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Icelandic Translation Services

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Icelandic translation

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Icelandic Translation

Leading Icelandic translation agency

When you’re looking to tap into the European market, having the best Icelandic to English translation service is a must. As Iceland’s official language, it features a trace of Celtic influence and is closely related to Faroese and Norwegian. There are also Icelandic speakers in the USA, Denmark, and Canada, particularly in Manitoba.


Our top-notch translation and language solutions agency offers exceptional English to Icelandic and Icelandic to English translation, as well as other languages like Hindi, Chinese, Croatian, and more. We provide industry-leading services that can be customized according to your preference. With us, you can expect accurate outputs with short turnaround times for you, our valuable client.


We are a team of professional Icelandic translators who consistently make an impression in every translation project we undertake. We also provide transcription, localization, interpretation, and other language-related services. We aim to foster communication and understanding regardless of nationality or race.


Words and phrases in Icelandic translate to precise English language thanks to our professionals. We boast the efficiency and scalability that you can’t find anywhere. Circle Translations offers only the best for you!

Our Services

Circle Translations is a leading agency in translation services for Icelandic as well as other key languages all over the world. We can help you succeed in the market targeted for Icelandic speakers!


A Northern Germanic language, Icelandic is the official lingo of Iceland, with native speakers also found in the USA and Canada. Closely related to Old Norse, Icelandic is one of the country’s cultural cornerstones due to its literary heritage. Native speakers heavily protect this lingo, resisting outside influence by coining new words instead of adopting foreign words and phrases.


Circle Translations have expert linguists who respect the language and can provide high-quality English to Icelandic and Icelandic to English translation services. We ensure that the source text undergoes our stringent translation process to deliver results that work for you.

Subtitle Translation.

 Digital media is highly effective in exploring new markets or fostering loyalty in old clients. Our

agency offers outstanding subtitle translation services in English to Icelandic and vice versa. Our solutions allow the audience to appreciate your product or service in the language they speak.

Legal Translation.

Translation for legal documents such as birth or marriage certificates, deeds, titles, agreements, and

more need to be done by an expert in legalese. We have professionals who can deliver precise outputs while preserving your privacy.

Technical Translation.

 Technical texts found in manuals and financial paperwork can eat a lot of time for translation. You

can assign this task to our experts, giving you the highest quality Icelandic translation services for any technical document.


Let Circle Translations handle your localization project to tap into the Icelandic audience. We can localize

your content to widen the reach of your website, application, game, and other high-priority content.

Our Icelandic To English Translation Company

We take pride in our team of outstanding expert translators who can perform high-quality online translations for Icelandic language pairs. We have duly certified professional linguists that can match and exceed your expectations. Our agency is constantly promoting efficiency and quality in our staff. This way, you know that Circle Translations is a company you can always trust.



Our agency can translate any legal document while also protecting your privacy and sensitive information. We understand how important it is for companies and organizations to have a dependable English translation online. As such, we make it a point to uphold standards and conform to rules of privacy in our field. Circle Translations offers document management, transcription, and reporting along with our translation services. We can provide Icelandic translation for legal documents written in other languages, too. Our experts can translate agreements, trademarks, agreements, and papers that require accurate translation.


Our English to Icelandic and Icelandic to English translation services include translation for the financial services market. We can help you open expansion and brand recognition opportunities in Iceland with our assistance. We work to meet your daily limit and request limit, ensuring that you reach your business targets in time. Our team utilizes advanced technologies to usher in your growth. We do so by providing resources like English translation and Icelandic translation as necessary. You can expect all your financial paperwork to be translated from Icelandic to English and vice versa in a fair manner that you deserve.


We boast a long list of clients found across various industries. We have experts who are aptly trained in a specific niche or sector, allowing us to deliver highly efficient translations. Our agency boasts Icelandic translators and project managers who can become your partners in growth and success. If you want to breach the European market, you can start with our Icelandic translation services. We know how to localize or globalize user manuals, instructions, and other original text related to manufacturing.

Life Sciences

Circle Translations is a company with plenty of Icelandic linguists who are also knowledgeable in life sciences such as medicine, ecology, biology, and more. We can efficiently translate Icelandic medical files, consent forms, clinical trial questionnaires, and other vital scientific documents. Our experts know how to best handle Icelandic to English translation for the life sciences sector. We always observe and uphold the technicalities and accuracy of the content. The result is a highly valuable output that helps you grab your goals and live them.


