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    Brand Localization in Translation


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    In general, a brand has to make its presence known in some form in order to succeed. It has to set the stage for how customers will perceive it worldwide. One way of doing so is through brand localization.

    Brand localization, in particular, will address how a market in a foreign country will view a brand. It is especially useful if the market is new. It is critical to engage consumers in their specific context not only through translation but also through brand localization.

    The necessity of brand localization

    Even though some brands are clearly recognizable anywhere in the world, there is still a need for localization. One could look at the Coca Cola brand, for example, which is a worldwide recognized brand. But even they have adapted and localized their brand.

    They have provided a “feel-good” notion for many around the world. That is because they have captured the ideas of different cultures in their marketing strategy. That is apart from the translation of the product into a multitude of languages.

    This is an excellent example of how important brand localization is for any business. A new brand or even a new business can benefit from this type of localization. It is important for businesses to consider some elements, such as the following, in brand localization.

    • If the brand material has been translated and localized, what effect does it have on the consumer? This can be established through market research.
    • In the editing and review stages, the meaning of the imagery, images, and overall content should be verified. A reputable translation service has the capability to do this.
    • In light of this, any negative connotations should be eliminated.
    • It is important for the translator to know who the competition is and whether there are brands with the same or similar names.
    • It is also important to look into whether there are brands that sound the same.

    All of these factors will influence how the translator translates and how brands are localized.

    Why brand localization

    The business needs to do this if it wants to stand out and be recognized, especially in a new setting. Speaking to the new culture and the customs of consumers while maintaining the core message is the ideal setup for brand localization.

    This is the process of taking a brand or product and adapting it to a new market. By localizing, the business can enter a new market much easier. A simple and straightforward translation of website material that includes culturally relevant content can do the trick. However, designing culturally correct advertising materials is important as well.

    Therefore, brand localization is one of the marketing strategies that will aid a business in its expansion and success, especially in new territories. It is always important for a company to address and honor other languages, but even more so other cultures.

    As the Coca Cola example showed over the years, it has captured a large chunk of the market not only through its language translations but also through its cultural adaptations. Thus, localization goes beyond the surface of straightforward translation.

    What are the positives of brand localization?

    One of the major reasons for businesses to consider brand localization is the following:

    Customer knowledge

    What this means is that the customer can obtain a better grasp of the product. If it is contextualized, there is a better chance that an informed person will buy it. If the brand is localized, the consumer will recognize it at first glance, increasing the chance that they will purchase the product.

    Keeping customers

    If customers recognize the brand and translate it into their culture through recognizable elements, chances are they will continue to purchase it. This will make the product familiar and, therefore, seen as a local product and not a foreign or imported one.

    Loyalty and growth

    In light of the above, brand location can increase the chances of customers becoming loyal supporters. This can lead to further growth as these loyal customers can become brand ambassadors.

    How does translation affect brand localization?

    The localization process starts with the translation of marketing materials. This means that a certified translator will use all aspects of the translation process to provide the client with the final product.

    All marketing materials will be adapted to the specific cultural setting where the product or service will be made available. The translation service provider will assign an expert translator to translate and localize the brand for the client.

    A translation service can provide clients with excellently translated materials but also with a product that is highly localized. One of the major considerations in brand localization is whether to change the brand name, i.e., translate it for a specific market. The translation of the brand might be necessary if the language does not allow for specific letters or vowels, for example.

    Some languages that pose such challenges are Chinese and Japanese. In such instances, brand names may change to suit other cultural contexts better and also the language itself. An example of this is how the brand Sprite issued a different name for its Chinese market.

    Adaption of brands

    Adaptation of brands simply means brand localization. A reputable translation service such as Circle Translations can be of service to businesses or brands that are expanding into new territory. We have translators with experience in both translation and localization.

    Choosing the right translation service is crucial for your translations as well as for your brand localization. Local translators are on hand to help businesses rise to the next level.



    Professional and Accurate Subtitle Services for your Videos.

    • Video subtitles specifically tailor-made for improving accessibility.
    • Using highly experienced subtitlers with years of industry experience.
    • Professionally written and expertly timed.


    We help the world’s top companies translate their content in over 73 languages!

    • We localize content for internet websites, games, travel, cryptocurrencies, and more
    • Expand your global audience by adding different languages.
    • We work only with qualified translators and experienced content creators

    Audio translation

    Ensuring full accessibility for Blind and visual impaired audiences.

    • Visual descriptive events as they occur in the video.
    • Working with top audio describers to perfectly describe what is happening on-screen
    • Professional sound recording.

    Great choice for businesses. Fast to react, always meeting deadlines, good prices.

    Marija Osina

    Paysera LT

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