- An in Depth Look at MTPE and Why it Works – Case Study

Julius Šakys
mtpe-machine translation post editing

- An in Depth Look at MTPE and Why it Works – Case Study

“I cannot thank Circle Translations enough for their efforts in localizing my content for an audience as global as mine…. Their machine translation post editing service in particular took me by surprise because of how efficient it was. Not only did it save money, the quality was equally as good as ordinary localization services. The translation was as precise as they get and the work was delivered in a timely manner. Two thumbs up!”

Summary of the Project

  • Client: a widely recognized gaming and app company
  • Service: Games and app localization
  • Language: Spanish, French, German, Italian
  • Volume:  130k words


Client had two online games and a mobile app that received wide appraise from a broad audience. The games are particularly for a young audience while the app is for shopping. Originally, the games and app were only in English. However, because of the increasing audience it needed to be translated to Spanish, French, German and Italian.


  1. Delivering a Service that Others Were Unable to

Client got in touch with several localizing companies that vowed to make the content in their games and app readable in different languages, which will likely increase interest in them. The results were not satisfactory. Therefore, the client got in touch with Circle Translations and inquired how our services would help to take their brand to the next level. We told him about our proprietary localization services and how our modern MTPE service is more efficient and cost-effective. He took some days to think about it and ask others about MTPE’s effectiveness and our track records. After getting thumbs up from them, he gave us the go-ahead.  

  1. High Quality Subject Matter

Since the content was aimed for a large audience, it was imperative that quality was as good as the content in the original language and contained all the imperative details. Therefore, experts qualified in the chosen languages were selected. These translators understood the game and app well as they spent a considerable amount of time to familiarize themselves with what the subject was about.

  1. Speedy and Efficient Delivery Due to Short Deadline

Deadline for this project was very short. In addition, the client wanted first-rate quality. This was because they had already announced and advertised launch dates to a wide audience. Ideally, most translation services take four to five months to do this kind of job. Since Circle Translations is all about fulfilling commitments, we did it in two months. Our top of the line machine translation post editing services make sure that the delivery is quick. The client noticed a 43% improvement in our delivery time in comparison to other services.

  1. Paying Attention to Detail for All Languages and Proving MTPE’S Worth

Translating social nuances humor, sarcasm, etc. in different languages, especially when a deadline is short is extremely tough. Relying solely on machine translations will not be enough. The method's robotic nature leaves a lot to be desired as it compromises the content's message in more ways than one.

It leads the customer to believe that your translation service is unreliable or of subpar quality. We used Machine translation + Post Editing + language lead review which is significantly more accurate than MT. It made the content more precise. It also flowed better, became more culturally sensitive, and used local terminology and slang fluently. It is also a lot quicker than human translation proving its value for money.

Circle Translations Solution

Putting Together an Experienced Localization Team

Choosing the right team was crucial for this project as a small mistake could have messed everything up. The people involved in the post-editing process were responsible for overseeing translation, editing, reviewing, and taking care of the visual design. The team had the perfect mix as it contained people from all the necessary fields and languages along with an experienced app user and gamer.

Making the Content Visually Appealing

We took an extremely proactive approach to recreate the content for new audiences. Often time-translated content looks awkward on platforms. However, with our first rate in house technical team, we were able to recreate the content as if it was made from scratch for every language it was translated in.

Since Circle Translations worked on a tight deadline, it had to employ some of the most innovative techniques and technology for supporting linguists in the translation process.

Keeping Things Economical

We lived up to their expectations by providing economical translation services. There was a tremendous amount of content but we still managed to deliver while being less expensive than others. In fact, the content translated by us was 7% higher than what the previous services did for the client and the cost was 34% lower.

Dedicated Leads for Coordination

Circle Translations assigned experienced leads to overlook this project. Their responsibility was to ensure that the content was translated and delivered on time without any delays, while also making sure that the quality was excellent too. They also took care of last minute changes and coordination between clients and our experts.

Constant Support to Clients and Synchronized Schedules

We made sure that the client was able to coordinate with the management team 24/7 for the projects duration. This ensured constant progress as everyone was working in sync and the project completed before the deadline was up.


  • The client highly appreciated our efforts and our ability to meet their deadlines. Their games and apps are now available to a global audience.
  • The project was so successful that it prompted the client to acquire our services for other projects as well.


“The thing I liked most about Circle Translation’s approach to this project was that they translated with accuracy by keeping nuances and humor of the content intact.”

I am thoroughly pleased with the machine translation post editing process. Honestly, I did not expect the results to turn out as well as they did. The feedback I have received from new audiences has been overwhelmingly positive.