Translation requirements every good translated text must meet

Translation requirements every good translated text must meet 0

Translating a text or document from an original document into a new language requires patience, a deep understanding of the language and clarity. The translation requirements for different documents may vary but they all have certain criteria that they must meet.

Below are key translation requirements every translated text must meet -


A good translated text must be 100% accurate. What we mean by this is that the text must convey the same information as written in the original text. Every sentence and paragraph must convey the same message even if some of the words used are different. Manipulating words that take the text out of context will lead to confusion and wrong information.

This is why skilled translators take the time to cross-check the original document and their translation to ensure that both texts align.

Appropriate Language

The use of appropriate language ranks high among the list of translation requirements all translated work should have. The translator must study the original text closely to see if formal or technical language is used. Failure to follow the same language pattern will lead to a compromised text.

This is especially true when you want to ensure translation quality for technical documents that contain a lot of technical jargon. Such documents are produced for professionals who understand the language elements used. Using generic words will make the document unprofessional.


The tone also matters greatly when translating a text. Was the original text written in the first or second person? Is it instructional or explanatory or both? If the latter is the case, the translator must be skilled enough to strike the right balance between the two. Tone plays a huge role in evoking a reaction from the audience so it should never be discounted when translating a text.

A text or document can only be of good quality if it conveys the same message and evokes the same reaction in the mind of the reader just as the original text.


A good translated text must be 100% accurate.


Still, on translation requirements, the translated document must be clear and concise. The use of unnecessary words will reduce quality. Expert translators understand the importance of clarity which is why they are quite picky with words.

A word or set of words may make sense in the original text but if it doesn’t make sense in the target language they don’t use it at all unless it plays a major role in the sentence.


Consistency is key when doing translation work. The same words or similar words must be used from start to finish unless in special circumstances. If the original text takes a professional posture the translated text must have the same structure. The same should be the case with spellings and paragraph length. Consistency makes the translated text easy to understand.



Language logic remains another key translation requirement for translators. The translator must be logical when translating a text. They must understand the mindset of the original writer and their use of language even though they’ve never met them before.

Fulfill Purpose

More importantly, a perfectly translated text must fulfill the purpose of the source text. If the original source is written to educate, your translation should do the same not inspire or reprimand the reader. Remember that translation is all about re-creating a text in another language, not adding or subtracting from the original text.

Timely Delivery

Professional translators understand that timely delivery is key since there is a timeline attached to every project. It makes no sense to keep the client waiting for days or weeks before their work is translated and forwarded to them.


Still, on translation requirements, edition should be a priority. After the text has been translated, the translator should endeavor to check for errors and make corrections where necessary before the final work is forwarded to the clients. Furthermore, edits should not be done only once but several times. The use of grammar software can help make translated texts error-free.


Professional translators understand that timely delivery is key since there is a timeline attached to every project.

A good grammar software will check for spelling errors and wrong or inappropriate words. Grammar software also helps reduce the number of passive sentences in the text by recommending active alternatives to make the text clearer and concise.

Final Thoughts

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