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Romanian Translation Services

Fast, affordable & scalable professional
Romanian translation

+900 companies worldwide trust us with their content localization needs

Price Perfect

Choose between two different levels of quality and pricing to match your needs. All translators have been pre-tested for each level to ensure high quality translations.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.




/ Word


Accurate translation of your text by a native speaker. Price perfect to expand your business to new markets.

English To Romanian Translation

Accurate English to Romanian professional translators


Are you on the hunt for the highest quality Romanian translation? You can find an exceptional team of Romanian translators at Circle Translations, your premier language services provider. We offer certified translations for every need, such as document translation or website localization.


Romania takes pride in its uniquely beautiful lingo, which is the only Romance language in the Eastern block of Latin Europe. It belongs to the same family of other languages as French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.


Get your English to Romanian translation from our team and experience great service that only Circle Translations can deliver.

Romanian Translation Services

You can avail yourself of our long list of Romanian translation services aside from our certified translations. Our native Romanian speakers and linguists are highly trained to manage your projects. We can deliver satisfactory outputs regardless of the size, niche, and complexity of the translation task.


At Circle Translations, every Romanian translation project is handled with utmost care and value. Our best and most reliable translation solutions are the reasons why we are a frontrunner in the language services industry today!


Customizable Plans

Each solution in our long list of Romanian translation services can be tailored to match your exact requirements and preferences. Customer satisfaction is our motivation, and so we create solutions that answer the unique needs of our beloved clients. We can translate texts that are consistent with your brand’s voice and identity.

Translation Memory

Words and phrases our Romanian translators previously worked on will never go to waste in the future. With translation memory or TM, all past outputs can still find their purpose for similar texts, meaning that you can save up on translation costs! We used advanced software and technology that saves your files for later use.

Quality You Can Trust

Our English Romanian interpretations are the product of our professional translators. We are confident

that every certified translation we provide is accurate and ready to publish at any time. Our team can keep up with your requests thanks to our quick-thinking linguists who know the best tactics and practices in language services.

Simple Pricing

We know how much money goes into running a business, and we’re not the type of translation company

to stretch your budget. Our agency wants you to acquire significant savings that you can spend on more important matters. As such, we research the most cost-effective solutions and apply them whenever possible, saving a few pennies in the process.

Speed And Scale

You’re not going to need translation work 24/7, so why should you pay for services that you’re not

currently using? With Circle Translations, you can ask to scale your project up or down depending on the demands you face. We will stay with you through off-peak seasons and support you through the rush—we’re always here for you!

Certified Translations: What Are They?

Government agencies and other authorities often ask for a Romanian document with text translated into the English language. These papers need to have complete, factual, and accurate information to become valid. Otherwise, you might find your original documents rejected. What you need are expert Romanian translators who know how to comply with standards and regulations concerning certified translation.


For example, if you need to fulfill requirements for the US Immigration or universities, you will have to submit proof of identity like birth certificates. Your documents should be properly translated to professional Romanian so that you can go through with your application.


You should seek exceptional Romanian translation services to ensure that you can promptly pass your documentary requirements. We can provide that for you and more with our meticulous literal (word-for-word) translations, localization, and transcription of legal documents and financial records.


Every professional Romanian translator and native speaker in our team possesses the right skillset and training in language services. We also have highly effective English to Romanian translation powered by artificial intelligence or AI.


All certified translations bear a disclaimer stating that the assigned translator does not have filial relations with the document owner. It also has the translator’s signature and stamp for authentication.

Additional Solutions

We also offer other solutions on top of our certified Romanian translation services, and here are some of them.

Hard Copy

You can acquire hard copies of your translated text, which we will send via priority mail or express courier. We will ensure the security and fast delivery of your documents so that you can submit them as soon as possible.


Notarized documents show a stamp, seal, and translator’s signature that verifies the authenticity of the information. We can include notarization for our certified translation services. Our notarized translations are accepted in every state.

Currency Conversion

The Romanian leu (RON) is the currency used in Romania. Not only do we provide translated text, but we can also convert all monetary values included in your document. You can have the option to see currencies from RON to USD and vice versa.

Circle Translations Pricing Table

Here’s an overview of our Romanian translation service plans and features that are worth spending budget on, especially for legal or business purposes.


