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Subtitles act as a cost-effective alternative to voice-over for your localized and translated videos and offer a quick way to provide localized or multilingual video content. Whether you are in need to translate with subtitle translation agencies, produce subtitles or close captioning, Circle Translations offers subtitling service with tested quality assurance tools and qualified staff to translate and localize your video content.


subtitle translation agencies

With an extensive knowledge and experience in translation and subtitling, we are one of the best subtitle translating agencies out there offering a range of services to companies and individuals. Our clients range from financial institutions, global corporations, local authorities, design studios, and publishers. Our team of qualified experts can produce different kinds of subtitling options like standalone subtitles and hard-coded subtitles depending on your video needs. In accordance with your particular needs, we will deliver to you subtitles in various forms, including SSA or SRT. Moreover, we will pick one of our translators for your job - as per their language skills, experience, subject knowledge and background in order to ensure the best services.

Are you looking for subtitle translation agencies nearby you? Circle Translations provides you accurate, powerful and clear multilingual subtitling and transcription services for audio and videos. For more information, get in touch today.

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Subtitle translation agency that ensures results for competetive prices


If you are looking for a dedicated team of specialists for high-quality subtitle translation services, you have come to the right place. Let us take care of your subtitle translation needs so you can broadcast your video content worldwide.

Circle Translations is one of the leading subtitle translation agencies offering high-quality subtitle translation services. We have an extensive network of translators who are knowledgeable and experienced in translating subtitles.

Whether it is for the television, big screen, or a website, subtitling your multimedia content in multiple languages will help you reach a wider audience. Subtitling your video content in different languages is also one of the important steps to expanding your business internationally.

Subtitle translation services are mostly required by media companies that need subtitles in multiple languages for their videos, movies, and films. There may also arise a need for multilanguage subtitling. This helps in making the videos and films reach a broader population in different regions with different a language base.

Our subtitle translation services are performed by a team of qualified and competent subtitling artists who are experts in the art of subtitle translation.

Our subtitling experts perform this service with complete dedication and can handle various types of projects.


Subtitle Translation Services


As a subtitle translation company, we offer many services, such as:

  • Subtitle translation for TV programs
  • Commercials subtitle translations
  • DVD subtitle translations
  • Videos subtitle translations
  • Subtitle translations for web-only videos
  • Webcast subtitle translations

Our professional linguists and experts know that subtitle translation is more than merely words – it is culture, nuance, and humor. Although we have an experienced team of hundreds of professional translators, only a few of them work on subtitle translation projects. This is because it takes particular skill to localize your message or story. And this sets us apart from other subtitle translation agencies.


Why Subtitle Translation is Important


As various types of media content are not bound to a particular location, viewers of different linguistic background tend to be most responsive to them when such video content is localized for them. A film or movie made in one country can be easily and quickly released for a global audience with top-notch subtitle translation services. This is a more cost-effective solution than dubbing the whole movie using voice talents in a variety of languages.

Adding multilingual subtitles and captions to your short videos and movies, helps you expand your audience base. You can reach out to more people throughout the globe who would otherwise not be able to enjoy your video, show or film, either due to linguistic barriers or hearing impairment.


Our Subtitle Translation Process


Unlike other subtitle translation agencies, we have developed a world-class and streamlined process for subtitle translations.

  • We receive, quote and check your video content
  • We produce English captions to the video content (if not provided)
  • We translate these English captions into the required foreign languages, such as Spanish or French
  • There is an independent check of the subtitle translations
  • We also watch your video with the subtitles turned on
  • We deliver the translated subtitles to you


Subtitlint Success - Attention to Detail


We know that subtitle translators need to have native language fluency so that they can localize the source material and creatively adapt and capture the substance and style of the original content. We also take the following things into consideration:

  • Needs of children, such as the use of suitable and simple words
  • Needs of hearing-impaired people



Subtitle Translation Cost


We offer top-class subtitle translation services at reasonable. You can expect to pay the following for our high-quality, and professional subtitle translation services.

  • 1-minute video – $7 per language
  • 3-minute video – $25 per language

We assess each subtitle translation project individually. The above are indicative of a standard subtitling project.


Capture the Attention of Global Audience with Our Specialized Subtitle Translation Services


You can increase your views by appealing to the audience with different linguistic backgrounds and showcase your movie or short video to the whole world. Male the most of our multilingual subtitle translation services. We offer the following benefits:

  • Quality subtitle translation service in more than 50 different languages
  • Culturally relevant and localized content with attention to local idioms
  • We have native-language translators with four to ten years of experience in subtitle translation
  • We generate subtitles that are paraphrased to capture the meaning and essence of the dialog within the time period of the video
  • Quality assurance reviews by at least 2 senior translators to ensure accuracy and high quality
  • We offer low rates and fast turnaround times


Subtitle Translation File Formats


A majority of our clients often provide us with an English version of their SRT file. Note that an SRT file format is a subtitle format that’s time-coded.

Some clients only want the SRT subtitle file so that they can easily produce their subtitles while other clients want us to provide the completed video for them. In SRT subtitle translation, our audiovisual translators (SRT file translators) create translated subtitles directly in the target language from the source video or script provided.

But don’t worry, we can arrange an English transcription of your video or movie in SRT file format if you don’t have the SRT file for your movie or video. We can work with other deliver your subtitles in other formats, such as .sub, .vtt, or time-coded with positions markers.


Type of Clients We Serve


Circle Translations provides high-class subtitle translation services for leading -

  • TV producers
  • Movie studios
  • Independent movie makers
  • Educational video providers
  • Music video producers
  • In-house marketing films


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Subtitle translation and caption translation can help get you exposure to an international audience. If you require accurate subtitle translation agency, you should try Circle Translations. We promise you the high quality, user-friendly and affordable services. Contact us today for professional, fast and affordable subtitle translation services.