How good is Google Translate?

How good is Google Translate

Whether it is for a research paper or business document, one might have written a translation at some point. Either you decide to hire a professional translator or head to the internet to search for online translators. You know that one of the top search results is Google translate.

With a machine translation, users can quickly translate documents without any costs, which can always be tempting considering that one does not need to make expenses for the work. But one should think if Google Translate is accurate enough to get the translation job done. Is Google Translate enough?

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is one of the most popular machine translators offered by Google, launched in 2006. Google has continuously developed it since it was first created, and several people turn to Google Translate whenever they need to understand words and phrases from other languages. In 2016, Google Translate pivoted to Neural Machine Translation (NMT), a learning methodology that includes many linguistic sources.

This machine translation works by not interpreting the context of every sentence as a whole. Instead, translations are only based on statistical events. The Statistical Machine Translations (SMT) is the translation algorithm Google uses, breaking down every sentence into single words to find matches for their database. The software then decides the top frequently occurring translations for every component, then string them together to formulate the sentence translation.

What are the pros of Google translate?

It is free

A professional and expert translator can sometimes be costly, especially if it involves larger and longer documents. You can immediately use Google translate at no cost by just using your browser.


Google Translate is one of the most popular machine translators offered by Google, launched in 2006.

It is quick

Once you place the sentences and phrases that need translation, Google will immediately provide the translations in seconds. They are among the most popular online translation tools because of their urgency. If you need some urgent documents to translate, you can rely on Google Translate to get the job done.

Useful as a drafting tool

Machine translators can never outperform human and professional translators in terms of accuracy. However, they can still be useful to create translation drafts. Several professional translators use machine translation first to draft their work. An expert human translator then edits the draft.

Evolving technology

Remember that Google Translate uses the NMT or Neural Machine Translation, a constantly evolving technology. As Google Translate’s technology improves, several machine translations will all improve in terms of quality.

Available on any device or gadget

Google translate can be browser-based or can be installed on the device. Whether you are an iOS or Android user, this machine translator is accessible. Since it can be used anywhere from any gadget, it is suitable for tourists who wish to translate a few words and phrases.

What are the cons of Google Translate?

It usually makes mistakes

Google translate is also known for making translation mistakes. It usually ignores idioms and slang, butchers syntax and grammar, and misses nuances. The errors can damage your document or paper or even your brand.


Lacks cultural nuance and context

Google translate and other machine translators cannot always comprehend contexts in a language. The software also struggles with distinct cultural nuances like gestures, traditions, and local places. Also, it cannot interpret non-text elements like emojis or images, which can have varied meanings in different cultures and locales.

Issues with industry terminologies and jargon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not precisely understand industry terminology as humans do. As a result, Google translate might not be good enough for several industries. Also, the software might produce valuable and usable gist for English to Spanish translations, but not so much for Danish or Romanian. Users who need translation for rarer languages might find Google translation useless.


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No quality control

The dominance of Google Translate gives the impression that users trust its translations. However, users do not have the assurance whether the translated texts are any good. Simply getting the result does not guarantee the accuracy of the context.

There is no privacy

Since Google allows its users to paste any document to translate, they can input confidential documents like employment contracts, company’s marketing strategies, and other business documents. However, Google Translate does not, in any way, provide privacy options which can be risky for confidential documents.

Is Google Translate ideal for you?

It is both a yes and a no. The effectiveness and efficiency of Google translate depend on the user’s needs. Sure, Google Translate can be your go-to software for shorter phrases and sentences. However, one should consider tapping professional translators for technical and complex translation of documents. You sure do not want to jeopardize your business or any confidential agreements solely relying on machine translators. Yes, it can cost you some money; but what is investing some dollars if it can ensure well-created and translated documents.

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