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English to Latvian Translation

The translation industry has evolved into a multi billion dollar industry and this trend has been engineered by innovative technology like artificial intelligence, grammar software, and many other technologies too numerous to mention. However, despite the rise of so many translation service companies and platforms, some language pairs still lag behind on the list of translated languages.

One of such languages is Latvian. Despite being one of the major languages in Europe, many translation companies don’t offer English to Latvia translation but the good news is that Circle Translations offer this service at affordable rates.

Today, the demand for English to Latvian translation has increased as the economy of Latvia opens up to international business and Circle Translations has been at the forefront of offering businesses and brands error free translation that only a few other platforms can rival.

Latvian translation services

Since 2017 Circle Translations has been offering premium translation services in Latvian and many companies and brands have strengthened their network in the country using our top-rated translators. Here are some of the things Circle Translations can do for you.


Quality you can trust

All our translated texts are accurate and capture the essential tenets of the original text. There will be no mistakes or misrepresentations of your text. All the right words and phrases will be used where appropriate so your target audio audience can relate.


Simple pricing

Back in the day translation services were very expensive so businesses operating with a small budget shied away from using them and many still do. However, Circle Translations has evened the playing field so smaller businesses with an online presence can compete. We offer affordable rates starting from $0.05 per word. With our affordable rates, you can afford to translate your documents and text from English or other languages into Latvian without increasing your overhead cost maximally.

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Human over Machine Translations

Despite technological advancements, machine translation still lag behind human translation and many businesses know this that is why they opt for our human translation services. We have professional translators who can understand grammatical expressions that machines do not understand. While other service platforms will run your text through software and give you third rate text we only use experienced human translators. Your business stands to gain a lot when you use our expert Latvia translation services. You don’t have to pay us anything at first because we offer free quotes. Furthermore, you know exactly how much a service will cost before we get to work. Transparency remains our watchword.

Latvian language & Economy

The Latvian language is called different names like Lettish, Latvian Latviesu or Valoda. This language is an East Baltic language primarily spoken by Latvians where it has actually become the important official language of Latvia since 1918. The kanguat is part of the Baltic languages branch of Indo European languages and is spoken by 1.5 million people. The earliest codification of Latvian words in written forms was in Roman Catholic and Lutheran catechism which were both written as Gothic scripts in the 16th century.

Then in the 18th century, the first Latvian grammar appeared and then by the end of the 19th century, comprehensive Latvian translation literature had been fully developed. Later on, a complete set of the Latin alphabet was developed for the language. Today, there are three dialects namely the East, West and Central Latvian with the Central variant being the most conservative one which is the foundation for the modern language.

The language is also closely related to Lithuanian but far more innovative in many aspects such as fewer vowels in syllables and having certain aspects of Finnish that Lithuanian does not have.

As for the Latvian economy, it is a small, open economy in Eastern Europe and is part of the European Union Single Market. The major industries are transit services, wood processing, food products and agriculture, and machinery and electronic devices manufacture.


Rising Demand for Translations Services

As Latvia began to integrate with Western Europe despite being an Eastern European country, many businesses and top brands have been setting up shop in Latvia. Even businesses that are not domiciled in Latvia now find business opportunities in the country that they wish to exploit.

 Due to the conservative nature of the language, it is not so easy to learn and businesses seek to communicate effectively with the local population. This has created a surging demand for translation services and Circle Translations remains one of the top service providers of this service

How Your Business/Brand Can Benefit From Professional Latvian Translation Online Service

If you are looking to expand your business into Latvia, you definitely need to send messages and launch campaigns that will resonate with the local population. Relying on computer-generated translations will not cut it because they are error strewn and misleading. The smartest way to connect with a Latvian audience is to publish tests, documents and campaigns in correct and coherent phrases that make sense.

Here are some of the benefits of contracting professional English to Latvia or Latvia to English language translators to do the job for you.

Increased Credibility

Latvians are incredibly intelligent people who can smell insincerity from a mile off. If you broadcast messages using poor phrases you should not be surprised if most of the people who come across your business online blacklist your brand. Not being able to communicate in a language will make it difficult to connect with the target audience but forcing it by publishing error strewn words and phrases reeks of dishonesty.

Despite being a foreign business, your brand will be viewed as authentic if you publish clear and error free text. If your target audience finds out that your brand is foreign, your effort will please them and they will be favorably disposed to doing business with you. Quality texts enhance brand credibility more than you know.

Law Compliance

Every country has local laws that all businesses operating within their jurisdiction must comply with and Latvia is no different. If you want to avoid negative feedback or government sanctions you need to make sure that you don’t flout their laws. What better way to do so than to use a Latvia English translation service.

Professional translators who understand the local laws regarding documentation will give you a perfect job. They will also help you translate texts from English or any other foreign language to conform to local laws.

Market Positioning

By regularly publishing quality documents, campaigns and documents you will position your brand for market opportunities as they emerge. While your competitors outside Latvia underestimate the importance of quality translation services, your business will be better placed to milk opportunities in your industry when they present themselves. Connecting with the local population means you hold an advantage over your rivals in the emerging Latvian economy.

Grow Your Customer Base

We are sure that your main goal for expanding your reach into Latvia is to grow your customer base. The best way to do so is to communicate with the people in a language that they can understand. Every campaign you launch, document you publish or informational material you release must be perfect and relatable. While you may not be able to do so yourself, you can trust expert Latvia translation online services platforms like Circle Translations.

The more content you release in the local language, the more visibility your brand will get and this will lead to more business for you.

Increase Your Sales & Profit Margins

You can increase your sales and profit margins by attracting more customers online. The good news about working with online translation services is that they can help you re-create or craft organic campaigns in Latvian that will increase your Click rates and order rates. As more people buy what you are offering your sales and profit margin are bound to grow since your audience understands what they stand to gain by using your product.


Circle Translations Services

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  • Technical Translation
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  • Patent Translation

These and more are some of the excellent translation services you enjoy when you work with the best translation service company. Our stress free process is tailor made to serve your needs. We believe that every client is different so we offer a customized service to meet that need. Ours is a service you can trust, always.

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You should never be in doubt when next you want to publish anything in Latvian. When you work with us, you get nothing but the best. Our expert translators at Circle Translations will convert your original text into any Latvian dialect you desire with no errors or misrepresentations.

All our Latvian translators are native speakers who also understand the English language so you have nothing to worry about. Contact us today to order a free quote. All our hotlines and communication pipelines remain active round the clock and we will respond to your inquiries swiftly.


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