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Hindi Translation Services

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Hindi translation

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Hindi Translation

Cost-effective and professional Hindi to English Translation

With over a billion and a half people in India, it’s no wonder that Hindi translation services are some of the most in-demand tasks for professional translators. The country’s national language is utilized in everyday life by roughly half a billion native Hindi speakers. Establishing global communication with this target language means having accurate translations that speak your truth.


Circle Translations is your industry-leading translation service agency bringing the highest quality solutions to the table. We’re here to help you with your translation project right away!

Hindi Translation Services

Any firm will tell you that they can solve your translation woes, but can they really meet your expectations? Our team is confident that we can walk the talk and become your chosen language service provider. We have highly skilled and certified linguists who can provide translation expertise at a very affordable price.


At Circle Translations, every successful project is a product of our team’s five-year extensive experience. We offer the most suitable Hindi translation services for your needs, making us one a frontrunner in today’s language services market!


Customizable Packages

We can modify all our standard and certified translation services to match your current needs. We learn about your organization, product, or service, and provide relevant solutions for you.


Translation Memory

Stop paying for similar translated texts over and over with translation memory (TM). This feature is one of our premier certified Hindi translation services!

Quality You Can Trust

We have a long list of English to Hindi and Hindi to English translation solutions taken care of by our

highly trained experts. We bring the highest quality outputs with exceptional accuracy.

Simple Pricing

You have several pocket-friendly options for our English Hindi translation. Regardless of the project

size and duration, we’ll cater to your needs without hurting your budget.

Speed And Scale

Why should you shoulder unnecessary costs for professional translation services if you don’t need them

yet? With us, you only pay for the specific tasks assigned to us.

Circle Translations Pricing Table

Here’s an overview of our Hindi translation service plans and what benefits you can get from our leading translation agency!


Price per word. Starts at €0.05


Type of translation. Machine translation

Turnaround time. Three-day minimum

Professional proofreading

Type of delivery. Standard delivery

Ready for publication. Yes

Customer support.



Price per word.Starts at €0.08


100% human translation

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

Priority delivery

Ready for publication

Two revisions c/o native translators

Regular updates

Customer support


Price per word.Starts at €0.10


100% human translation (technical and scientific)

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

High-priority delivery

Ready for publication

Unlimited revisions c/o native translators

Dedicated project manager

Daily updates

Customer support


Contact Us


Price Varies

100% human translation (technical and scientific)

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

High-priority delivery

Ready for publication

Unlimited revisions c/o native translators

Dedicated project manager

Daily updates

Customer support


Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Hindi Document Translation Services

Our professional translators are ready to give you certified Hindi translation services recognized by the American Translators Association and other governing bodies. We have impressive solutions for all project sizes, niches, and complexities.

Subtitle translation.

Digital media is one of the most useful content that opens opportunities to expand your brand. Acquire more Hindi prospects who can become loyalists for your product or service with our premier subtitling service.

Legal translation.

We provide certified translation for your birth certificate or marriage certificate for immigration services. We can also translate any written Hindi copyrights, and agreements, and other legal documents.

Technical translation

Medical-related papers like pharmaceutical manuals and medical documents require technical translations to prevent the fallacy of data. Additionally, business documents such as fund reports and financial documents entail the same. These tasks are time-consuming—our professional Hindi translation services take this burden away from you!


If you want to conquer the Hindi market, it’s crucial to prepare materials and documents that are accurately translated from Hindi to other languages. We have over five years of experience in localizing websites, software, games, and more. Reaching your targets is our motivation to provide the best!
Fields Of Expertise

Our team consists of a healthy mixture of native Hindi speakers and expert linguists who can prepare, translate, revise, and finalize your Hindi to English translation with ease. We make sure to maintain a high level of quality, efficiency, and customer support for our clients. Every individual in our team has the right skillset and training background to suit our identity as a premier language services provider.


Circle Translations continues to dominate the language industry because of our certified translations that match strict standards and regulations. We take great care in keeping our clients’ privacy, especially when translating sensitive information. You can rest your worries about identity leaks or theft when you work with us.

In addition, we provide legal document management and transcription with reporting. We can handle certified Hindi translation for your important papers in a cost-effective way.


Business opportunities await you in the teeming Indian market. Our translation company is here to manage your financial-related translations, including interpreting your funding documents from English to Hindi and vice versa. We have native translators who are also knowledgeable in the world of financing. As such, we always submit translated work with accurate facts and figures.


We cater to requests from all industries including the manufacturing sector. We take pride in our dedicated project managers who can realize your dream of expanding to India and beyond. Our experts can localize any content to fit a Hindi-speaking audience, making your product or service known to a wider number of prospects.

Life Sciences

Hindi medical translations and other projects related to life sciences are one of our expertise. You can bank on us to translate your medical documents, consent forms, medical device manuals, and other relevant paperwork.


Do you want to introduce your brand to a multicultural audience? You can trust our translation agency to provide our English translation services to businesses in the retail sector. Every project, big or small, becomes our priority. You can get the same quality level in document translation, localization, subtitling, and more once you join us as your language partner.


Your application, software, or game can become the next big thing in India with our expert Hindi translation services. We have specialists who are also tech experts. These professionals know to maintain the technological aspects of your content, helping you launch your app or game successfully.


There’s no better way to entice your target audience by preparing materials that are translated specifically for their consumption. We work with countless PR agencies and advertising powerhouses, supplying their language-related needs on a regular basis. If you work in marketing, you can get us onboard your next ad project for the Hindi-speaking audience!

Circle Translations Process

Do you have a Hindi to English translation task to assign? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our team offers outstanding Hindi language services prepared by native Hindi speakers. Having such experts ensures that your original document has accurate Hindi to English translation and vice versa. As soon as you file a free quote request, we’ll send a response within business hours (it only takes minutes!). Our free quotation includes details on the cost, turnaround time, and other relevant information regarding your translation project.


Send A Request

Fill out the contact form found on the Circle Translations website to get a free quotation. We provide English to Hindi, Hindi to English, and other target language pairs. You can provide additional information and other documents so that we can curate the best translation plan for you. An expert linguist will promptly respond to your request. The information you submit can give you an overview of the translation costs and project duration. You can use it to decide whether our language services agency is the most fitting firm for you.


Place The Order

If you are amenable to the terms and costs for our Hindi translation services, you can then arrange the details with a dedicated project manager. We will usher you through the initial process, enabling you to kickstart your translation journey with us. We can also craft tailored solutions that cater to your specific requests. We can answer your requests on volume, complexity, duration, and multilingual requirements.

Ready To Work With Circle Translations?

The Circle Translations team is here to deliver a response to your free quotation request. Please complete our web form with your information such as address and number. We’ll surely get back to you with our best offers for our Hindi translation services shortly!

Learn more about translation specifics at Circle Translations Blog

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    Can Hindi translation services localize content for different regions in India?

    Yes, Hindi translation services can localize content for various regions in India, ensuring cultural and linguistic appropriateness.

    Is it possible to receive a sample translation before committing to a larger project?

    Many providers offer sample translations to assess quality before committing to larger projects.

    Do Hindi translation services offer proofreading and editing?

    Yes, Hindi translation services often include proofreading and editing services for enhanced accuracy.

    Can Hindi translation services handle specialized content, such as technical or medical documents?

    Providers can handle specialized content like technical or medical documents with proficiency.

    Are machine translations as effective as human translations for Hindi?

    While machine translations have improved, human translations are generally more accurate and context-aware for Hindi.

    How do I choose the right Hindi translation service provider?

    Choose a provider based on expertise, reviews, sample work, and ability to handle your specific content and industry needs.