside from applying a professional tone, we also assign voice artists who are knowledgeable in your niche. That way, we can deliver your content with confidence and authority.

Audio Books


Readers are becoming increasingly fond of audiobooks as an alternative way of enjoying written content. However, our voice artists do more than just read the texts for them. We adjust the pitch, tone, and other voice factors like the momentum that helps readers interact with the story itself.

Narration VO


We write narrations for entertainment, corporate, and academic content in a precise and correct manner. Our team fact-checks the script before starting the audio recording of our voice artists. We provide informational and understandable narrations that are easily digestible for the audience.

Voice Over Services

The work of professional voice actors may seem simple, but it’s one of the most demanding jobs out there. Only an experienced voice artist can deliver quality results at the specified budget and time the client requires.

Do you need a voice actor for your production? Circle Translations can provide the best voice overs (VO) and translation services for your creative projects.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    What languages do we handle?

    Circle Translations can translate your patents into more than 74 languages, especially in German, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, Russian, Italian, Korean, Serbian, Bulgarian and Turkish.

    How much does it cost to do a voice-over?

    Rates vary, depending on the voice talent and language. Generally, it starts at 20 € per recorded minute.

    How do I get a professional voice over?

    Send us an email and we will help you get everything sorted

    How long does it take to get voice over completed?

    Depending on the availability voice talent of your choosing. Estimate for 30-minute video is 24 hours.