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Norwegian translation services

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Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.



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Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English to Norwegian Translation

Are you an entrepreneur, or do you run a B2B or B2C business and want to expand your reach into the Norwegian market? You definitely need promotional materials that will resonate with your target audience, and the best way to do it is to communicate in the local language. At Circle Translations, we have been at the forefront of helping businesses translate their product information, campaigns, and promotional materials into Norwegian dialects that are relatable to the target audience.

If you want your business to make headway in the ever competitive Norwegian market, you need a quality English to Norwegian and Norwegian to English translation service.

Norwegian translation services

Circle Translations is a leading provider in professional Norwegian translation —many brands and companies that have used our services can testify to a host of benefits they enjoy, and you can be a beneficiary as well. Here are some reasons why you should order our translation services.


Quality you can trust

We only work with experienced and talented Norwegian translators who understand the different subdialects of the Norwegian language. All phrases are well written, and your desired expression, as communicated to us, is re-created effectively in Norwegian. We evaluate the performance of our translators periodically to maintain our high standards.


Simple pricing

Our translation services are offered at competitive rates, so you don’t need a huge budget to convert the original text in foreign languages into Norwegian. We have streamlined our pricing policy in such a way that small scale businesses and startups looking to expand their reach into Norway and other Scandinavian countries can do so effectively. Even on a small budget, your message can reach your target audience.

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Speed and scale

We understand the importance of time and know that promotional campaigns, articles, documents, and any other text are time based, and the last thing you want is delays. With Circle Translations, you don’t have to worry about deadline defaults. We have a system that runs at top speeds to ensure that your texts are sent to qualified translators within minutes, and you’ll get the finished work in no time. We operate fast-tracked executions you can always trust.

Automated quality checks

We have artificial intelligence and automated quality English language checks in place to ensure that the final work we release to you is error free and communicates the intended message. We use high tech error checking tools to achieve pristine words that capture the right nuances, expressions, and messages that will resonate with your target audience. Our services have no request limit.

How much does a translation service cost?

Our English to Norwegian online translation tool services offer better quality than machine translation and are quite affordable and cost $0.05 – $0.08 per word. Even on a small budget, you can still afford to translate a large volume of words from any language into Norwegian. While you will not find Free Norwegian English translator services that don’t exist, you can get a good service at an affordable rate.

Circle Translations: English to Norwegian translation service

English to Norwegian translators are expert writers and editors who are skilled in the Norwegian language. Expert translators use scientific and technical methods to translate from English to Norwegian or any other languages to Norwegian. Professional translators have Norwegian as their first language and another foreign language as a second language.

Their deep understanding of the language is what makes it possible for them to translate texts into words, nuances, and expressions that the local population can understand.

Today, many companies and brands looking to make inroads into Norway use the services of expert translators. Industries that attract foreign brands include

  • Engineering
  • Biomedical technology
  • Pharmaceutical companies

And many more.

If you would like to promote your products and services to a Norwegian audience, Circle Translations has the experience and expertise to take your message far and wide. Having worked with many foreign brands currently active in Norway, rest assured that our experienced English to Norwegian translators will give you the quality translation services you desire.

Quick Facts about the Norwegian Language

Norway is the indigenous home of the Norwegian language, and the country has a population of over 5 million people. Norwegian is the official language and has roots in traditional Germanic languages. There are more than 5 million speakers inside the country and roughly 1 million speakers living outside the country. The language is classed among the group of Info European languages under the prevalent West Scandinavian sub category.

Bokmal & Nynorsk

Norwegian has two distinct official forms called Bokmal and Nynorsk, and they are used officially in government circles, schools, and mainstream media. Besides these accepted forms, there are two other languages in written forms that are not recognized officially: Riksmal and Hognorsk. The former is closely related to Bokmal, while the latter is not common. However, Norwegian children are taught how to write in Bokmal and Nynorsk, but of the two, Bokmal is the most popular choice among the wider population

There are a total of 19 states in Norway, and Norwegian is the official language. Norwegian is spoken outside Norway in

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Sweden


Why do You Need Expert Translation Services for Your Texts?

