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    Tips on How to Ensure Technical Documents Are Translated Correctly


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    It is no secret that the process of technical translation is a lot more difficult than regular translation. All those complicated terms that usually have no direct counterpart in other languages, combined with the notoriously long and complex wordings typical of the technical writing style, add to the challenge of the entire task. Fortunately, there are ways of ensuring technical documents are translated correctly, and we are going to talk about some of those methods here in this article.

    Dangers of Incorrect Translation

    Before we go further, let’s first understand why it is important to know how to ensure technical documents are translated correctly. That is, why it is so crucial to get an accurate translation of these documents, much more so than casual translations?

    The simple reason is that it can be very dangerous if a technical paper is translated incorrectly into a different language. In the operating manual for heavy machinery, for instance, a single erroneous word can cause damage to the equipment. In the literature that comes with medication, a wrong translation in the units may cause serious injury to a patient, or even death.

    In order to avoid all these massive problems, as well as the huge lawsuits that you would have to face in case these problems do occur, all you have to do is to know how to ensure technical documents are translated correctly, and everything will go well.

    Native Fluency in the Target Language

    One of the ways to ensure technical documents are translated correctly is to choose a translator who is a native speaker of the target language. Alternatively, you can choose a translator who has native fluency and is also very familiar with the local culture. This is very important because you need to be able to not only translate the words but also localize it for your target audience. In other words, it has to take into account the nuances of the language, including figures of speech or idioms, which will not be easy for a non-native speaker to translate correctly.

    Extensive Knowledge in the Subject Matter

    Along with language expertise, knowledge in the topic of the document is also necessary. To be specific, the translator should be familiar with the different terminology and technical concepts involved. Whether the document is about aerospace, manufacturing or medical research, you need to find a translator who is very knowledgeable in the area. This can be quite a challenge and so a lot of companies end up using translators who are not real experts, which can turn out to be a problem eventually.

    Work with a Professional Technical Translation Company

    Even if you follow all the steps mentioned above on how to ensure technical documents are translated correctly, there will still always be a significant chance of making a mistake if you are not professionally trained for the job. Or even if the translation turns out to be correct, it will likely take a very long time to finish if it is done by amateurs.

    Therefore, the one best method of how to ensure technical documents are translated correctly is to work with a professional technical training company. Of course, not just any company would do, either. You need to pick one that has a solid reputation in the translation industry, as well as formidable knowledge in both the target language and the subject matter of your technical document. Here are some important guidelines on how to pick the right company.

    Look for Specialized Skills

    Technical translation is usually meant for a technical audience, or a very specialized sector of an industry. Because of this, even professional translators know that many of these jobs are outside their scope. Don’t be surprised if a reputable translator refuses to take on your project, as they might not have the necessary specialized skills for your particular translation. You need extremely specialized skills, and the best way to find this is to work with a company that has a vast network of technical translators. They will be able to assign the right translator to handle your project perfectly.

    Choose an Established Company

    Another important matter is how to ensure technical documents are translated correctly is to choose a company with a solid reputation and many years of experience in translating. A well-established company is more likely to be able to deliver on all the important aspects of technical translation, like speed, accuracy, punctuality and quality.

    Considering the sensitive nature of technical translations, it really is very important to learn how to ensure technical documents are translated correctly. By taking extra care and exerting extra effort, you can be sure of getting high quality results, which will reflect positively on your business and help you establish a better relationship with your clients and business partners.



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    Marija Osina

    Paysera LT

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