Why should you hire a professional proofreading service?

Why should you hire a professional proofreading service

Maybe you’re a business entity and you’re thinking of expanding your market by reaching more people through the internet. Or, you could be an individual who uses the written word to communicate your message and educate your audience. If you are either of these two, then you should know that content is everything.

In today’s digital world, people rely most on content to help them decide on a product or service to choose. Content dictates whether an individual will be persuaded to embrace a belief, receive instruction, or accept a proposal. Deals either get sealed or rejected depending on the persuasiveness of a sales pitch. And winning content is always a combination of excellent writing and thorough proofreading.

If you’re a business owner and you want your brand to take off successfully, you need to find yourself not just a good writer but also the best proofreading service available. This power duo, together with your winning product, will surely translate into revenues for your business.


Proofreading on the other hand is correcting writing errors such as spelling

Editing vs. Proofreading

You may be asking if you still need proofreading when you already had your work edited. The answer is yes! Editors and proofreaders have different tasks when it comes to text. Editing involves making changes such as sentence structures, content, language use and expression. The aim is basically to improve the overall quality of your written content.

Proofreading on the other hand is correcting writing errors such as spelling, proper use of punctuation marks, grammatical errors, formatting errors, and other inconsistencies and language mistakes. It is often the final stage before a written piece gets published, that’s why it is important to make sure that your piece is perfect and error-free before it is released.

Do you only need proofreading or also editing work done on your content? It would be best to send your document to a professional editing and proofreading service company for evaluation. Most companies offer both services as a package, or you may avail of just the proofreading service if they see that your document has already been properly edited. The cost of this service may vary, depending on the type and length of text, how fast you need it finished, and the experience of the proofreader. Rates are often by the hour or per word, and if you also require formatting service, then the rate may be per page.


Types of proofreading jobs – what exactly do you need?

There are various proofreading job types that are available, depending on what industry you belong to. Knowing which one is fit for the kind of content you have will help you choose from the various proofreading services that are available to you.

Publishing Proofreader. Traditional publishing companies often have in-house proofreaders to do this important task. Today, digital books have become popular and most writers look for proofreading services who can take the job for them. When looking for a publishing proofreader, it is important to communicate the preferred style guide and formatting rules to ensure that you get the exact kind of output that you need.

Translation Proofreader. Translation proofreading is the final stage of a translation process and is also called machine translation post-editing. Although machines can now do the majority of translation jobs and offer faster turnaround times, getting a trained translation proofreader is still the best option. Machines can get lost in translation, but a skilled proofreader can spot translation errors and inaccuracies in nuances and culture that a machine can not recognize. Translation proofreaders are crucial to localizing companies in foreign target markets.

Transcript Proofreader. Transcript proofreaders work with content written by transcriptionists who work with audios or videos. There are various industries that require transcription of proceedings such as legal transcription, medical transcription, and video transcription. The transcript proofreader’s job is to check the written output against the original medium, and correct it for errors to make it more readable. He is also responsible for checking that the document adheres to the required format.



You definitely need to hire a professional proofreader if you are expanding your business by building an online presence

Freelance Proofreader. Freelance proofreaders generally cater to various clients rather than working for a specific company. They can offer specialized proofreading services in a specific niche, or may offer general services for different tasks. They typically work remotely and can offer flexible proofreading services to various industries

Proofreading services to boost your business

If you are confident of your material and just need to make sure that your document is error-free prior to publishing, then you need a professional proofreading service to complete the job for you. Whether you’re a student or academic with a thesis or paper to submit, or a company looking to expand your business through the internet, or an author looking to publish an e-book, we at Circle Translations have appropriate packages for you. We make sure that your content is error-free and applicable to your target market or audience. You can never take back simple mistakes that you may have overlooked once you have published your work. Getting a professional proofreader will give you peace of mind and confidence that all the hard work you have put into your content is perfect and will get the job done.


You definitely need to hire a professional proofreader if you are expanding your business by building an online presence, or are looking to make sure your written work makes an impact on your target audience. It is not enough that you have the content you need to get your message across, you want to make sure you have clear, concise, and error-free content that will impress your reader.