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Translation And Localization Services

We help the world’s top companies translate and localize their content in over 73 languages for the following industries

  • Websites
  • Mobile app
  • Gaming
  • Legal
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Cryptocurrencies and more…

Excellent customer service, on time delivery and good quality at the reasonable price. We wholeheartedly recommend this agency

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+2 100 000 words translated each month

+73 language pairs

Rates from 0,07 € per word

What are Localization Services?

You may have doubts about the meaning of localization services vs. translation services. Localization involves adapting content to a specific culture or region, and it is important to remember that localization is considerably different to literal translation. However, it does form an important part of a complete translation process.

The process of content translation and localization involves modifying things like measurements and sayings, to make sure they strike the appropriate chord and meet the needs of the target market. Localization usually takes place as part of the translation process, but in certain cases it can also be performed at a later stage.

As a seasoned localization company, Circle Translations would like to hear from you, and help you to strategize your translation and localization requirements. We already have experience and expertise in several global markets, so we can advise on the best practices as well as any other considerations that might arise.

Professional Translation and Localization Services

For a company seeking international growth, the importance of localization translation services cannot be overstated. Because as society becomes increasingly global, streamlining content and presenting it appropriately for worldwide consumption becomes a must.

Translation localization services can be used to maintain a personalized and conversational tone, or to mitigate words and phrases that could be potentially offensive to different cultures, regardless of the original intent.

If you are in search of reliable and high-quality providers for your localizing and translating content needs, you can count on Circle Translations to get the job done accurately and efficiently. From translating user feedback and product descriptions to localizing speech interfaces for chatbots, we can assist you in diversifying your audience across different markets swiftly and smoothly.

Circle Translations’ extensive knowledge and experience rest on collecting data and creating corpora in natural or machine-readable language, speech, or text. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the services of our qualified and professional team of experts who will help you reach potential markets by providing high quality localization services of personal papers, financial documents, technical translation, and marketing materials.

Our expertise and diverse portfolio allows us to offer efficient, customized services and develop solutions that are precisely tailored to your goals and budget. If quality is what you are looking for, then be sure to get in touch with Circle Translations today!

Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance

Quality and accuracy are at the core of everything that we do. Without it, we cannot pride ourselves on being your reliable and trusted language partner. We pledge to consistently meet, and even exceed, your expectations for quality.

Our Courteous Team

Account managers and project managers at Circle Translations will bring a smile to your face. This is because, in the middle of hitting your translation localization project deadlines and ensuring top quality, they will still take the time to wish you a nice weekend or hear about your son’s goal which won the soccer match. They will understand your needs and respond to you immediately, even late at night. In addition, they will stay on top of any potential challenges and be ready with the necessary contingency plans.

Diverse Sectors

Our experience in translation, transcription, localization, and other language services spans a wide range of sectors and specializations.

One-Stop Solution

As a translation localization company, we are equally adept at offering both document translation language and localization services for simple projects, and complicated localization solutions for technical documentation, on-line applications, eLearning, software, multi-media, and multi-cultural marketing. Although many translation vendors decide to specialize in one or the other, Circle Translations are truly experts in all of them.

Maximize Content Reuse

Our knowledge and expertise of some of the leading single-sourcing tools help us to maximize content reuse, which lowers translation costs and allows us to create top-quality content that can be easily delivered to multiple audiences.

Localization Approach

As a translation and localization company, our unique and efficient approach to business, legal, scientific, and entertainment language solutions helps ensure your business message is perfectly tailored to your target audience, wherever they are and whatever language they speak.


The amazing innovations Circle Translations has created, and continues to develop, give organizations, businesses, and people everywhere the ability to overcome language barriers with ease, and bring the world closer together. As a translation and localization agency, that is our mission.


Circle Translations has provided high-quality localization translation services to a number of different businesses. As a translation localization company , we love to collaborate with both companies and individuals, understand their unique requirements, and tailor our translation and localization services to meet them. Unlike many other translation and localization companies, we believe the key lies in establishing a dialog and remaining transparent.


In fact, transparency and honesty are our key goals, both with regard to how we communicate with our clients and how we deliver our translation localization services.

Website Localization
And Translation Services

Circle Translations will sharpen the global appeal of your website using our full array of localization and translation services. For complete and accurate multi-lingual website localization and translation services, we employ the best localization and translation company. We focus all our professional efforts and experience on providing top-quality translation in sync with all of your development needs.


After a careful, and in-depth, evaluation of your website – which takes your key global target audience into account – our expert staff will provide you with a streamlined and cost-effective plan to create and fine-tune its linguistic content.

