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Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE): Cheap and Efficient

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Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE): Cheap and Efficient

by Julius CMO, Circle Translations

Posted on April 10, 2018 15:35 PM

There has always been a choice in case of large-scale projects between human translators and machine translators. Even low-quality human translators have not satisfied requirements making some institutions skip the translation and editing process. This is where MTPE has made some tweaks in the process. Machine translation post-editing has brought a major change especially when it comes to cost. Large volumes of data can now be translated into almost the same quality content being produced. The MTPE has two kinds of phases, the pre-editing, and the post-editing phase. You are probably wondering how the machine cuts up the costs of large-scale translation content.

The MTPE charges half of which high-quality human translator charge. It makes use of the latest technologies to translate content from one language to another. We now look towards how to save translation costs by the use of MTPE. Most of the data is repetitive and takes time to be properly functioned. This increases the cost of the process by the use of human translation services. The uses of this technology in handling repetitive data is beneficial as data is being sorted out in one go. This reduces the cost overall. Another problem is that data needs to be updated consistently and due to quick functioning, MTPE effectively saving time and cost.

Translating data into different languages is quite expensive but MTPE has the solution for this as well. It automatically by use of technology translates data resulting in high productivity and a significant cut in the money to be paid. MTPE offers some free tools as well which help in translation of large volumes of data. A significant advantage of the use of the process is that there are numerous translation agencies which charge less for their translation service. Some agencies include Straker translations, Universal translation services, and Bonston Language.

These agencies have various clients and they offer highly affordable rates of translation mostly on an hourly basis. It’s quite comforting to know that editing, proofreading, and the translation is done simultaneously. Even freelancers offer translation services in case of MTPE. The cost of the machinery and the maintenance is high but it’s quite worthwhile as large volumes of data are being processed and dealt with.

There are some new additions to the process like some machine translators are able to translate one language content to multi-lingual content making the whole process even cheaper. Various business institutions are making use of this technology such as Reebok, Bontronics and Bozell Inc. The highest quality translation service offered by various translation agencies also help when it comes to reducing costs and changing the trend.

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