5 Translation Skills all Translators Need

5 Translation Skills all Translators Need

Are you looking for a translator? Perhaps you aspire to be a translator? Or are you searching for a language service company? Regardless of your purpose, the first thing you need to do is look for an excellent translator’s qualities.

In general, a translator interprets a specific language and translates it to another language. They have to be fluent in at least two or more languages to efficiently communicate with people who have different languages. In some cases, translators also interpret codes in programming and convert them to instructions that computers can comprehend and execute.

What translation skills should one have?

While translators would claim that they are experienced in this field, it’s still up to you how to assess their competency. You may find these tips helpful when looking for the right translator for you. However, you need not consider all of them. You can choose one or two from these as you streamline the potential translators on your list.

  1. Listening. Surely, almost all the documents today can be transcribed. However, there can be instances when the details that need translation are in the form of audio or videos. Hence, a translator who actively listens is essential. They should be able to read through texts before starting the work or carefully listen to recordings to understand the context better. Additionally, translators must also be capable of asking relevant questions if they are in doubt. This is so they can visualize the message the author opts to convey. More importantly, the job is not about the translator’s perspective but the client’s. So it pays to listen and follow specifications and instructions.
  2. Cultural intelligence. Translators do not only deal with various languages but also cultures. They have to look into the cultural barriers between the two countries. To be excellent in translation, especially on localization elements, one needs to have cultural intelligence. A translator must sympathize with the audience who will read the translated document. Cultural intelligence will improve one’s translation skills and help work with individuals of different backgrounds. Translators with this skill can evaluate an individual’s motives for their behaviors and eventually make friends with people from all walks of life..

Computer skills.

Today, more clients need translations done directly on the website or through an in-house application. With this, an excellent translator must be knowledgeable enough to navigate through technology. Besides computer skills, an excellent translator must also have the best online resources to visit to understand the project at hand efficiently.



Most translators must have at least one field of specialization. The more discipline, the better. Looking for these kinds of translators can be a smart move for clients.

  1. Expert and knowledgeable. Most translators must have at least one field of specialization. The more discipline, the better. Looking for these kinds of translators can be a smart move for clients. Whether it may be in the field of medicine, law, biotech, or IT, expert translators can comprehend this specialized jargon, allowing for better translation. These translation skills are critical as not all translators can easily translate scientific reports, legal documents, or technical texts. Finding a translation services provider that houses these types of translators will surely be beneficial.
  2. Writing. As for some, writing is more of a talent than a skill. However, it does not mean that one cannot learn how to write effectively. Translators can learn to write effectively, just as others master their professions. Writing usually follows a specific structure to ensure the concept of the translated text coincides with the original piece. Additionally, good writing comes with an understanding of the culture and niche of the document to be translated. Hence, if you can choose one of the skills mentioned, you need to include writing on the list. Not all translators are capable of translating and writing documents accordingly. They can only do it if they are experts in a specific field.


The importance of an efficient translator

Getting a good translator for your documents will always be worth the money, especially if your organization involves making transactions with foreign partners. Just how effective are professional translators?

  • They ensure the quality of every project. Document translations can be complex or straightforward, depending on the subject. Besides receiving formal education, these translators went through years of experience to be knowledgeable enough in their craft. While you can ask colleagues or friends to translate documents for you, they may not have the proper training and background to translate and convey the original text’s concept effectively.
  • Expert translators provide a consistent translation. The possible inconsistencies in translation can jeopardize one’s business relationships with foreign partners. And you do not want this to happen in your business. Having a professional translator ensures consistency in the communication of different languages. Additionally, they can manage brand assets, including the terminologies and specific tone, to guarantee the translated messages reflect the original text’s meaning.

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Efficient in meeting deadlines.

Professional translators know the urgency of every project without compromising quality. Their experience and expertise allow them to translate content and deliver all of them on time efficiently.


Ensure quality outputs with the best translator

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