Localization Rates


€0.05 - 0.08/ Per Word


Translation of basic content

Machine Aided Translation

Minimum 3 days delivery

Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support



€0.08 - 0.13/ Per Word


Covers Intricate Technical Texts

Manual Professional Translation

Custom Delivery, Depending On Volume

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Editing By native

2 Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


€0.10 - 0.16/ Per Word


Covers Scientific & Technical Texts

Manual & Expert Native Translation

High Priority, Custom Delivery

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Professional Proofreading

Contextual & Substantive Editing By Native

Unlimited Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support


Contact us


Covers Scientific & Technical Texts

Manual & Expert Native Translation

High Priority, Custom Delivery

High quality, Publication Ready Translation

Contextual & Substantive Editing By Native

Unlimited Revisions

Dedicated Project Manager

Daily Updates

24x7 Support

Localization Translation Service For Projects Of All Sizes

Most of the localization and translation services we provide in the US are for work that will be published. Circle Translations offers a full range of options to provide you with the best publication-ready formats – whether in print, online, or as subtitles or audio transcription services.

Our diverse portfolio of clients includes companies and businesses in sectors such as banking and finance, insurance, legal, publishing, automotive, energy, IT, and marketing.

Translation and Localization Process

  • Contact Circle Translations and speak with a skilled project manager experienced in your specific industry.
  • Discuss your translation localization project needs and expectations with the project manager.
  • Decide whether to integrate Circle Translations into your existing workflow or develop a customized process.
  • Choose from over 50 languages for certified translation and localization services.
  • Work with an accomplished in-house team with more than 7 years of experience in managing diverse and complex projects.
  • Discuss and define all your needs and preferences for the translation and localization services.
  • Allow Circle Translations to use in-country localization personnel to review both the style and language of your content, considering cultural, technical, and linguistic nuances.
  • Confirm translation and localization accuracy to ensure the content resonates with each of your distinct geographical markets.
  • Review and approve the final product before it is finalized.Collaborate with professional translators based mainly in the US, who are specialists in their language, subject matter, and culture.

The Type Of Clients We Serve

Circle Translations provides high-class translation services for leading

  • TV producers
  • Movie studios
  • Independent movie makers
  • Educational video providers
  • Music video producers
  • In-house marketing films

Our clients include financial institutions, global corporations, local authorities, design studios, and publishers.

Software Localization

We revolutionized the way organizations prepare their software for rapid global release, by helping clients localize the software, user interface, and associated documentation. Our expert teams of technical translators, localization engineers, and multilingual graphic artists work together smoothly in delivering effective localization solutions, which are easily accessible and culturally appropriate to the target locale.

Our top-notch software localization solutions and services are expressly designed to expedite agile development on all platforms.

Things You Should Localize:

Circle Translations: Your Gateway To New Markets And Global Expansion

Enter new markets and geographical regions quickly with top-notch translation and localization services designed to meet all your business goals.

Welcome to Circle Translations, an experienced localization agency with a of specialists in the delivery of top-quality translation and localization services. We work closely with some of the world’s leading concerns and contract research organizations, helping them to communicate their messages in a suitable fashion to diverse audiences in a wide variety of geographical locations and sectors.
Since its founding in 2014, Circle Translations, our translation and localization agency, has been passionate about conveying information across the planet with energy, vigor, and compassion. Our services are unmatched in terms of quality, efficiency, and transparency. As one of the leading providers of these services, organizations around the world rely on a translation and localization company like Circle Translations for translated and localized content that is linguistically, functionally, and culturally flawless.
However, we don’t want you to just take our word for it that we are the best when it comes to providing quality language services, but we have been operating for a long time. By delivering translation and localization services focused on helping businesses across the world build a strong local presence and reach their business goals, a localization agency like Circle Translations endeavors to go beyond being just a language translation agency.

Available Languages

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Clients Talk About Us:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the circle translations frequently asked question

    What does localization mean?

    Localization is an excellent marketing strategy to draw potential clients and global customers. Translation is just one aspect of localization, which is the process of making your original content adaptable to different cultures and regions around the world.

    What is the difference between translation and localization services?

    Localization services differ from direct translation because it is a much more involved process than simply changing words from one language into other languages. It takes into account the cultural differences, the nuances of the native language, the preferences of the local markets, the values of the target audience, and so on.

    How is localization done?

    Localization tasks are specialized translation projects, so they will begin with the simple translation of the existing content. It will be translated from the source language to multiple languages as needed. A localization expert will ensure that the cultural elements of the foreign country will be taken into account, making the new content perfectly acceptable to the target audience.

    What are the benefits of having localized content?

    Localized websites will easily let you gain traction with a global audience. If people can relate to your content, they will understand your message more clearly. Ultimately, they are more likely to buy your products and services. that the audio is clear in the original file.

    What industries require localization services?

    Any global business these days would benefit from a great localization strategy. Our linguistic experts can do any website translation and localization project for all kinds of industries. Most of our clients, however, require content that is in the areas of medicine, business, education, marketing or law.

    What languages do we handle?

    Circle Translations is the leading service provider in the localization and translation industry in the Baltic region. We can deliver high quality localized content in over 74 languages, especially in German, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, Russian, Italian, Korean, Serbian, Bulgarian and Turkish.