Whether you have a small-sized business or a chain store, our translation agency is more than happy to bridge you to a multicultural audience. We have every solution for your needs and preferences, including translation, transcription, and localization tasks. We consistently provide the helping hand that snips the language barrier, allowing your growth. Our team delivers document translations, subtitle translations, website localization and globalization that extends your reach to the Icelandic audience. We boast the resources, skillset, and prowess to complete projects with ease.


Is your app or game on the verge of a breakthrough? You can further your plans by tapping into the European marketplace, starting with Iceland. There is a significant buying power in the country that you can take advantage of technologically. Icelandic to English translation can have a positive impact on your digital campaign. We offer language testing, app or game internalization and localization, and other tech-related tasks for you. You can count on our firm to provide the best translated materials you need. This way, you can entice new users to check out your product!


As an enterprise, we also understand that advertising provides the chance to bring you closer to your prospects. We can help you by delivering high-quality translation services for the Icelandic audience. Our job is to give precise and factual translated information that highlights your product or service. We do so to connect you with valuable users online. You can have us by your side on your advertising journey in Iceland and the rest of the world. We have a network of professional translators who leverage trends and industry-leading tactics. This way, you acquire more potential clients in the international arena.

Icelandic Translation Pricing

We have a vast array of packages and customizable plans for every translation project. Whether you have a one-time task for us or if you need a long-term partner for your Icelandic to English translation needs, our team can provide the services you’re seeking.


Per word starts at €0.05 and up


Top quality machine translation

Three-day minimum turnaround time

Professional proofreading

Translated texts that are publication-ready



Per word starts at €0.08 and up


Top quality human translation

Scalable delivery based on volume

Professional proofreading

Translated texts that are publication-ready

Edited by native Icelandic translators

Maximum two revisions


Per word starts at €0.10 and up


High priority delivery and flexibility

Manual translations for technical and scientific phrases

Professional proofreading

Translated text that is publication-ready

In-depth editing by a native Icelandic translator

Dedicated project managers

Daily updates

Unlimited revisions

24/7 customer support


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Price varies

High priority delivery and flexibility

Manual translations for technical and scientific phrases

Professional proofreading

Translated text that is publication-ready

In-depth editing by a native Icelandic translator

Dedicated project managers

Daily updates

Unlimited revisions

24/7 customer support


Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Why Pick Circle Translations?

Language Leaders

We take pride in being one of the most sought-after language translation companies today. Our team consists of native interpreters and linguists who deliver impressive outputs regardless of the project scale and scope.

Tailored Solutions

Before we undertake any task, we always make it a point to study and plan what exact services you need. This way, you only spend for services you avail yourself of. Consequently, you can save money and expect faster delivery of our translated work.

Short Turnaround And Scalable

We always aim to deliver high-quality translations in the shortest time possible. Our experts also know how to scale your Icelandic translation project so that you get cost-effective results. With us, your money and time never go to waste.

Translation Memory

Our agency uses advanced technologies and techniques such as translation memory or TM. It allows you to utilize previously translated texts for similar content. You can now say goodbye to paying double or triple for repetitive texts!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    Are Icelandic and Norwegian languages similar?

    Icelandic and Norwegian share linguistic roots as North Germanic languages, but they've evolved separately. While similarities exist, differences in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation make them distinct languages.

    What types of documents can be translated into Icelandic?

    Icelandic translation services cover a broad range of documents, including legal agreements, academic papers, business reports, and personal documents. Specialized translators ensure accuracy and cultural relevance.

    How long does it take to get a document translated into Icelandic?

    The time required for Icelandic document translation varies based on complexity, length, and language nuances. Simple documents may be translated within days, while complex projects might take weeks for meticulous linguistic and contextual accuracy.

    Can I get assistance with website localization for Icelandic audiences?

    Yes, professional translation services can assist with website localization for Icelandic audiences. This involves adapting content culturally, linguistically, and contextually, ensuring a seamless user experience that resonates with the Icelandic target audience.

    What file formats do Icelandic translation services support?

    Icelandic translation services support various file formats, including Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, and more. Compatibility ensures efficient translation processes, maintaining the integrity of original document layouts.

    Can Icelandic translation services handle cultural nuances and regional variations?

    Professional Icelandic translators are well-versed in cultural nuances and regional variations, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translations. This expertise is crucial for delivering content that resonates with Icelandic audiences and adheres to cultural norms and expectations.