Price per word. Starts at €0.05


Machine translation

Three-day minimum

Professional proofreading

Standard delivery

Ready for publication



Price per word.Starts at €0.08


100% human translation

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

Priority delivery

Ready for publication

Two revisions c/o native translators

Regular updates


Price per word.Starts at €0.10


100% human translation (technical and scientific)

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

High-priority delivery

Ready for publication

Unlimited revisions c/o native translators

Dedicated project manager

Daily updates

Customer support


Contact Us


Price varies

100% human translation (technical and scientific)

Flexible and volume-based

Professional proofreading

High-priority delivery

Ready for publication

Unlimited revisions c/o native translators

Dedicated project manager

Daily updates

Customer support


Circle Translations is one of the leading localization agencies in Baltic states offering different services

Where To Start

Do you have an Romanian to English or English to Romanian translation for us to do? You can reach out by sending a request for a free quote and get a response in minutes (within business hours)! We will review your information and send you a reply as soon as possible.


The obligation-free quote includes the cost, timeline, and other important details regarding your prospective project.

Our Process

For your English to Romanian translation or other languages, like Chinese, Swedish, German, Russian, and more, you can follow this simplified process. We respond swiftly to your queries (within business hours). You can get your personalized free quote that details the price and turnaround time, along with other information.


Send An Inquiry

Using our contact form, please fill out your information and some details of the project. We will then provide a free quote based on what you submitted.


Make An Order

You can refer to our pricing packages and choose the most suitable one for your project. Our dedicated staff can help you place the order and kickstart your journey with us!


Translation And Drafting

We will assign a professional translator or prompt you to use our machine translation service for your Persian translations. We can also do other language pairs for you!



Our Business and Custom packages lets you work with a dedicated project manager who provides daily updates. We always let you in on your project’s progress.


Final Revision And Submission

After a series of checks for typos and grammatical mishaps, we will make all the necessary corrections. We provide unlimited revisions and make sure that the final draft is exactly as you want it!

Circle Translations Services

Our leading translation company provides English to Romanian translation that enables you to connect with your intended audience. Romanian is the official language of Romania and is spoken by around 24 million people. A native speaker of this language can hail from the country itself or in Moldova, which is a country located in Europe’s Balkan region.


This language has over 1,700 years of history that started as early as the dawn of the second century. The people managed to preserve its Latin roots, granting the Romanian language its distinction as the only Eastern Europe Romance language with a unique accent and pronunciation.


If you are seeking precise and high-quality Romanian translation services, you can rely on our certified translators to deliver a stellar final output for you.


Website Translation

You can introduce your product or service to the Romanian audience by producing websites with texts translated to the target language. Our experts can also perform translation, localization, and transcription for multiple languages among our extensive list of language pairs.

Marketing Translation

There is no point in spending thousands on aesthetically pleasing marketing materials if the reader cannot understand the content. If you want to build your presence in Europe, targeting Romanian online users is a start. We can create engaging texts for your promotional ads and localize them for prospects in Romania and Moldova.

Subtitling And Closed Captioning

An average of 91% of viewers manage to finish watching a video with subtitles on it. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by availing yourself of subtitling and closed captioning solutions for your Romanian translations. That way, you can have more people watching your digital content!


A significant portion of the Romanian translation process goes to editing and proofreading the text. These tasks are crucial, especially with any Romanian document. Our translation agency can assure you of the accuracy of our manual translations. We also offer unlimited revisions on some of our packages to provide a better and more flexible option for you.

Blockchain Translation

Blockchain technology is on its way to global domination, and it’s bound to create more international connections along the way. Now, you can present your cryptocurrency to a wider audience by hiring us for your English to Romanian translation concerning your ICO whitepapers. We have professional translators who are also knowledgeable in this rising field!

Technical Translation

Accuracy is a huge marker of effective technical translation. You can trust us to handle your translation project for scientific manuals and reports, journals, and other documents. We maintain the correctness of the copy and ensure that every phrase retains its technical value regardless of the language.


If you have legal documents like birth certificates, contracts, or tax documents that are up for Romanian translation, then you will never go wrong once you choose Circle Translations. We are your premier language services provider that can translate any legally binding text to Romanian, all while preserving and protecting your data.

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