As a business or brand looking to expand into Norway or to connect with a Norwegian audience, you need expert translation services for the following reasons.

Complicated Sub-dialects

Norway is one of the few countries in the world with officially recognized sub dialects which are Bokmal and Nynorsk. Then there are the unofficial written texts of Riksmal and Hognorsk. For translators who are not well versed in these languages, creating new texts or converting texts from a foreign language like English to Norwegian translation, French, Japanese, Chinese, or Arabic into readable Norwegian can be difficult.

If you are not careful, you may end up publishing confusing, controversial, or erroneous text that will get a negative reception. However, when you hire expert English to Norwegian translators who know the language well and the various sub dialects, you avoid such risks.

Great for Branding

Working with expert translation English to Norwegian translation services like Circle Translations is great for your branding moves. Expert translators know how to translate promotional texts from their original languages into Norwegian that will resonate with your target audience. Or maybe you have articles and documents you wish to translate; you would want them translated into a readable and understandable form. A competent translation service can do that for you.


Norway has a unique culture like other Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe, and the culture influences every fabric of human life. When you use expert English to Norwegian online translators who understand the way of life of the local population, you avoid controversy or the use of texts or expressions that will send the wrong message. Experienced translators know which nuances to use and the ones to avoid. You will be at peace to know that your message will be accepted and not rejected by the local population.

Expanded Reach

There are more than 1 million Norwegian speakers outside Norway, so when you publish the text in the local dialect, you connect with an audience inside Norway and those outside Norway. Using expert Norwegian translators gives you an expanded Reach that transcends borders.

Circle Translations Norwegian Text Translation Services

If you are looking for localized content in Norwegian or you already have texts you wish to convert from any international language into Norwegian, Circle Translations has got you covered. We have been offering premium translation English to Norwegian translation services since 2017. Our target is to help your business expand its reach far, wide, and even beyond your local market without a day limit.

Circle Translations offers a wide range of translation services, namely

  • Localization
  • Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Closed Captioning
  • Subtitle Translation
  • Data Collection
  • Transcription
  • Speech Recognition
  • Annotations

All these are more services we offer to businesses looking to connect with Norwegian speakers in the Scandinavian region.

Since its inception, Circle Translations has generated, created, or translated all kinds of content for close to 700 international companies, and the list continues to increase by the day. We have a track record of translating more than 70 million words annually in as many as 120+ language pairs.

Circle Translations Creative Process

Working with us is made easy using our tested and trusted creative process, and they are as follows.

Know Your Text

The cycle begins from the moment you make contact with our team to order our Norwegian translation online services. Before our team kicks into action, they will take the time to understand your texts and goals. This is done to ensure that the finished work they put out is appealing and relatable.

Language Selection

The next phase is language selection. You choose the language you want your original translated text into. The good news is that we have an extended language list of up to 120+ local and international languages, and one of them is Norwegian. Once you select Norwegian as your language of preference, our team will pass on your text to talented Norwegian translators to get to work.

Text Submission

The text will be completely translated from the original language into Norwegian, and the manuscript will be shared with you to go through. If you have any issues with any of the text, you point them out for corrections to be made before the final work is sent to you.

Our process is straightforward and streamlined to meet your unique needs.

How much does a translation service cost?

Our English to Norwegian online translation tool services offer better quality than machine translation and are quite affordable and cost $0.05 – $0.08 per word. Even on a small budget, you can still afford to translate a large volume of words from any language into Norwegian. While you will not find Free Norwegian English translator services that don’t exist, you can get a good service at an affordable rate.

The Most Accurate English Translation Service

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at Circle Translations for our English to Norwegian translation service, and let us know how we can be of service to you. Our first class translation services are always available at short notice, so waste no time taking advantage of our advanced technologies.


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