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English to Estonian Translation

Circle Translations provides excellent Estonian translations at affordable prices. We guarantee translations of high quality and excellent service from the many translators working for us. We have a large number of businesses and companies around the Baltic region, as well as the rest of the world, that are making use of our services.

Thus, even though we are a Lithuanian translation company, our services are available around the world. We offer premium translation services at an incredibly low cost. For this reason, customers from all around the world turn to us for assistance with their localization and translation needs. This is particularly true for our Estonian translations.

We offer businesses and companies, as well as individuals, the services of well-trained and certified translators. This is true for your Estonian translations as well, as these translators are highly experienced in translating all kinds of material. They are experienced in localization and use the best quality tools to assist them in their work. Most importantly, they make use of their mental translation skills to provide the excellent translations required.

Our translation services provide our customers with the assurance that we will produce content that is delivered timeously and with the utmost accuracy. The most important aspect of our Estonian translations is that they are highly culturally contextual, with an emphasis also on high quality localization.

Our final Estonian translation product is always provided with excellent proofreading, editing, and DTP PDF documents. These, and other services such as subtitle translation, subtitling, closed captioning services, and transcriptions, are in the excellent hands of Estonian language experts as well. These services are also available as separate, individual projects, and pricing is available by contacting us directly for their respective quotations.

Estonian translation services

Circle Translations is focused on the Baltic region; therefore, they include the Estonian language in their translation services. There is no shortage of qualified translators for this purpose. You can be assured that the Estonian English or English Estonian translations will meet the highest standards.


Quality you can trust

We provide you with a long list of native Estonian translators with extensive knowledge and experience in translating from English to Estonian. They are at your convenience when you use Circle Translations. We make sure that the translation product you receive is suitable for the target country, area, and language, which in this case would be Estonian.


Simple pricing

Circle Translations provides exclusive services to our customers at the most reasonable cost. For your cost-effective translation jobs, our rates are among the most affordable in the business. Since every job is unique, we prefer that you get in touch with us for specific and accurate pricing.

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Speed and scale

Circle Translations handles all translations, small or large volumes. You can trust us to complete all your Estonian translation projects in a timely manner. Your Estonian translation projects are our first priority because we have qualified and available translators all across the world as well as locally.

Our Expertise in Translating the Estonian Language

The Estonian language requires translations in various fields, and we offer you the expertise to translate these for you. In order for businesses or companies to succeed in Estonia, they need to make various documents, media, and other marketing materials available to clients. Circle Translations provides translations for:

  • Estonian website content, especially the localization of these websites.
  • There is a constant need for Estonian product descriptions. These products are often mostly in English and need to be translated for the Estonian customers to access them.
  • Customer support is an essential part of business and there is always a need for translation into the Estonian language.
  • Mobile app localization is vital for Estonian communications.
  • Estonian businesses need to have marketing material, adverts and social media postings translated.

Other aspects that we cover are:

  • The translation of news articles and entertainment information for Estonians to have access to.
  • We provide Estonian translation for travel guides and listings.
  • Furthermore, we have all types of documents, emails, letters, and much more that form part of our translation services.

Circle Translations guarantees excellence, and we will, therefore, rework and align any project that does not align with the client’s desired outcome. Through the translations we provide, we have a thorough understanding of our client’s need to be successful, and we step up to the plate.

The Facts about the Estonian Language

The Estonian language, or simply Estonian, is the official language spoken in Estonia. The language is a member of the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family and is spoken in pockets scattered around all the regions of Estonia.

The language has two main dialectal variations, which are the northern and southern dialects. The northern, or Tallinn, dialect serves as the foundation for the literary Estonian language.

The beautiful, melodic Estonian language is an official language of the European Union. It is therefore necessary to have an excellent translator for any Estonian translation. There is always a need for Estonian translation services for this purpose. The translator, Estonia, will be able to capture the phrases and words most efficiently.

The Estonian language and the Finnish language are closely related. Finnish people have mentioned the fact that they can understand a little Estonian as there are many similar words. They can also minimally understand each other because the languages are from the same Uralic language family. A Finnish translator who is also well-trained in the English language would therefore find it an easy task to translate Estonian English papers or documents or vice versa, English Estonian.

Furthermore, the Germanic languages also contain words that are similar to Estonian. However, it is the translator’s task to identify words and phrases in context. It is important as it can prevent much embarrassment. An example is the Estonian words used for twelve months – “kaksteist kuud.” It can sound like a dirty word to an uninformed person, but it is a legitimate description in the Estonian language.

This is why context is vitally important, as well as localization, when the translator translates the Estonian language or any other language. The same applies to languages such as Spanish, French, and all other Latin language families.

The Online Translators that can help with Estonian Translation

If there is ever a need to provide language pairs for Estonian translation, Circle Translations may be the answer. For example, they are able to provide services that translate texts from Estonian to English or from English to Estonian. Even though it is an official EU language, there is still a need to make documents available in the English language.

English is still the most used language globally. However, the Estonian language can also be translated into many other languages, such as Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Finnish, English, and others. The translator would be efficiently trained in both Estonian and the target language.

It is always best to make use of official and professional translation services, such as Circle Translations. This is especially true when it comes to Estonian translation. However, for unofficial documents or a few words or phrases, a quick Google translation or machine translation could suffice. When text is translated this way, the translator still needs to ensure, though, that the machine translation makes sense and is contextual.

There are also a number of free online translators. You will find a free Estonian English translator online. However, it is important to note that this is purely for recreational purposes and that official documents need professional translation services.


Online Translation Services for Estonian Language Translation

Google might be an excellent tool for minimal translation, but traditional language translations can be simplified and would provide more accuracy and quality to the text. The reason that it would be more accurate is that a human translator would verify and check the translation against, for example, Estonian culture. This will ensure that the Estonian translation is as accurate as possible when it is read in Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Finnish, or English, and other languages, for example.

If there is a need for a business or company to have documents translated from Estonian to English or from English to Estonian, Circle Translations has the expertise to assist. The translator, working on an Estonian to English or English to Estonian project, will have full command of both languages.

The same applies to all other languages, such as Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, or Finnish. The translator needs to be well versed in both Estonian and one of these target languages in order to provide the best translated text. Thus, the goal is to have near perfect Estonian translations.

For official and professional translation, though, the best and most accurate online language translator is one who works for a professional translation service. That means a human who works for a translation service such as Circle Translations. Even though it is an online service, you can contact them and they will work from any PDF document, or any other format, to produce the best Estonian English translation.


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