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Hebrew Translation Services

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Hebrew translation

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Hebrew Translation

High-quality and detailed Hebrew to English translation

Hebrew translation services are an in-demand task for organizations that want to understand this ancient and extraordinary language. It spans centuries of existence, becoming one of the world’s modern languages over 150 years after. It is the official language of Israel and boasts millions of native speakers across the globe.

Hebrew Translation Services

Circle Translations is a leading provider in professional Hebrew translation —many brands and companies that have used our services can testify to a host of benefits they enjoy, and you can be a beneficiary as well. Here are some reasons why you should order our translation services.


Tailored Solutions

We create the perfect plan for your translation project by studying your company and its needs. Once we get your identity, we can handle any and every task you throw our way.

Short Turnaround Time

Time is money, and that is true for all our processes. When we take on an assignment, we make sure that we can shorten the delivery of the final draft.

Translation Memory (TM)

Our translation memory feature eliminates the need to repeat translation work on previously translated texts. That frees you from doubly paying for similar translations.

Quality You Can Trust

Our translation agency is a pool of highly skilled linguists and interpreters. We have native translators

who can perform a superb job promptly and cost-effectively.

Simple Pricing

Every Hebrew translator in our team can bring you high-quality outputs at an affordable price. You can

get certified translations without breaking the bank!

Speed And Scale

Why pay for Hebrew translation services that you don’t have to avail? With our company, you will not

be required to spend for solutions that are not worth your money.

Hebrew Translators For Circle Translations

Circle Translations is a premier translation and language services company that offers high-quality and affordable English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English translation. We provide outstanding solutions tailored for a specific need, whether it is for individual, business, legal, or other purposes.


Our professional translators have over five years of translation, transcription, and localization experience. We have project managers who can deliver English translation services with accuracy and speedy turnaround times. Our team can become your ticket to building a name in Hebrew-speaking countries and beyond.


Every Hebrew interpreter in our company is adept at providing translation services that match your expectations. We can bring scalable and efficient solutions that are worth every penny you spend.

Hebrew translation Pricing

Our certified Hebrew translation agency has an excellent selection of pricing packages for the best Hebrew translation services. If you’re seeking one-time help or need an expert team for your long-term project, Circle Translations is the perfect language solution for the job. Every Hebrew translator and team member of our crew goes through strict pre-testing and training to provide certified translation services. This way, we can assure and maintain the highest quality outputs for all clients.


From €0.05 and above


High-quality machine translation

Three-day minimum turnaround time

Professional proofreading

Translated texts that are ready for publication



From €0.08 and above


High-quality human translation

Scalable delivery based on volume

Professional proofreading

Translated texts that are ready for publication

Edited by native Hebrew translators

Two revisions and up


From €0.10 and above


Priority delivery and scalability

Manual translations for scientific and technical phrases

Professional proofreading

Translated text that is ready for publication

In-depth editing by a native Hebrew translator

Dedicated project managers

Day-to-day updates

Unlimited revisions

24/7 customer support


Contact us


Price varies

Priority delivery and scalability

Manual translations for technical phrases

Professional proofreading

Translated text that is ready for publication

In-depth editing by a native Hebrew translator

Dedicated project managers

Day-to-day updates

Unlimited revisions

24/7 customer support


Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Our Hebrew To English Translation Agency

Circle Translations has a healthy mix of professional linguists and translators who can deliver Hebrew to English translation services that surpass your expectations in quality, consistency, and efficiency. We have highly trained people who are knowledgeable in many fields of expertise. No matter your niche, we have the most suitable expert to help you.


When translating any legal document, it is crucial for the interpreter to not overstep the boundaries of privacy. We make it a point to prepare the source text for translation with discretion. Your legal documents including, birth certificates, and any original document issued and perused by any law firm.

Additionally, we offer document management and reporting or transcription. Our team is adept at handling different legal documents like trademarks, agreements, contracts, copyrights, and other important papers. We make sure that your Hebrew documents have accurate translations while also keeping your sensitive information safe.


The Hebrew financial services market is a treasure trove of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Our task as a certified translation company is to bring you closer to prospects in Israel, Palestine, and the world. We can translate financial documents related to your enterprise. Whether you are a corporate member or from the government agency, we have the best Hebrew financial translators for you.

We offer our business clients the highest quality Hebrew translation services. Circle Translations aims to become instrumental to your success. As such, we employ native speakers and English translators who understand the nuances of financing. The original text and documents translated always bear correct facts and figures.

