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English to Lithuanian Translation

If you are looking for quality Lithuania text and you don’t know how to write Lithuanian what do you do? Do you just run the translated text through any translation software, look for any average Joe online to do it for you or hire a proven translation company to do it for you?

Successful brands know nothing beats the value that a professional translation company can offer which is why they don’t mind the extra cost. For years now, Circle Translations has been offering premium Lithuanian English translation services and Kanye small and major brands have come to trust the value of our services.

Lithuanian Translation to English

Whether you have an original text in Lithuanian that you want translated into English or vice versa, you need quality Lithuanian translators to help you out. The good news is that Circle Translations has some of the best translators in the business. So all your text will convey the intended message same as the original copy.

Lithuanian Language

The Lithuanian language is spoken by people in Lithuania. It is a Baltic language that is part of the Balto-Slavic branch of the major Indo European language tree. This is the official language of Lithuania and it has close to 3 million speakers inside the country. Outside Lithuania, there are about 200,000 speakers.

The Lithuanian language has a close relationship with Latvian, another language spoken in neighboring Latvia. Based on records, it is one of the most conservative languages in Europe and retains traditional features of medieval Proto- Indo- European languages that have gone extinct.

Lithuania is located in Northeastern Europe and is actually the largest of the Baltic States in the region. It is actually bordered by Latvia to the North, Poland to the South and Belarus to the East and the Baltic Sea to the West.

Do Lithuanians Understand The English Language?

English is not the official language of Lithuania so many older and middle aged people do not understand the language. However, there is an insignificant population of people under 30 years of age who can speak and understand it to some degrees. But their pronunciation of English words is not fluent. So if you want to expand your business reach into the country, the best way to do it is to publish content in the native Lithuanian language.

This way, your target audience will not be left in doubt as to what your brand is all about and the message you are trying to convey.


Why You Need a Lithuanian Translator

If you want to publish error free content, you definitely need a qualified Lithuanian translator. Lithuanian is not an international language and is only spoken by people in the North Eastern part of Europe. This places it at a disadvantage compared to other widely spoken European language pairs like English, French, German and Spanish.

Due to its popularity, many translation services companies don’t do Lithuanian translation. However, Circle Translations has expanded its services in recent times to cover new languages and Lithuanian happens to be one of them.

We have a good number of professional translators who are native Lithuanian speakers. So we are best placed to recreate your simplified text in written Lithuanian using the right words and phrases that convey the same messages as the original text.

Benefits of a Translation Service

If you have not been using the help of expert translators to spread your message to foreign speakers you are missing a lot. Brands that use expert translators hold the advantage because they are pioneers who break into new markets before their rivals. Here are some proven benefits of translation services.

Break down Linguistic Barriers

If you want to make sure that your market campaigns, online promotions and content are better understood by your target audience in Lithuania you need to communicate in a language they can understand. With the help of translators, you can do this effectively. Gone are the days when you had to learn the language spoken in a new market you are targeting or pay high fees to an untrained person to translate text for you simply because they can speak the language.

Now, you don’t have to go through all that stress; with translation services like the one offered by Circle Translations, your message can be communicated effectively and without errors. Besides the opportunity to transmit messages, you can also get feedback from your customers and audience by having the service translate the messages sent to you. Words and phrases will be broken down by humans in ways that no translation software can so nothing will be lost in transit.

Build Business Relationship

This service helps brands build new relationships during and after breaking into a new country. For instance, if you have a website and you would like to start getting traffic from Lithuania, the best way to do so is to start publishing some of your content in Lithuanian. If you have a valuable product that you think Lithuanians need and will be willing to pay for, you have to produce information materials and launch campaigns in Lithuanian.

By publishing content in their local language you gain new customers and establish relationships with collaborators. This will only help your brand grow.

Highly Qualified Translators

When you hire a Lithuanian translation service, you are simply positioning yourself to work with highly skilled and experienced translators with proven years of experience. At Circle Translations, we only work with the best and we conduct regular evaluation checks to ensure that our translators don’t drop the ball. Common errors of omission, commission or misrepresentation synonymous with low-grade translators are absent from our work. Many of our translators have linguistic degrees from tertiary institutions and requisite industry experience.

They are also native Lithuanian speakers who understand the various Sub-dialects that ordinary freelance interpreters might not understand. So you get the quality you pay for when you work with qualified service providers.

Translate Complex Themes

Certain concepts and themes are just too complex for freelance translators to translate effectively. Subjects like engineering, bio physics and artificial intelligence algorithms are just too complex for average translators. This is where an expert translator comes in. They are able to break down these concepts, themes, words and phrases into words that lay people will understand. The key to a successfully translated text is for everyone to understand, including those with limited education.

We have a wide network of specialist translators in different fields from science to engineering, medicine and computer programming and much more. Our technical translators have handled thousands of projects for different companies and websites and have the required experience to handle your project.

Culturally Appropriate Translation

Another benefit of hiring a translation service is that you get to communicate in a culturally appropriate way that will not offend the sensitivity of your target audience. Many brands looking to launch a product into a new market have made the mistake of publishing inappropriate materials that may not seek offensive in their original language but are frowned at by the target population. Language is dynamic and influenced by culture; words that have one meaning in one culture may convey a different meaning in another culture.

The good thing about hiring professional translators is that not only will they translate your documents, but they will do it in ways that will not offend your audience. Controversial text that may offend a section of your audience will be removed and a suitable phrase or word will replace it without diluting the message.

Cost Effective

A professional translation outfit will give you a cost-effective service that represents value for money. Translated texts will be checked and rechecked to ensure that there are no errors or misrepresentations and you only pay for the services rendered. At Circle Translations, we offer competitive pricing so your brand can afford to translate text from Lithuania to English or English to Lithuanian. We can also translate your text into foreign languages you require at a cost you can afford.

No need to increase your budget beyond what you can afford simply because you want to translate text to or from Lithuanian. We’ve got you covered.

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