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Healthcare Translation Services

We are here to provide you with high-quality translations of

  • Medical Documents
  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Studies
  • Patient Rights and Information
  • Medical Journals
  • Physician Manuals & more…

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

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Upgrading Healthcare through Translation and Localization Services!

If you are from the healthcare industry, you may have faced a language barrier most of the time. The importance of healthcare interpretation is undeniable. The spoken and written translation services help the healthcare providers, caregivers, and patients to understand the critical health conditions and other important moments. Thus, healthcare translation is important for non-native English speakers. Additionally, there is extensive research conducted daily in the field of medical sciences. Potential doctors and practitioners need to keep themselves updated with the latest studies. To do so, they must find some great translation services to make their lives easier.

Right Communication in Healthcare means the Difference Between Life and Death!

Healthcare providers, pharmacies, and various medical services providers must provide language services for individuals with limited English proficiency. The medical industry demands the utmost accuracy, be it treatments or communication. That’s why you should rely on a reliable medical translation agency with proven experience. A reliable translation agency can precisely translate patient information, medical device manuals, medical documents, prescription information, face-to-face interpretation, medical device manuals, etc.

What Services Are We Offering?

Medical Documents

It is important for you to have authentic medical documents ready with you when you are visiting a doctor. It goes all well until you visit a doctor from another nationality. Circle Translations understands this situation; that’s why it gives you the best professional healthcare translation services at affordable costs. Our translation services for healthcare documents include but are not limited to the translation of informed consent forms, medical device manuals (IFU/DFU), hospital documents, and medical reports.

Clinical Trials

At Circle Translations, you can find world-class clinical translations for all kinds of healthcare needs. Our clinical research and translational team bridge basic science and patient-centered outcomes by “forward” translating laboratory findings into clinical research with the required outcome.

Clinical Studies

We believe that every clinical studies translation must meet the needs and language skills of the wide range of people involved with any clinical studies or research. To meet such requirements, Circle Translations offers comprehensive translation services in over 120+ languages that meet your exacting needs for clinical research, trials, and studies.

Our clinical trial translation provides accurate, cost-effective, and clear translation that is easily and clearly understood by all participants in the process. So far, we have worked over a wide range of documents of clinical studies, each of our projects playing a critical role in the success of the trials and studies.

Patient Rights and Information

If you happen to visit a doctor in some other city or country, the first barrier you face is communication. If you and your health provider cannot communicate in the same language, how come you understand the procedures to be followed. Also, it is the right of every patient to know the complete information of the medical procedures.

To help you overcome language barriers in such critical situations, we provide you the translation services for your health-related documents.

Medical Journals

Our skilled experts can translate any medical journal into different languages. Our professionals ensure effective and clear information interpretation through translated journals between medical practitioners and medical researchers from any background. Manufacturing entities, businesses, and individuals. Our services support them culturally and linguistically. Our expert translation and localization team will work collaboratively on medical journals, offer translation services for a wide range of medical subjects.

Physician Manuals

A Physician Manual is the schedule of medical benefits. It lists all the Health Service Codes (HSC), their descriptions, and values. The Preamble is the authority for the proper interpretation of the fee schedule. If it is not written in the primary language of the patients, there will be no use for it. Therefore, once you have finalized a physician manual for your clinic health center, we recommend you to visit us before another patient visits you. We will get your manual translated into any language that you want or your patients want.

Pharmacological Studies

Circle translation helps pharmacological laboratories remove language barriers and ambiguities. We confidently provide translations of patient leaflets and instructions for use in the languages of importing countries. We have teams of known linguists who are as committed to caring about people as scientists and process chemists.

Medical Reports

We specialize in translating medical documents and can handle your important reports like IME reports with ease. Our high-quality translation services make doctors and patients stay communicated with accurate translations of the patients’ medical reports. As we are aware that even the smallest error can place patient health at risk, we handle every little word with care. Be assured that your translations are in safe hands when you are hiring circle translations.

Medical Devices

All the documents and labeling for medical devices should be accurate as well as have clear and user-friendly language. The same applies to medical device translations. The documentation typically includes information about the intended use, functionality, indications/contraindications, safety, and other important features that can affect human health. Therefore, our company provides you with authentic and reliable translation services. Choosing a translation company that is capable of handling all the pertaining complexities is crucial to succeeding internationally.

After investing so much money, time, and effort into development and registration, we provide you with a complete translation service that ensures that your documentation remains both accurate and user-friendly in the target language.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Circle translation provides translation services for your company’s SOP based on your hospital standards. We ensure that all language translation services we provide to our health clients meet the highest level. By providing translation services and revision of each document by a second translator, we are able to deliver accurate, reliable, and cost-effective translation services into over 120 languages. We have the language skills and subject-area expertise to meet all of your communications needs.

Circle Translations: Your Trusted Healthcare Translation Partner

Translating Services Done Right!

Circle Translations is a network of expert medical translators who have wide experience translating healthcare and medical documents. This extensive experience gives us confidence that all your needs are met efficiently, timely, and accurately. Moreover, we offer our healthcare clients 360 language coverage, including medically proficient interpreters and translators, on-time localization and translation of all vital documents. Circle Translations believes in training and testing our in-house translators and staff.

For Us, It’s Quality Over Quantity!


Circle Translations is one of the leading localisation agencies in Baltic states offering different services

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Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

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    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    Why is translation important in healthcare?

    Translation services are vital in the healthcare industry because they allow medical providers to provide high quality patient care despite communication barriers. Many healthcare companies, pharmaceutical companies, and other institutions in the medical field are now investing in interpreter services to help in delivering outstanding care for patient satisfaction.

    What are the requirements for providing translation and translated documents within a healthcare facility?

    Certified translation of medical documents must only be done by a professional medical interpreter service. The medical interpreter must have sufficient knowledge of the target language, as well as relevant healthcare services that are discussed in the documents to be translated.

    Is medical interpretation covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act?

    A patient’s medical history is considered to be confidential information, which is why many wonder whether it is legal for interpreting services to gain access to these records. It is completely legal to provide translation services, but it is crucial for a medical translator to abide by HIPAA regulations to avoid violations.

    What are the benefits of using medical translation in healthcare facilities?

    Medical translation allows patients and medical providers who speak different languages to communicate better. It helps save lives, boosts the quality of healthcare, guarantees regulatory compliance, increases staff productivity and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

    What is the role of video interpretation in healthcare translation?

    Language is culturally complex, and there are some cases where there are no perfectly accurate translations of certain phrases or sentences. In these situations, video interpretation can help a healthcare provider address the needs of the patient much more clearly, allowing them to provide appropriate urgent care.