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English to Finnish Translation

Finnish is often among the most challenging languages to learn and be fluent in. However, looking closely, every language can be challenging to learn. Learning Finnish is similar to how one decides to be familiar with the Spanish language. In short, every language is different, and so is Finnish.

Whether you are interested in the language or have to do Finnish translations, it pays to get a guide or hire a professional. This is to ensure you get the translations accurately. Read along to learn more about the language and ways to get excellent translations.

What is the Finnish language?

Finnish is among the two official languages of Finland, with Swedish being the second. It is also the primary language of instruction in several higher educational institutions. Initially, the language belonged to the Finno-Ugric languages. They are closely related to Livonian, Estonian, Karelian, Votic, Ingrian, and Veps. Additionally, the Finnish’s phonological characteristics include vowel harmony. It’s where every vowel is divided into two opposite classes. Furthermore, several words in Finnish have been borrowed from Baltic, Russian, and German languages.

In most cases, Finnish can be challenging for English speakers. However, the language may seem easier to speak and familiar for Estonians than other common languages. As you can see, both Estonian and Finnish are in the same language family.

Essentially, Finnish is a specific, demanding, and synthetic language. Both verbs and nouns come with a significant number of inflectional types. In fact, some of them are more frequent than others. Also, those who speak Finnish do not use many prepositions. There are about fifteen nouns used to express similar things, which English speakers use prepositions for.

Some factors to consider with Finnish to English translations

Translating any language can be a handful, especially if you have little information about it. As you do a translation from Finnish to English, you might have to consider some interesting facts.

  • The Finnish language is gender neutral. Unlike some European languages, Finnish does not have grammatical gender. Additionally, as it already exists, people do not need to make a separate gender-neutral system in the Finnish language. If English uses ‘he’ or ‘she’ for a third-person singular pronoun, Finnish only has hän. It is also used to address a person of any gender.
  • Finnish does not use future tense. This cannot be very clear for those trying to learn the language. In most cases, people use tenses to indicate time. However, people in Finland do not have a future tense. Instead, they only use the present tense.
  • West vs. East. The same with other languages, Finnish also has popular dialects. They are significantly divided into two groups, namely the Eastern and Western. These dialects vary in intonation and vocabulary. However, there are also differences in morphology and grammar.
  • People in Finland pronounce Finnish as it’s written. Generally, Finnish comes with standard pronunciation. In most cases, there is close to 100% correspondence between sounds and letters. But one must also consider that there are sounds that can be hard for Finnish to pronounce.
  • The language includes 18 diphthongs. Finnish is one of those languages with several gliding vowels or diphthongs. Some of which are relatively common in other languages. This includes ‘ai’ in ‘aika,’ which means time. Another diphthong is ‘oi’ in ‘poika’ which means boy when translated.


Why do you need professional Finnish translators for your documents?

Suppose one takes a company to Finland or is planning to expand the business to Finnish markets, to translate English to Finnish must be one of the priorities. As one would know, the language in Finland can be complex. Hence Finnish translations should be handled by those who are familiar with the language.

Still undecided as to whether to get Finnish translators or not? Here are some reasons why you have to.

  • Translation services have trained linguists. When your company needs a translated text from English to Finnish or Finnish to English, you surely will not rely on auto translations. Translation processes are complex and technical. They involve getting the right message across and choosing accurate idioms, words, and formats. And linguists studied these factors to translate effectively.

Remember that the Finnish language has distinct features, including neutrality in gender and tenses. For a standard translation, Finnish translators might not get the right message of the translated text. This will affect not only the business but also the relationships and partnerships.

  • Professional translation services house subject matter experts. An English to Finnish translation and vice versa has to be fluent in both languages. Moreover, professionals in this field are subject matter experts. Whether a business form in PDF or any other document, a professional translator can incorporate the terms in a specific industry with the preferred language you wish to translate to. It’s not just in hard copies, as these professionals can also cater to translating and localizing websites.
  • Finnish translation services can culturally adapt to the language of a specific target audience. As industries continue to expand globally, localization is getting more significant. While English is universally used in business, building trust with brands, individuals, and companies when the content is presented in cultural and linguistic contexts. In most cases, professional translation services base their translations on linguists familiar with international and modern cultures. Additionally, a professional translator provides elements one cannot expect from a mere bilingual acquaintance. More importantly, some countries might be culturally sensitive. Hence, your company must have someone who can accurately translate a word or text.
  • In most cases, professional translation services utilize translation technologies. A quality Finnish translation involves skilled translators and innovative technologies. Regardless of the project, one would always seek a high-quality translation while staying within the budget. In most cases, Finnish translation services work with efficient technologies and tools.
  • Professional translation services know the ropes to pass specific legal requirements. A standard translation might include a simple Finnish translation. However, some businesses might need to consider and work with international law. It could be about documents concerning clinical trials or registering a patent. There are aspects in these scenarios where language matters both in legal and regulatory requirements and the audience.

Finnish in a machine translation

You can have your own translation from English to Finnish. In most cases, people use a translation machine to understand a word or phrase. A translation machine typically uses software instead of a human being. It is an excellent tool when translating word-for-word. However, it can also miss some significant marks when translating paragraphs and sentences. The quality of the translated text using a machine translator will relatively be different from those done by professionals.

Suppose friends or family request you to do some simple translations; you can do so with a machine translator. In some cases, there is also software that allows translations of spoken conversations.

How can one effectively translate the Finnish language?

Whether Swedish, German, Finnish, French, or any other language, you will always want to convey the right message. When translation involves essential documents, it is necessary to seek professional translators. They have the capabilities to understand the language and specific cultural differences. Concerning Finnish, there are aspects of their language that are somewhat different from the others. For example, the way they are not privy to gender and tenses.

If you rely on automatic translations, this might lead to misunderstandings along the way. Of course, in businesses and other official partnerships, it can be costly. You and your organization need someone familiar with the culture of both countries and the languages involved in the translation.

Partner with legitimate translators to get accurate Finnish translation services

Individuals and organizations will, in one way or another, seek services from professional translators. It is just about the quality professionals provide and the efficiency in handling complex translation works. Circle Translations is capable of doing just that and more. As your company looks for international growth, our in-house translators will accommodate every business translation needs you have in detail. Besides our translators, we pride ourselves on having project managers who oversee the process from start to finish.

For those having concerns about technical translations, Circle Translations has capable technical writers and translators. They ensure every word in the document is translated accurately, adhering to technical terms in a specific industry. Additionally, we provide technician translations in more than 120 languages, including French, Finnish, and the official language of Sweden, Swedish. Furthermore, our more than a decade of experience in the industry allowed us to be familiar with various situations and conditions each client has. With this familiarity, we can guarantee quality, accurate, and efficient output.

Circle Translations knows that translating documents can cost a significant amount of money. However, we ensure we can still provide every client with cost-effective services. We offer an accurate and timely cost based on word count, urgency, and target languages. More importantly, we know time is essential for our clients. Hence, we ensure to meet deadlines, regardless of the level of urgency.


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