Manufacturing Translation

Our team has a steady stream of clients from different industries. We take pride in our capacity to partner up with companies in the manufacturing sector. You will get the support of outstanding project managers who can provide accurate translations you need in the long run.

Expanding into Israel and other Hebrew-speaking markets is possible when you collaborate with Circle Translations. We can help you localize your content care of our interpreters certified by the American Translators Association and other recognized agencies.

Life Sciences

Our translation agency consists of several Hebrew linguists who are also trained in the field of medicine and other life sciences. You can entrust your medical documents, clinical trial guides, consent forms, and other related paperwork.

We have experts who can handle translations for various scientific fields like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare marketing, and more. You can count on our professional translators to observe the technicalities of your niche. We deliver top-notch results that support your growth.

Retail Translation

Our best Hebrew translation services stretch to businesses of all sizes in the retail markets. We are highly trained to deliver translation solutions for companies wanting to reach a multicultural audience. Our English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English translation certified translations can help you successfully break the language barrier.

Our wide range of solutions includes document translation, subtitling, website localization, and other language-related tasks. We have the skills and resources to complete your translation project at the time and budget you set.


Are you gearing up for the international launch of your app or game? We have the right experts to help you with Hebrew translations for your content. Our language specialists are adept at handling technical matters and terminologies. We can provide excellent translations for your world-class product or service.

From language testing to software localization to internationalization, Circle Translations is more than ready to offer top-notch services for you. Together, we can come up with the best translated materials and stay atop the market buzz.


PR firms and advertising agencies flock to our translation company for language-related needs. We have a great list of Hebrew translation services that can help you bridge different languages. What you get are accurate translations that entice a wider audience.

We’re with you throughout your advertising journey in Hebrew-speaking areas. We have an extensive network of linguists who know what makes the market tick. Our team knows how to leverage translation as a tool for you to meet prospects and acquire new clients.

Our Services

The official language of Israel has a similar makeup as Hebrew (right to left text). It is a biblical language (lashon hakodesh) that found its revival in modern times after 2,000 years. Today, around nine million people speak this beautiful language.

Regardless of your niche or nature, Circle Translations can help you grow through our outstanding Hebrew translation services. We can help you navigate through the uniqueness of the Hebrew language and provide translation solutions for when you need them.

Subtitle Translation

Digital media is very effective in reeling in a new audience or nurturing your loyal ones. We offer subtitle translation services in English to Hebrew and vice versa. This solution allows users to learn more about your product or service in a language they understand.

Legal Translation

Legal documents such as birth or marriage certificates, agreements, deeds, and more require an expert legal translator’s touch. Our team can deliver accurate and secure work while keeping your privacy in check.

Technical Translation

Often, technical material like manuals and financial paperwork undergo time-consuming translation. Leave the job to our experts who can provide the highest quality Hebrew translation services for your technical documents.

Localization. Let Circle Translations localize your website and other content for the Hebrew audience. We can produce website localization that enables you to tap into a wider market for your app, game, and other content.

What Will Be Next Step?

What will be our next step

Step 01

We'll prepare a proposal

Required scope, timeline and apr price will be included if you provide us with detail information about a project.

Step 02

Together we discuss it

Let get acquainted and discuss all the possible variants and options. Google hangouts or Skype usually works great.

Step 03

Let's start building

When the contract is signed and executed, it becomes legally binding, formalizing the agreement between the parties.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    Do you specialize in Hebrew website localization?

    I provide general language assistance, including Hebrew, but I don't specialize in website localization. Specialized firms or translators with experience in Hebrew website localization would be more suitable.

    In which industries or fields do your professional Hebrew translation services focus?

    My expertise covers various fields, but for professional Hebrew translation services, it's recommended to choose a translator or agency with specific knowledge in your industry.

    Do you offer proofreading or editing services for Hebrew to English translations?

    While I don't offer proofreading or editing services, many translation professionals or agencies provide comprehensive Hebrew to English language services, including proofreading and editing.

    How long does it take to get a document translated into Hebrew?

    The time required to translate a document into Hebrew depends on factors like length, complexity, and the translator's workload. For accurate estimates, it's best to consult with a translation service provider.

    How do I choose the right Hebrew translation service provider?

    Choose a Hebrew translation service provider based on expertise in your industry, past client reviews, language proficiency, and adherence to deadlines. Ask for samples and assess their commitment to quality and accuracy.