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English to Korean Translation

Circle Translations is one of the greatest translation services available in the business of Korean translations. As a translation company, we offer the global community the best options for certified Korean translations. Our target areas are South Korea as well as North Korea for English to Korean translation or Korean to English translation.

Our services provide dependable service and high-quality Korean translations by ensuring that the numerous Korean translators that work for us are native Korean speakers. As previously said, even though we concentrate on North and South Korea, many companies and organizations around the world use our services.

Circle Translations is situated in the Baltic region, but we provide our services to people all around the world, and the Korean language is one of those languages. We provide professional translation services at very reasonable prices. Since we provide certified translations to several companies and individuals worldwide, particularly in North and South Korea, we consider ourselves to be a Korean translation agency.

For this reason, we find that customers from all over the world request assistance from us for their Korean document translation. Our Korean translators are able to provide certified translations as they are professional Korean translators. They have a full understanding of their culture, and localization is therefore easy.

Both private individuals and major organizations can take advantage of our professional Korean translation services. Our certified Korean translation is supplied by certified Korean translators who have a plethora of experience interpreting a variety of literary works, so you can expect excellence and great service from them. These experts and certified Korean translators go through strict vetting.

Our customers rely on us to provide high-quality translations in a timely and accurate manner by using qualified Korean translators. We make sure that only the best translation services are offered through our Korean translation services. Our Korean translators are adept at localization and are sensitive to cultural differences.

We provide our clients with translation work that is of the highest caliber. The work our professional translators do is exact and precise. Our translation services include full service from translation to DTP. Our Korean translators are experts in Adobe InDesign, providing you with a final certified translation that is well presented with full edits and proofreading.

You can also add to the list, closed captioning, subtitling and transcriptions, and subtitle translation. Circle Translations has a Korean translator available for any of your document translations. Feel free to order any of these services separately. You can contact us for our pricing per project.

Korean translation services

Circle Translations offers excellent professional Korean translations to the worldwide Korean market. The Korean market requires translations from Korean to English as well as English to Korean translations. Our translation agency also offers other languages as the target language for Korean.


Quality you can trust

We have the industry expertise to provide certified translations for all Korean language projects. We have a full directory of certified Korean translators with expertise in providing excellent certified Korean translations. Our translators are fluent in both written and spoken Korean and hold American Translators Association certifications. Most are of Korean descent, and this ensures that Circle Translations provides expert and professional Korean translation services.


Simple pricing

It is important to know that Circle Translations offers its Korean and global clients first-rate services at fair prices. We are a translation company that provides some of the most competitive pricing in the translation industry for all your Korean document translations. Each job is different, so we advise contacting us for a free quote for your particular translations of languages and documents. Therefore, it is crucial for us to offer multiple payment structures to accommodate the needs of our Korean customers. There are numerous ways for customers to benefit from our excellent service.

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Speed and scale

At Circle Translations, we do not place a limit on the volume of translation work we accept. We accept large or small volumes because we believe that our translation service has the best Korean translators to complete projects on time. We, therefore, know that you can rely on us to fulfill all of your Korean translation jobs on time, even with high volume. We can offer your Korean translation tasks high priority because we have competent native speakers and expert translators both in South and North Korea as well as globally.

Focus Areas for Translating Korean

Circle Translations can provide you with professional translators who have the knowledge and skills to translate from and into Korean in a variety of settings and fields. Our professional Korean translation services comprise a variety of documents and other writings in addition to a broad range of subject areas. Circle Translations can do all of your Korean translations for you, which include the following:

Our Korean translation service provides Korean translators to help with professional Korean document translation. Our services translate official documents such as Korean documents in the form of:

  • Korean legal translation for all forms and types of legal documents. Our translators have the excellent legal knowledge to provide the most accurate translations.
  • Korean medical translations for the translation of all medical documentation, instructions for medical devices, as well as medical records.
  • Government agencies make use of our services for all their relevant material.
  • We do translations from English to Korean as well as Korean to English for IP documents.
  • Court documents are important and often need a translation. Our legal team is available to assist with that.
  • We also offer our translation services for the translation of birth certificates.
  • You may also use our services for translating business documents, such as bank statements and other business and web content.
  • Korean technical translation for all the translation of technical documents, such as texts, articles, other types of documents, and user manuals.
  • Most educational institutions require the translation of research materials for classroom and collaboration purposes.

Circle Translations has a strict quality control procedure since we offer guaranteed quality. As a result, if an assignment does not meet the requirements of the customer, we will revise and adjust it to meet the criteria.

The Official Korean Language

For Circle Translations to be able to provide the best Korean translation services in addition to English translation services, it is crucial to understand the placement of the language in context. For example, we serve both South and North Korea, and we, therefore, know that there are differences in the language.

The Altaic language family of northern Asian languages includes the Korean language. Both countries (South Korea and North Korea) have Korean as their official language. However, because of the divide between the countries, there is a distinct difference in the spoken as well as the written language. The South has more variation than the original Korean because of the influence of English.

It is important to note that, even though the Korean language has some Chinese and Japanese influences, it has, since the 16th century, developed its own writing system. It has led to its distinction from most languages in sentence structure and sound, including Chinese. Our Korean translators are therefore the best option for your translations as they have in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the Northern and Southern dialects.


Get the Most Accurate Korean Translation

There are a number of apps, including Google Translate, to help the general public with the translation of English to Korean and Korean to English. Some of the apps that are available are the Naver Korean Dictionary and Translate, GreenLife Korean English Translator, iTranslate Free Translator and Dictionary, and others. If you are thinking of using DeepL, it does not support Korean at this point.

Even though these are excellent resources for your Korean translations, they are meant for casual and informal translations. For the most accurate translations, you will need to make use of professional Korean translators. Circle Translations is part of the translation industry and is able to provide quality-controlled and certified translations.

Certified translators can provide the client with a translation that is more accurate and of higher quality. We provide you with experienced and trained translators who can help with document translations from Korean to English for businesses and corporations. Our Korean translation services are focused heavily on English translation. As a result, a key component of our Korean offerings is our English translation service.

All the translators at Circle Translations are certified translators. We also offer interpretation services and guarantee that we are the most trustworthy online language translator for official, certified, and professional translations. We have designated and qualified Korean translators for each of the individual translation jobs we do.

If you contact us, we will work immediately from any file format you provide, which includes PDF, MS Word, or any other format, to provide you with the best Korean to English translation we are capable of.

Becoming a Certified Korean Translator

Because of the vast number of people who speak the Korean language around the world, Korean translators are always needed. Circle Translations provides opportunities for people who are interested in making translation and interpretation a career.

For Korean, as with other languages, the first qualifier is that the individual needs to be a native or near-native level speaker. A further requirement is to be fluent in reading and writing the Korean language.

What is most important is to have a tertiary education and deep knowledge and understanding of the culture and the Korean language.


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